that's the head of the doggie look how big it is dude it's really yeah oh yeah definitely I remember the concrete down there how cool was that straw well there you go that's well being long yes hey Robert Oh holes rolling when you go hit you sign anything about saw I heard saw the heat and then you just like leaning back be looking you going up howdy visit hey that's repair you guys oh my God he's a drag or off yeah yeah not too tall yeah oh yes oh my goodness dude big me it's all you saying you four are my yeah your lines you go lower line out still man yeah you don't got any back it's gonna be a long fight yeah Maggie if you go it in it was tire walked oh if it was like a flying fish 50 kilo flying fish I don't I go Jesse no no yeah it's gonna be coming closer ooh boy doesn't like this a lot your Jedi I'm tired I've never seen you're so dead okay put under your box yeah and you're like yeah yeah the same stay still real day oh there is what is that big uns oh well one one one oh my god massive dogtooth Matthew turn-taking now helping that holy shit dude huh that was your braid on the concrete and get that piece of lining it's a bloody massive doggy man by beam walk him in but you can't the boat sir that is a monster it's really big it's yeah if you want he's all kind of Ron is it oh my goodness or is he oh yeah my fingers in there it's not alive is it hey yeah it's dead Oh heavy we gotta do it this is nothing it back to the fishes now I mean the car yeah that big they have to pull it up are ours oh my goodness dude just try and hold it up by that it's too easy man is it saw like a hundred kilo that's ramappa man so Abbi yeah going back yeah oh come on yes keeping that give me that that's incredible I saw a skeet see dude oh that's like a hundred kilo fish like for sure like yeah it's too big i we are there we have to carry to the to the truck to our shop yep all those guys yeah yeah legs are all good all right the camera doesn't really show how big this thing is it's an absolute beast it's pretty heavy it up putting relate to it it takes up the whole back of the car it's a serious based that thing with swimming back and forth tells casting for fish you got the hook up my hockey I did it it would be that things maybe I'm not having this sweet and find out how big it wise let's do it let's go for a drive my goal air hockey is it to the forfeit so it's to that long yeah where the join is until the end of the blue locket such a big fish man a little bit shorter than me yeah well you go maybe you know you're gonna slam it down lower well looks like you got slam it's so big dude I'm telling ya it's rely more than sixty what you said yeah fuck way more let's say a very big and very soft oh yeah but he still has no because yeah okay they know shit oh my god yeah let's go down the hall have some move in yeah yeah the whole village the whole village for sure well geez haze this humming ah-ha which we miss out on anyway but yeah I'm gonna try and get back there and get a GT Omanis very small don't get enough trauma later that stuff is the star nice catching them in an era I go crazy there's really I need to go check on out Razia for flying feet oh my god well that stock was mantle well now I got fishy hands oh yeah oh boy I want nah yep I'm here I'm here me Oh big will be yeah turn talk button once yeah whoa is it on yeah we'll get on okay I think the same fish yeah yes I know what it is it's down there oh gee what what yeah Oh that was a trip Valley yeah what happen uh-huh just call me at the end of the warm up yeah it happened suddenly yeah oh let's get back out there yeah so this is where we brought the trainer in last night right regardez ID kilo or hanji kilo it's old tooth without your knowing we haven't got scales helped found the scales yeah these cages over so skills e-verify yes very what those trolleys are not an hour whoa this tile is huge oh my goodness that reduce feel fucking massive boy a fetus on that's how big it is yeah dude that's some monster it's big it is big I think it might even be bigger than ID look at that so what it's really big but really big yeah it'd be interesting just to get a good weight on some sort of what this is nice guy oh I used to be just here yeah Rhianna straddling a mite rod the doggy doggy his hobby you can actually power house that thing out to the sea i absolutely why lime this game Wow Wow so let see now you have to join two very old Japanese not really jagged edge they don't work better ya better angle yeah still sharp Buono gonna be the best building job in the water uh-huh oh yeah yeah Oh JA who thought the biggest fish to ever be film filter like this so oh this laughs oh look at that nah this is the famous Japanese knife is it yeah yeah yeah that sharpening song yeah incredible just what we need it for this big okay just gone away so I'm warning ya the pro try bro see the prymaat let's just have a quick look at this not them all at the touch it oh my god take it away not so heavy I did a good job Oh what I did over the barn somehow is the you know I think he's gonna cut the middle shit well go shop soul shop my goodness sorry mental it's not the softest thing you've ever seen that's really that's still quite fresh feel you feel sigh little a little bit yeah yeah but you know we did our best you can use that ya know even with that long so yeah not really Oh a flying fish yeah really and really smelly super smelly and flying fish was our filling for the biggest fish ever filmed and that's a flying fish inside this massive doggy oh oh so skeet stood Oh sweetie that's just kind of it's got sigh that's probably the one that I in front of us that's sounds really soccer another in test song that's super hard to feel it this one this alright yeah as you don't know what we would have done it ledge Lord was it maybe here the other wedge or the fish Lord the fish building Lord is this looks absolute power having my quarters heavy Saguna whoa has a short that blah blah flip it over now you're up only one fly-fishing this fellow so here's hung this COAS I have this overall mental work I is he yeah the Chick Corea yeah no that's amazing so the chief of this village has helped helped us out way no wandering eyes what he's on still con you've ever happy got heavier yeah it's a monster head motto legend now we're gonna take these Phillips into the fridge that's gonna fade a lot of people I Philip you usually that as your dog in your heart you eat you kill do you eat the heart or miles my to eat the heart of the other one but it's a bit more precious oh you should keep come on it's a that's a very healthy looking one that's the head of the doggy look how big it is dude it's really yeah perishing I hate muscles oh yeah so skates bar recording for a bit until we get this massive skeleton in the car we're gonna go on dump it in the ocean I guess so finally there is the band's biggest deal in here oh yeah oh my god not really big fudging poop dr. jeremiah yeah the Rosses bullet you know what cabbie knows how to cook rice so what's going on here just gonna let him up me to the wall yeah he's like a volcano like it Manson like weight on sample was a good thing is a dog to turn us in Sophie mm-hmm pretty much your skin to then boom that's a good chunk of meat very good Charlotte roommate oh it's full leathery this is all not but still sharp huh yeah Japanese review the truck house boy hasn't been sharpened in not ages yeah that's when you know the fish is really good ty see one circles like that different Liars of fish we the inner eyes real fatty mm-hmm how she just made the wrong hmm there we go perfect perfect yeah Jesus I house they got it that's kanji for doctor yeah [Laughter] mm-hmm this is our little sauce fish sauce ball like that have it even come on door Lana hmm so we'll put the soy that's probably good to start off with you there it is mine okay you look pretty riled up yeah perfect sounds so good that ladies we haven't had protein for three days yeah pretty hard to use chopsticks hmm but it's working living off noodles and light Packers of Ross breaking cereal through the stacks oh look at that what are you doing a great job that's such a nice day we've got sick threw up three pieces each yeah looks really yummy yeah oh it's incredible [Laughter] yeah probably never seen that on YouTube there's nothing else no to putting that together it's gonna be a meal no yeah and be very happy there it is night doggy doggy for lunch don't you for lunch Hagrid's that looks really nice so I get yogi Oh teriyaki a little Japanese say to go with it how's this the hall I sit down sit down and shut up Stig in dumb all right that's enough gibberish that's the dog gonna catch you cook thanks for watching I oh sorry not about oh my god oh my god

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