Free NHS Healthcare for the World!

Free NHS Healthcare for the World!

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35 thoughts on “Free NHS Healthcare for the World!


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  2. The patients running the asylum springs to mind. No doubt they'll be encouraging people to go on strike because there's not enough money to fund them properly. You couldn't make this stuff up. What next, no border checks because 'it's racist and racial profiling'. What planet do these people live on?

  3. The last nail. So all the tax payers in this country have to pay for foreign patients. Would it be better if l moved abroad and only came here for treatment.

  4. its the national health service, not the world health service !! its our tax dollars that pay for all this, its time governments get to grips with this, how much money is this costing us ? I shudder to think

  5. Perhaps the BMA could levy a fee on its members to pay for these patients who aren’t entitled to NHS treatment, you know it being just a drop in the bucket? …No didn’t think so their caring and anti racism doesn’t stretch that far. Such kindest to lobby the government for other to pay!

  6. It's not the job of doctors that's right…'s the job of the nhs hospital managerment. Why do these Drs believe it is correct that the rest of us taxpayers have to pay for foreigners healthcare….it is not reciprocated. Everyone coming to the uk needs to have health insurance and that has to be checked at the airport . If airlines bring in foreigners without the document they are responsible for the costs.

  7. The queue to see a doctor will take the same time as achieving BREXIT – that means British people die waiting!!

  8. Travel insurance for all incoming people must be implemented! why should the people of Britten foot the bills .foreign aid while we have homeless and food banks. now lets every one in the world come here for treatment we will go bankrupt. I noticed the race card being played again. Bloody unbelievable, are they having a laugh, we haven’t got enough money to support our own people in the NHS never mind foreigners. Any government that tried to push this through would face a backlash from the British people.

  9. this is one of the dumbest ideas ever suggesed. DO NOT change the law to offer the nhs for free worldwide. This would be a massive castrophe! I would BOO those who booed at this conference. If they want this to happen – let them PAY for it not the Uk tax payer!!!

  10. Oh! Yes….To you, BMA…..You are another bunch of treacherous b**tards, like the BBC and our pityful government……Maybe? it is because we have too much diversity in all of these areas and not enough representation of the indigenous British……Somewhat like the adverts on our TV screens. Proportional representation my a**e, it is as plain as day that the left and it's allies are kissing the backsides of minority groups and being blatantly misrepresentative. …..reverse racism at work and I will NEVER accept being an underdog in my own country. So, if my comments offend tough luck, they are quantifiably, accurate and honest.

  11. These doctors have lost their marbles, common sense, and lack of judgment. I'm astonished by their attitude. They need to be slapped down – heartily.

  12. That must be stopped dead in its tracks. Brirtish Taxpayers aren't here to pay for medical care for any foreigner

  13. You, the medical fraternity work for the people of the UK…..Yes! those that pay you and NOT! For the rest of the world..
    Perform the function for which you are paid or GET OUT! …In as much as you are not 'border guards you are also not politicians or deliberaters of policy, therefore, it is not for you to chose who can/can't. ..will/won't receive treatment in the UK. It is for the people and their respective politicians to decide.
    You are health care professionals and that is your contractual remit, so just get on with obliging your contractual obligations and stop playing God with our NHS, that many of you work within, but do not have any historical input into, unlike myself and my forefathers.
    You, as a body/association should have no powers of decision making in this area. And you, Dr. Omar Risk, desist from making political comments about the racist aspect, as you sound, by your name that you have an inbuilt biase. You, sir! It seems, like to intimidate those around you to follow you mindset for fear of being vilified should they not do so. Stop playing the 'poor me' race card and accept the fact that the majority of people in the UK do not share your views and they do not agree with unregulated and illicit use of the NHS, by individuals that come to the UK, in some cases, as illegal immigrants or solely to utilise and drain our medical resources. I know this to be an absolutely accurate statement based upon a former professional remit.
    We have had years of unregulated immigration and this must NOT extend to our NHS.
    I absolutely oppose your views and I will seek to have your vote overturned, in favour of the British taxpayer, who has not given their consent to this action.
    As usual, deplorable left wing tactics being deployed……disgraceful!

  14. Yet UK Nationals who pay Tax and NI have to pay! BMA is a Talking Shop of Virtue Signalling subsidised leftists. This language of 'racism' tells you all you need to know. I suppose in their private Practices – should I turn up and claim I am an immigrant to get free care. Once again the NHS turns out to ahve all the problems of a Nationalised Industry, over bureaucritised over funded. The left go on about 'privatisation of NHS' ignores that the largest segment is in fact privatised – the BMA GP service!

  15. Fine, so take the costs from the doctors wages. Any NHS trust manager that allows a health tourist free treatment or doctor that treats them should be PERSONALLY liable for any & all costs. Fundamentally racist my arse.                #No taxation no medication

  16. No wonder why our NHS is in shambles, we are an island, we are not big enough to allow the whole world to use our NHS, we also don't have the resources.

  17. This was once a great country, we are too soft here as we watch health tourism increase and of course when we "the British people "say such a thing we are instantly labelled as "racist ".

  18. If someone from Spain or Germany etc is allowed to come to the UK for free medical treatment, why do I buy medical insurance when I go on holiday, like many other people in the UK? I know for a fact the first thing they ask you in Spain if you go to a hospital is,are you insured ? Are they being racist towards me?

  19. So why not go the whole hog and provide free transport for foreign patients from anywhere in the world, because not to do so would be racist? 🛩🇬🇧🏥

  20. BMA, made up of woolly headed and hajib wearing immigrants, who can give free health care to their illegal family members. 3rd world scroungers.

  21. Who the hell do these people think they are?
    They may think that they can okay god in their own profession
    But what right have they got to say how we spend our own money and on whom?
    The can Go swivel as far as I’m concerned

  22. So they want to use our already over used taxes to cover overseas people coming and using our overstretched NHS for free. These people live in cloud cuckoo land. Are they going to get all the countries we British visit arrange for us to go to their countries and get free medical treatment.I DON,T THINK SO. Are they by any chance trying to destroy the NHS so their private hospitals can take over. DON,T BELIEVE THEM, THEY HAVE AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE FOR THEIR OWN BENEFITS. I.E. more private patients for them to get richer.

  23. I work in the NHS.
    And I believe it's right that anybody needing emergency care gets it for free. After that we report people to specialist nurses who make contact with your healthcare tourists and attempt to reclaim the fees. At the moment health tourism costs around the same as all the missed Dr's appointment. So I get what the Dr's are saying.
    As for the bigger concern on staffing is Brexit and chasing out quality staff.
    There is already a right wing Govt that doesn't want to fund social or health care and is creating the crisis you blame on foreigners visiting here.
    All the best

  24. Give the Doctors a pay cut. Who the hell gives them the right to do this ? We have to have m dical insurance. Make is part of the border checks at passport control. I am beginning to think they are trying to bankrupt the NHS. Nothing would surprise Me with this corrupt goverment.

  25. got to be a change in the whole system , dont rely on tory , labour, libdem, greens, thay support this madness, brexit is way out.

  26. May I suggest a compromise? Should an overseas patient present himself for treatment he should indeed receive it free of charge. Provided that the medical staff supply their services in this respect free of charge.
    After all the.medical staff wouldn't want to be racist!
    Actually the proposal sounds to me like a painful and messy.route to an efficient health.service, where medical staff.are paid according to his well they please patients rather than how well they please politicians.
    I'd much prefer an easier path!

  27. And guess which nationalities will get priority. Perhaps we should send Dr Omar to experience an oppressive regime. Things are bad enough already, no real effort is made to collect fees already. Check it out for yourself.

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