Fresh Produce and Pantry Items

Fresh Produce and Pantry Items

hello welcome back to my channel so here
we are with another shopping haul I spent a lot less than I usually do so if
you’d like to see what I got how much I spent but please keep on watching it
just so you know I do upload a daily video here on this channel all about
bunch of food so it can be a recipe a little shopping haul I’m even going to
be doing a decluttering here you know so who knows anyway make sure you do
subscribe because I’m on vacation well turn on to all that way you are notified
when I upload which is every single day okay here we go so went grocery shopping
obviously and I never spending almost 80 bucks which is pretty good for me so
anyway the Stouffer’s um the Glovers lasagna this is so good it is a little
bit pricey this is $9.99 but there’s sometimes coupons but this can last us
two and a half three mils I’ll take leftovers to work as well so
it is a really really good meal and it’s just quick when I say quick
you just pop at the oven for like two hours you know but it is really really
good and we do enjoy himself I did pick that up we’re gonna be having that for
dinner tonight actually two smoked sausages I went with the store brand our
Kroger doesn’t have like a hot spicy one so I just went ahead and went with the
regular smoked sausage picked up too so so these are doing what these are the
Betty Crocker Christmas skillet potatoes I picked up one of each flavor so got
roasted garlic and herb and parmesan it looks good I’m excited to try these
out and these aren’t new we’re and actually digital coupons so it’s of
these being a dollar fifty they were only $1 good deal I also
picked up some crapped cheese that was on sale they won’t sell for a dollar 50
so I got mozzarella and mild cheddar so a good deal all the cheese as well they
had butter on sale today so I got a pound of butter for a dollar ninety-nine
so really really good deal these are the ina home and jalapeno cheddar brown
potatoes these are so good they are a dollar a box we will use a box for a
meal you can add whatever kind of meat you want or no meat whatever you want
but so so good in the early buck so I recommend these they are amazing so this
was something different for me but this is a let’s see these are I guess tri-tip
is what it’s saying some tri-tip steaks two of them and they looked really
really good and they were on sale for four or oh nine so I’m going to make I
think I’m making steak and then the skillet potatoes so one of these and
some vegetables so I did pick this up because it was on sale and I never
Stage four Sean and he does enjoy steak but it’s usually pretty pricey so did
pick that up and go with that the universal steak sauce from Kroger brand
this was to something and like ate one because I love a one but ate one was
like over four dollars almost white dollars so we’ll be trying this I don’t
know if it’s any good I looked at the ingredients and it did look pretty
similar to a one so we will definitely see how that goes pick up so does for
the Friday oh they had some sour cream cake doughnuts on sell for 229 so I
think up over I think anyway so it’s this remotes a little like dessert bread
and so you get like a chocolate so chocolate swirls cinnamon swirl and
pumpkin and it was on sell for three bucks and it’s usually 9.99 so yeah
we’ll be doing that but I’m gonna be refrigerating this so that way hopefully
it stays nice and fresh yeah so okay oh I also picked up this
only make up product I bought today anyway so it is the Physicians Formula
eye primer and it’s format formulas and so it’s what it looks like and it was on
sell for a dollar forty nine so we’ll try it
most looking for I primers so definitely did not want to go picked up okay last
stuff to show you oh sorry chocolate milk and regular milk
oh oh it picked up some Parmesan cheese for spaghetti because we just finished
our last event okay so I picked up two bags of fingerling potatoes so once
again these are in the red net bag so they were a dollar and these petit
fingerlings and they are pretty expensive they’re like 399 a bag but I
got picked up two bags because I love these you pop them win with some of that
smoked sausage and onion or whatever delicious smells super easy super
affordable themself and then I also picked up this bag with six avocados in
it and they are not soft so they are not ripe yet which is good because a lot of
times they’ll be on sale like this for the dollar but they’re like super mushy
and like most of them are bad so but these are still a little harder so that
will give them some time to ripen up but yeah six of them per buck that’s a good
deal but that is my little grocery shopping haul this week I got some good
deals you know got the steak that I’m going to be making for Shaun and I’m
excited but anyway hope you enjoyed this week’s a little shopping haul if you did
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me on my other social media twitter facebook Instagram it’s all a budget
land babe don’t go anywhere quite yet another video should start auto plane
here very shortly or you can always click on all the ones I’ll be popping up
around the screen so yeah I’ll see you here in just a second

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