FULL DAY OF EATING | Ironman Training Nutrition

FULL DAY OF EATING | Ironman Training Nutrition

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28 thoughts on “FULL DAY OF EATING | Ironman Training Nutrition

  1. I really like to use heart rate training on long distance races like IRONNAN. I’ve tried incorporating a power meter before too but I’ve found just using HR works for me. You got this all day long.

  2. Nick why don't you switch to keto and get yourself fat adapted for the marathon? That way if you burn out of carbs while you're out there your body will switch to burning fat and you just keep on trucking? 🤷‍♀️

  3. A few weeks ago i watched you attempt to run 100miles weighted, and you’ve completely inspired me. A few weeks ago i signed up for a gym, started working on my carido and watching what i eat, last week i was 268.5 and today i just weighed in at 258.5lb! Keep up your hard work, and i will do the same. I appreciate everything you do because believe it or not you push me to better myself

  4. Nick….my friggin dog is obsessed with toilet paper rolls too lol. We have to keep them up high or else he gets them every time.

  5. Awesome video! This summer I will be cycling a French mount called Mont Ventoux, this is my first time cycling ever! I'm training very hard and I'm very excited!

  6. Nick, lose the hat. With the heat you are literally cooking your brain, and slowing down performance. Give it a shot!

  7. Our dog will take toilet paper off then put it in the toilet. Then she will leave it on the bathroom floor soaking wet😂😂😥😥

  8. You will be shocked on how awesome clip less pedals are, your speed will go up. Also, are any of your products vegan?

  9. Nick what is your opinion on y9ur Bare Burn product through BPN? Has anyone else on here tried this product out, if so any thoughts?

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