Geopathic stress zones – the wellbeing flipside

Geopathic stress zones - the wellbeing flipside

gyeo Pathak stress zones what on earth could be the positive flipside of living with Geo Pathak stress in a lot of the videos that I've made in the past I've talked about my background and how I got to be doing what I'm doing now but what I haven't really talked about is actually initially when we moved into the house that changed our lives it was diagnosed itself as geo Pathak stress I'm going to tell you how that changed my life and it may just be that that is what is behind your geo plastic stress and if I can move on from it then you can too hello there my name's – Walter I'm a house healer and alternative life coach welcome to the channel this is where we discuss things like the power of our intuition we use things like mindfulness meditation but above all the power of focused intent to really help shift our awareness on reality on our life and bring about improved well-being and you know dowsing is one of the key tools that we can use in a very logical and grounded way as a house healer what I do is look at the subtle energies that are emanating from an individual's environment some of us are incredibly sensitive to things that other people just don't even notice there could be things like electromagnetic frequencies underground water flows things called earth energy lines and earth energy spirals all of this stuff can impact somebody there's a highly sensitive person and actually cause sickness nausea but we also find a massive amount of positive influence – and one of the things that I often go on about on this channel is I ask you as subscribers to go off practice a little bit of dowsing either with some rods or a pendulum and go out and find that earth energy the most positive earth energy power center that you can find in your own home if you're suffering from geo Pathak stress there might be a clue in it that's coming up but I want to do first of all is just show you a little clip a video I made some time ago about how to prove to yourself with dowsing that your mind really does have an influence over these sort of spaces earth energy power center here is a big vortex it comes out for a tiny thing comes up big vortex it's a three dimensional thing but we can measure it in two dimensions using this and the thing that we're trying to measure here is the fact that there are straight line radials coming out of this power center and what we want to do is just a power center at rest and it's just mark the first one so there's one what I'm gonna do I'm going to stand up for this because I have to walk around I'm gonna go out a shot a bit but just bear with me okay so one two three four five six seven okay seven power and seven lines radial straight lines coming out of this power center at the moment now I know it looks a bit church like me kneeling here but what we're going to do is now I'm going to just communicate by sending loving compassion into this power center so very very short time that but there seem to be quite a nice response now what I'm going to do is to count those radials again okay so I'm gonna have to stand up for that so one two three four five six seven 10 11 12 12 okay so we've gone from seven to twelve now they weren't cited quite as strong and I think that that is because they've just literally formed you saw that the rod wasn't responding as much but that's gone for a seven count to a 12 count as nearly doubled more or less just by sending compassionate love and awareness to that space I hope you enjoyed that and I hope that it shows you how all you need to do is to be a little bit confident in your dowsing with your rods or your pendulum and you can see then when you have that confidence you can test for yourself how your mind actually is interacting with the space and so if you imagine that you sit and meditate in that space think about the power that you're creating and how it's spreading out through your world now I said I would share with you a possible flip side to having geo Pathak stress and if you are suffering from geo Pathak stress and I sympathize but I want to share with you the way that it changed my life coming into contact with what was initially diagnosed for us as geo Pathak stress it completely changed our lives and actually resulted in me sitting here now you looking at this video the thing is that absolutely everything that we are involved with is a reflection of our inner selves and you know that inner universe is our spiritual connection to the management to the management upstairs to that dimension that we step into at the end of our life now I spent many years working with my mentor Hamish Miller and he had his life completely changed by his near-death experience what that did was bring him into contact face to face literally with the management and his spiritual self if you like he literally died and went to heaven and then came back again now of course not everybody needs to go to the extent of dying to receive a spiritual nudge in the right direction sometimes geo Pathak stress can exist in a house because it is the way of the management actually wanting to bring your attention to the spiritual aspect of self that you were ignored up to that time now I believe that because that's really what happened to me that's how my life changed completely sometimes those nudges from the universe can take on this particular aspect and they will use whatever they can the management will use whatever they can to get a person to nudge back onto a pathway that they will lead them to things that they have agreed to fulfill and to do in their lives while they're here that's what the management does and for me it gave us a house that had troubles it led us to people that could help ease those troubles it introduced us to the spirit of a deceased lady that was in that place that was seemingly in the first instance the source of some of this geo Pathak stress her presence combined with the earth energy there underground water flows seemed to be creating the problem it was much more complicated than that and it all unraveled over a period of some years and in that unraveling my entire spiritual path had its foundation and here we are today so what I would say today is if this video has resonated with you and if you've watched it all the way through to this point and you are suffering from geo Pathak stress just think about what is it that it might be trying to tell you if you've had somebody in to heal that space and it's reverted again and it's come back again have you thought about is it the management giving you a nudge showing you something so I hope this has been of some use do go off and find that power center that positive power center simply ask for the most beneficial most positive power center in your house and you will be able to find it by dowsing good luck with that let me know how you get on and if you've enjoyed this sort of content do click on the grey Bell to get notified every time we do an upload click the subscribe in order to be able to do that and we can really help bring some change to benefit as all take care now bye bye

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9 thoughts on “Geopathic stress zones – the wellbeing flipside

  1. It’s a common expression that it’s the tough times in life that we learn from. Geopathic stress can give us a big lesson and a nudge from the management…
    More about Hamish Miller’s NDE nudge can be found here:

  2. Hi! Tim, I would like to get to know you. Do you have face book or how do I get to know you better. I study and research about leylines. If I use the metal to dowsing, does it catch both leylines and earth energy lines?
    Please tell me how do I get you know you. Thank you very much Samson Yang.

  3. Hi Tim, thank you for another really interesting and informative video. I regularly smudge my entire house with white sage in a cleansing ritual using positive affirmations. Would this have a similar effect on any geopathic stress points in my home?

  4. These lines…. where lots intertwine… can most certainly give the open mind a trip! I've noticed most UFO sightings take place along them. Wow!

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