Glycolog | Nutrition Partitioning Agent

Glycolog | Nutrition Partitioning Agent

What’s up, everybody? PJ Braun here, President of Blackstone Labs, and I’m standing here with the Guerrilla Chemist’s masterpiece, Glycolog. And I wanted to give you guys a little Laymen’s
spin on what this does. So we have written right here on the bottle maximizes
insulin utilization, increases insulin sensitivity, improves glucose metabolism, enhances fat
loss, stimulates glycogen storage. Now what does that all mean in a laymen’s sense? Because I know sometimes you guys watch Guerrilla,
and he’s very, very intelligent and some of you still don’t get what he is talking about.
So that’s why I wanted to put this spin on it. What that means, to read that break down is:
this product is going to make it so you can utilize the carbohydrates that you are eating
way more efficiently. So think about it like this: If you take this
product with a high carb meal you are going to glycogen load those carbs readily. So that glucose is going to shuttle out into
your muscle storage. Now if you happen to have that meal sometime before you train,
you will then go train and burn off all those carbs as your energy getting a great, great
pump while you do it. After the workout, you do the same thing with
your high carb meal, and then suck everything back up for recovery. So indirectly, this absolutely helps to, in
the end, improve the composition of your body because you will not be storing carbohydrates
the same way. You will be utilizing them so much more efficiently. Bodybuilders, for years, have actually been
ahead of us in the sense that they’ve been taking insulin from diabetics, which is crazy,
and utilizing it with their carbohydrates to up regulate those carbs more efficiently.
Now this can be very, very dangerous. This is not something that people should be
out there doing, but bodybuilders can get kind of crazy. So this is a very, very safe alternative to
doing that, and you don’t have to break any laws by going out there and getting and medicines
that you shouldn’t be taking. So how do I recommend that people take this? Men or women – I feel that it is ideal to take this
product pre-workout. Now, if you are someone that isn’t having
carbs pre-workout, how about the first meal of the day? Are you starting your first meal of the day
with a nice hearty breakfast with carbs? Get the Glycolog in, you will glycogen load
all those carbs, you’ll have them stored up for later. Post work-out, that’s number three for me. Sometimes, I can make an argument that it’s
number two. You want to recover, you’re going to put
it all back in. Now, are you somebody that’s not focused on
getting on excess calories, not wanting those carbs after the workout? That’s fine, you don’t have to do it. Utilize it one of the earlier ones, but whenever
you are having a high carb meal, or even a cheat meal for that matter use this product
so you’re sucking up those calories and using them efficiently. That’s what Glycolog does. It basically makes it so you can be fat and
eat more cheat meals. Just kidding, I don’t want to get too carried
away with it. It’s a really cool product, though. We’ll see
if the Guerrilla likes what I said about him. That’s his insulin mimicking agent. I am PJ
Braun, President of Blackstone Labs. Peace out, Bye.

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18 thoughts on “Glycolog | Nutrition Partitioning Agent

  1. When will you be releasing the Jason Genova Pre-Workout and will it taste like burnt oatmeal and Dunkin Donuts?

  2. This product is sooooo effing good! I literally cheated my cheat meals on a cut and still looked tight and after consuming too much carbs. It actually prevents water retention. I recommend this to anyone who is trying to put on mass while keeping your physique lean or shredded.

  3. what if you're somebody that does activities like CrossFit and you do intermittent fasting everyday and your first meal is not until 1:00 p.m. but you work out at 8:30 a.m.? When would you take this ideally?

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