Forgo Fat-Free Dressings?

Forgo Fat-Free Dressings?

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10 thoughts on “Forgo Fat-Free Dressings?

  1. The fat doesn't actually have to be on the salad, right?, just part of the meal , I assume. How much time between eating salad & eating fat will still allow for their combined effect?

  2. I was wondering about this for a while i thought maybe the small amounts of fat in low fat plant foods where enough too absorb fat soluble nutrients but i guess not. Guess i'm going to try adding small amount of flax seeds to my morning fruit smoothie and a bit of nuts to my super. Its weird though because many people i know eat a whole food plant based diet with no overt fats and are super healthy, and food digest better and you can eat more when eating with no fats.

  3. Measured in the blood stream? Perhaps the fat is stopping the nutrients from going immediately into the cells as it is absorbed by the gut and begins to circulate? Sort of like glucose with fat? I can't see an evolutionary advantage to the conclusion that we need fat to get optimum digestion from leaves. Just wondering if we measured the health and nutrient levels of the cells themselves or the amount excreted in the stool how these observations fit in. Of course, bacteria in the gut may be ingesting the nutrients too and providing them to us more slowly over time. Possible? The pitfalls of adding fat and the tendency for us to allow our natural craving for fat in this world of overabundance make a case for not adding fat which we know has other complications of which we are all aware.

  4. I'm allergic to soy and quite a few other things, and have become quite used to no dressing, UNTIL NOW. Now I am going to put the time into making my own–like cranberry date sugar vinaigrette poured over my Royal Slaw Salad. At 49 years old, I have lost 35 and have 45 more to go.

    Just think about all of the dieters going fat free to loose weight and then losing all of the nutrition needed after coming off the SAD.

    Love Dr. Greger and the Daily Dozen.

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