For Nutrition Practitioners: Nervous system testing through biofeedback enhanced muscle testing.

For Nutrition Practitioners: Nervous system testing through biofeedback enhanced muscle testing.

hi this is dr. Darren Schmidt so in my training with muscle testing in the past I was trained to test the nervous system through two concepts one is called blocking the other ones called switching and those concepts came from the 1960s dr. George good heart plank kinesiology and it's valid information but and I've used it for many years but to be honest I haven't tested for blocking and switching in more than five years and here's why because I found other ways to test the nervous system that I'm happier with so I have made these test kits these are my own test kits and they're for sale to muscle testing nutrition practitioners and in this one this is organs so these are testing vials of all the different organs and one of them is the nervous system so hold your left arm up so I can just use this vial at different parts of the body and I'm looking for some weakness with the muscle testing I also have brain in here frontal lobe temporal lobe cerebellum and so I find this very useful and very helpful to fight nervous system problems but you can also test mechanically hold your left arm up again so here's some examples so I'll have the patient look at two things at the same time so here I have two vials and I'm gonna set up right here and I'm telling her to look at both files your eyes will bounce back and forth as you're looking at them and see if you can hold your arm up so she's looking at the two vials and it's fine you can have them like in the test kit like this if you have a test kit on the walls to look at these two vials and her arm is strong you never look at like a doorknob and a light switch but the point is her eyes are bouncing back and forth and for many people whose brains are fried darn will go down so another test is to look at numbers here's a clock so look at those numbers all right good and then here's words when people look at words sometimes I'm gonna go eat there might go week so look at that word just look at it and then she could say it out set out live so go ahead and say it out loud okay good and that's strong so far so we looked at numbers we looked at the word and I'll have people scan too so what I want you to do is scan like this just go from left to right along just with your eyes just scan it go ahead and she's strong doing that now go backwards start here and go from right to left and up ready and then her arm is weak okay no I didn't test her I haven't predicted this let's test some neural sin' so here's an example of a supplement that might work to make her arm strong while she's scanning backwards so go ahead and start over again scanning backwards okay that's not gonna help and let me grab this one it's usually one of three different products ready so this is super strong and that'll help her brain function better in her eyes whatever's going on I don't know what's going on other than the fact that her arm is weak when scanning backwards this happens to be ribonucleic acid from standard process okay there's two more tests I want to go over the first one is looking at a video so she hasn't show your phone so here's her phone she pulled up a video so go ahead play so the video is very assaulting on the eyes and the brain and there's noise so she's watching the video and she can't hold her arm up so let me grab this is the RNA again pulled that and now she's now she's strong with that video playing so you can hit pause okay good someone take this the last test is writing her name so set your phone down so we have a pad of paper pen and she's right-handed so she's gonna write her name I know I can't see it but she's writing her name and I'm sure her arm is weak so I would say that her brain is a little bit fried and makes sense cuz she works for me and she works really hard and she's looking at a computer screen all day this is Julia if you're a distance patient you've talked to Julia on the phone so go ahead and write your name again she's holding that supplement that her body loves and her arm is super strong as she writes her name so those are the simple tests that I do to test for the nervous system brain function i function processing and then the fine motor skills related to writing your name and incorporating this kind of testing we're really good if it's figuring out some various types of headaches brain fatigue eye weakness eye soreness even some vision problems some dizziness and exhaustion from a job where you're sitting a lot under stress working with numbers working with computers a computer screen if you're on the phone a lot you're on your device a lot this is how I find out what your body needs nutritionally to deal with those stresses that you're doing with regard to your brain on a daily basis you

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21 thoughts on “For Nutrition Practitioners: Nervous system testing through biofeedback enhanced muscle testing.

  1. Dr. Darren Schmidt, DC

    What is Lactic Acidosis? This makes no sense. In what video do you define Lactic Acidosis?

  2. Dr. Schmidt, PLEASE we need your advice!
    I am a member of a FB group of 7000+ people who's dogs were poisioned because we trusted Vets and gave our dogs Pesticide flea treatmens. Some made it through our basic knowledge of detoxing them. Some the damage and suffering was so severe we were forced to put them down. A lot of time is typically lost because Vets lie, and deny! Then they offer treatmens of zero value to bump up vet bill.
    MERCK and other Criminal companies provide Vets training (brainwashing). Vets assure us these poisions are "perfectly safe". Dogs develop involuntary head movements, paralysis in hind legs, seizures, mental confusion, some go blind, scream when touched, they hide, develop excessive thirst, difficulty deficating, excessive urinating, accidents in house. They want to hide.
    Nothing typically shows up in lab work.
    CBD stops the seizures. Some people try Milk Thistle, Zeolite and Spiralina Chlorella or Pureed Celantro.
    I know you're not a Vet. But what would a human use? Would any Standard Process products be helpful?
    I really trust your knowledge. We try to help anymore who finds us. We'd be so grateful for any advice you could offer.

  3. I have an off topic question. I learned that babies are borne into ketosis and remain in ketosis while breastfeeding. can you tell me how that is since breast milk has alot of carbs in it. breast milk does not look ketogenic on paper but babies are in ketosis while breastfeeding.

  4. In my mind, this ranks right up there with phony ionic foot baths for detox. Years ago I went to an alternative practitioner and he tried this voodoo on me along with pseudoscientific Iridology. At the end of the session, he prescribed me a bunch of supplements which I didn’t buy. He never even checked for or addressed the fact that I had 13 mercury filled dental amalgam fillings that were slowly poisoning me. I finally had those taken out safely recently, thank God. I’m a fan of alternative medicine but only when it has its roots in science and truth. I prescribe to the philosophy that toxicity and deficiency is at the root of most, if not all disease. A good alternative practitioner will address this. Pulling down someone’s arm while they look at a vial with a word on it to diagnose them is the equivalent to using a crystal ball to predict their financial future.

  5. Dr…… Aren't you shoulders TWICE as wide as your waist ? would be intesresting to see how it turn with muscles on xD

  6. Charge for vials that have words on them in order to determine what's going on and that's it? Couldn't someone do that on their own thing answer will be yes and why would you even charge when you could just tell him what's in each one of those and let them make it them having your own business we are helping people and then also monetization from your Channel

    That raises a red flag because the person that really wants to help someone isn't going to try to bleed people for silly things but maybe I'm mistaken and you can help clear up this confusion

  7. you got one of those signs in reception "you dont have to be mad to work here ,but it helps " reference to your 4.05 minutes in comment

  8. This is fascinating. I developed an eye disorder at 19 out of nowhere that no eye doctor can diagnose. My eyes dont track together properly, my left eye muscle seems weak, if I shake my head side to side you can see my left eye moves faster then the right, its freaky. But since going keto and consuming daily high amounts of fish it seems to be improving, trying to recover whatever brain trauma I have. Wonder if RNA would help me, Id love to come to you and have you try to diagnose and help me.

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