Full Day of Eating (Bodybuilding 💪) | Antoine Vaillant | 4350 Calories

Full Day of Eating (Bodybuilding 💪) | Antoine Vaillant | 4350 Calories

I’m watching a bodybuilder eat a full
day of eating while I’m eating while you’re watching and maybe eating
too it’s like inception here why don’t you press the like button and subscribe
while you’re at it I’m Antoine Vaillant IFBB Pro and the next two days muscle & strength will
come film my daily life I guess so I gotta make it somewhere interesting you
know it’s not just about eating sleeping and training well I guess it is so I’m not gonna cook anything because I
got somebody else that cooks for me how’s that for a nice life right and my
meals arrived at 8:00 a.m. today my boss meal so will cook all my chicken and all
my salmon so we gotta get that in a second but the only meal that I really
cooked is kind of my eggs in the morning and I cook meal 5 which is like a
steak that we’ll have to get at the grocery store cause I didn’t get any but yeah
so the rice is all cooked here in my rice cooker I don’t care about being
hungry I like to prepare all the meals first oh my god what a tragedy almost out oh no we’ll have to go to the grocery store funny
how you guys like that though you guys you guys like watching videos of dudes
on YouTube doing groceries what’s wrong with you this is our go-to for mustard it’s
really good take this what I do right I just mix it up like that and then yeah
so I do that with all my meat portions this is meal 1 and meal 1 contains two
eggs four ounces of cooked chicken breast 200 grams of cooked rice a third
of a cup of blueberries and I had 5 ml of teaspoon of Fish oil also see that a nice
way to start your day alright guys so this meal 2 and what it is
300 grams of a cooked white rice six ounces of chicken breast and I’m gonna have a
banana I know I don’t know why I like to watch
people eat food that I can’t eat while I’m eating food and I don’t want to eat
you guys like watching videos of dudes on YouTube doing groceries what’s wrong with you
I thought I ate a meal earlier but I didn’t
so I’m actually behind so this is going to three it’s not looking too good for
us bulking season meal number three six
ounces of chicken breast and 300 grams of rice white rice cooked one apple
a day keeps the doctor away so I’m just preparing my post-workout
shake and um I take it right away when I’m done working out or even as I’m
finishing working out and I’m doing the finishing move when my muscle is still
pumped so I can like have the all these beautiful things in my muscles call
mom hi mom
??? about muscle and strength what a cool gym wait a minute I’m partnering this gym Pure
Muscle & Fitness with my coach Dorian Hamilton and his brother Noah so let’s
take a tour it’s about 80-90 percent complete right now but yeah like we’ve pretty much tried to
utilize this whole mirror space for all the different pressing movements so turf
right here for lunges or stretching but basically
down over there is gonna be like you know just some like glute machines ab
machines lower back machines and we flip around here so now when you see there’s
rows this stuff will be all the back equipment here back row and beside that
would be legs so all that’s legs going all the way down and behind this then
we’ll have all of our leg presses we’ve got 30 more machines coming that what you’re saying we got some stuff that you might not see
at your average gym like this is a belt squat by Atlantis very good brand we’ve
got two different hack squats we got a cool pendulum squat our friend John
Meadows probably likes this one right you know it’s a hardcore gym when you got a
chalk ball with smelling salts in there we got a log press we got a jack for
deadlifts that’s pretty useful so we can actually put a yea lift it up put the
plates on it so you don’t fuckin you know you know if you know you know so this is meal number four for
post workout meal and what it is six ounces chicken breast and 300 grams
of white rice but the cool thing about this meal it’s my favorite part of the
day a cup and some change of pure apple juice not from concentrate and this is
the best part of the day so this is my meal number five eight
ounces of beef in the form of a steak 300 grams of white rice and some bell
peppers to add some color and that’s pretty much it
meal number five final meal meal six which is here it is
eight ounces of cooked salmon 200 grams of white rice yeah but I don’t think about that
because I have to do it all over again tomorrow and the day after and the day
after so I feel good if I’m sitting down that was my full day of eating I hope
you guys enjoyed it and yeah days over for me after this meal but I’m I’m gonna
do it again try to make it vreative but doesn’t work so this was a full day
of eating be sure to subscribe to the channel alright that was a full day of eating
thanks for watching please subscribe below

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100 thoughts on “Full Day of Eating (Bodybuilding 💪) | Antoine Vaillant | 4350 Calories

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  2. I’ve been eating 4000+ calories a day for about 3 weeks now and I’ve lost 4lbs. This shit is the most frustrating thing ever.

  3. Nice to see finally someone eating nice and sweat ripe banana.. Yellow bananas with green ends are disgusting… Instead of easy to digest sugars you get resistant starch. So you can't even digest it. It just makes you bloated and gassy lol…

  4. I was eating my meal prep, while he ate, and he watched the other body builder eat 😩😂 he spoke to my soul ❤️😂

  5. Watching a full day of eating of Antoine Vaillant, while he was watching a video while eating while I was eating too and reading a comment of someone saying he was eating..too… XD

  6. Cool Gym 👍
    Very cool video but can someone give a spoon to Antoine cause he eats with a fork just like a spoon 😁😂😂😂😂

  7. and yet microwaving stuff makes them lose their nutrients andonly to keep the calories and fat = useless for bb, um, anyways (still love the dude and probably when on cycle and hitting the iron hard he eats twice them macros, anyways again)..

  8. 7:17, You know, so you don't have to struggle….You know? if you know, you know. Love that part because I know what he talking about.

  9. This is probably the best full day of eating video ever and it contains almost entirely of chicken, rice, and supplement.
    It's actually genius.

  10. No problem bro I am also watching this video while imma eating.
    only difference is I m not a body builder, just a regular dude like most of us who are here.

  11. Oh la`la`la`la`, mais c'est tellement sympa, charmant-ravissant, formide, sensas – et tout mignon, le Monsieur Antoine*Vaillant; en vrai faut qu'on l'adore, lui…!!! *M&S* <3 <3 <3

  12. "you guys just like watching videos of guys on YouTube doing grocery shopping. What's wrong with you?"

    I feel attacked. 😂😂

  13. Yes I am currently drinking a 1200 calorie vat of shake that is essentially pancake batter, so we are definitely Inception-ing right now.

  14. Antoine is one of the top muscle personalities hands down.

    Actually all the Canadians are cool. BPak is a super brainy nerd, Cbum is like easygoing big brother and Antoine is the wacky one who has bad ideas you should definitely do right now don't think about it DO IT.

  15. Good to see that he doesnt overdo the protein like many bodybuilders does. Especially if you are natural! It is so much better to focus to get in good amount of carbs for fuel, because if you eat too much protein the body has to convert it for energy and it is so much extra work for the body!

  16. It's funny how I'm like 172cm at 75kg and was eating the same amounts of cals this guy eats during my bulk and was still hungry,and I gain fat easily,really shows how shitty my genetics are.

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