Full Morning Routine | Morning In The Life | #SkinCare, #Dental #hygiene, #Makeup and #Hair

Full Morning Routine | Morning In The Life | #SkinCare, #Dental #hygiene, #Makeup and #Hair

Hey good morning join me for my morning routine right now you're going to see me brush my teeth using kool-aid I've used Colgate for a long time I usually go in and you know top and bottom old ones next you see me getting myself prepared to wash my face I got this headband a few weeks ago from CBS it's a pink terry cloth it really does the trick of keeping my hair out of my face while I'm trying to wash and exfoliate the two products I'm using are from Neutrogena you've got the clear pore cleanser and the blackhead eliminating exfoliating scrub I use them interchangeably typically I will exfoliate first and then I use the cleanser sometimes I use the cleanser as a mask it just depends on what my needs are at the time so I will go ahead and apply the cleanser to my face and I try to use each product on and rub into my skin to clean for roughly about a minute to a minute and a half for each product so I can get my face fully cleansed after washing my face I go ahead and pat dry my skin and get it ready to apply moisturizer the moisturizer that I'm using is dr. jart with a SPF of 36 it's an illuminating moisturizer that I picked up at Sephora I use a small amount and apply it to different sections of my face and then go ahead and work it into my skin to get make sure my skin is really hydrated and moisturize makes a huge difference in your skin care to make sure that you have a nice moisturized face when you are getting ready to apply makeup before I start to curl my hair of course I always come out my hair thoroughly so that when it's time to start to use the curling iron all I really need to do is just to start parting it in sections and begin the curling process so I do this at least you know once or twice as depending on how to ankle pain yours and then I go ahead and I start to crow my hair so I'm using a hot tools curling iron I get one of these usually every year I pick up a new one of these from Ulta I think they're really good curling irons but usually after about a year they're kind of done but yeah good curling irons and I usually do this process pretty much all the way around and it usually takes me roughly anywhere from five to ten minutes to crawl my hair it just depends on how much how how little curls are how much curls I actually want so just really kind of depends on how long it's going to take for me to finish the whole process of curling away my hair from front to back so once I finished curling my hair I go ahead and start to apply some stick foundation from NARS it's one of my favorites it's really easy to use it's light and when I don't really feel like having a full full foundation full coverage I will go ahead and use the stick and just kind of spot cover what I don't want to show up in my makeup application so just try to keep it kind of light for the most part next I'm using a highlighter from glossy a really like it it's light it gives kind of like that dewy look which i think is perfect for summer and I just apply it to my cheeks my forehead nose typify nose and chin and really does the trick this palette right here is from Japanese you're Japanese vases or and it's a blush palette that I really enjoy I think it's got a really pretty pink soft pink and I use that kind of on a regular basis so that's a one of my favorite blush palettes so i brush that in and then next I'm going to do just a little bit with my eyebrows using a glossier boy brow and then finish it up with a spoolie and some brow gel from ELF and that's a benefits eyebrow stick here you're gonna see me go ahead and put on my liquid eyeliner from Mac it's Mac's the good last eyeliner down on the top of my lid so once I finished with the eyeliner I went ahead and applied a very neutral nude and I will also go over that lip with a lighter pink shade to kind of give me a little bit of a ombre look and that's gonna be my look for today just a really kind of light makeup nothing too heavy because we were actually ending up going to the pool so and now I'm ready thanks for joining me today for my morning routine I really appreciate it if you have any questions about the products I used I'd love to hear from you hey guys thanks for watching today please like comment subscribe [Applause]

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14 thoughts on “Full Morning Routine | Morning In The Life | #SkinCare, #Dental #hygiene, #Makeup and #Hair

  1. Hey Girl That was Great had a nice Giggle at the Tooth Brushing Faces you made too funny but all in all it was Great. i like the light make up gonna look for that o and the Face moisturizer I like that it is spf30 I forgot to say Good Morning have a wonderful Day. πŸ’œπŸ’ŽπŸ’œ

  2. I like the simplicity of your routine and the end result is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and Happy Sunday!


  4. Good Morning Fran😘
    Love your get ready with me video.
    That makeup palette is cute with the cool pink colors. You look very Beautiful 😍 see you later❀

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