Fried Street Food In Kenya • Tasty

Fried Street Food In Kenya • Tasty

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100 thoughts on “Fried Street Food In Kenya • Tasty

  1. Many of kenyan foods resemble Indian and Pakistani foods … (bcz variations and fusion of culture while maintaining an identity)

  2. Except the first dish all dishes are Indian even name and ingredients are also similar😯 what a coincidence??🙄🙄

  3. Kenyan Coast is very different, mahambri has no eggs which is the difference with mandazi. And there is also a difference with bhajias

  4. Is Africa India Part 2 lolllll samosas got meeeeeee like namaste Nairobi let's chill with bhajjias❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. You did a great job here! 🤗This is however, more of Nairobi, Kenya. If you come down to the Coastal region, it's a little different. We have the Kachiri(cassava crisps), viazi karai (boiled potatoes, coated in flour paste and fried. Usually eaten with a coconut or tamarind chutney), indian bhajias, mshakiki or mshikaki (spiced and barbequed pieces of meat on a stick), tikka and naan, shawarma, cassava or sweet potato with chili and lemon, babu kachri (some assortment of indian/swahili snacks with a really yummy stew over it), katlesi (dang! How do i explain this lol), kaimati( almost made like mahamri but coated with sugar), mahamri (almost like maandazi but made with coconut, yeast, cumin etc usually tastier than maandazi), strong tea (chai) with halua, coconut cassava, mkate wa sinia (don't know how to explain this 😅), chips masala, maize with lemon and masala, half keki (they're like KDF but better. I used to eat them when I was younger. They're probably extinct lol) and many more streets foods. Quite a bigger variety to choose from honestly. I don't know about the other regions in Kenya though.

  6. It's so cool to know that there's so much in common between Indian n Kenya street food.. everything except mandazi is made here in India. 😍❤️❤️

  7. Well most of those were of Indian origin with a Kenyan twist …
    Felt more of an Indian food video than Kenyan one ….

  8. This is like so Indian with the words chutney, chai etc. We've so much similarities, didn't know it till today. Much love

  9. Are these really Kenyan dishes… All of it looks like something we Indian's would make…. I was so glad to see your dishes… Touched my heart how similar dishes from two countries from different continents can be.

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  11. 3:29 Indians don't eat beef as more than half india's population is hindu and its not allowed to kill or eat beef, We use Potatoes instead.

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