Google Translate Gives Airplane Safety Instructions

Google Translate Gives Airplane Safety Instructions

welcome aboard translation Airlines welcome to Corsica we know you have a lot of choices and we are thrilled you chose to fly with us today you have so many choices and we know that we are baptized we are proud to partner with Dollar Shave Club to bring you this important safety announcement we are proud to be united by a silver coin that will bring you to this great protection the first thing to do when you arrive at your seat is fasten your seat belt when you visit your site to the ceilings are hot insert the metal ending into the buckle until it clicks and pull on the strap to tighten bring the last iron to the brush until the vibrato is sounded to unfasten simply lift the flap on the buckle next I just selected it we recommend that seat belts be fastened whenever you're seated in case of unexpected turbulence – brilliant evidence of a built-in riot before we take off make sure your seat is in the upright position before you leave make sure you are in the right place your tray table is stowed wiping the table all baggage is placed underneath the seat in front of you all large electronic devices have been switched off remove all items remove all important things and similar devices are set to airplane mode and didn't start the menu terminated airplane US law prohibits smoking including electronic cigarettes onboard this flight at any time legislation is law abiding and activating the activists at any time tampering with or inhibiting smoke detectors can be punishable by a fine disorders can be eliminated by protesters or protesters I'm still going out there US law requires you to comply with all lighted or posted and all crew member instructions under American law must fill and manage all cookies and created components there are six exits onboard this aircraft two in the front over the wings and in the back there are six caves on this island two years ago pillows and after take a moment to locate your nearest exit and remember it may be behind you find what's right afterwards and take the time to remember it each exit is equipped with an evacuation slide for use in case of an emergency landing slides are used to use the Acme market emergency aisle lighting will guide you to your nearest exit emergency counseling will take you away when directed to exit jump onto the slide and move away from the aircraft they invited him to avoid a flying ship in the event of a water landing some slides may be used as rests by using water pill you can use some guitar like the trail in addition life vests are located underneath your seat there is a jacket of life under the throne of the people pull the tab and remove the life vest from the pouch sin is not a lifeline on the Java page put the vest over your head and attach the buckles please wear your head bucket once outside the aircraft pull down on the tabs to inflate after pushing the space shuttle if additional air is needed blow into the tubes over do is inspired by the PI your seat cushion can also be used as a flotation device your mistake can be used as punishment should the cabin experience a sudden loss and pressure oxygen masks will drop automatically before long the stadium suddenly collapsed and the muscle melts fill pull the mask toward you to start the flow of oxygen drag the mice and start oxygen explosion place the mask over your nose and mouth and continue to breathe normally remove the head from the nose and mouth and keep breathing often secure your own mask before helping others keep guard against helping other people the crew will now come through and do a final cabin check my body passes through the tennis without in the end please sit back relax and don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything I am happy and fascinating and sorry for some reason whether you begin your journey here or you are headed home we wish you a pleasant flight and thank you for choosing translation Airlines if you start your journey home I will give you a good plane and thank you for the plane France we stole this plane from France their address for your next flight with us we recommend that you pack your travel essentials from today's sponsor Dollar Shave Club Dollar Shave Club can solve all of your grooming needs in one box right now they have a great offer where you can get either their shave shower or oral starter kit each for only $5 and the sets come with travel size products perfect for your next adventure the shade starter kit comes with the executive razor and a three ounce two of their dr. Carver's shave butter I may or may not have bought full size of this because I love it so much the oral starter kit comes with their weighty toothbrush and their trial sized version of their toothpaste and the shower starter kit comes with three travel sized versions of their amber lavender body cleanser citrus and Hawaiian ginger face cleanser and sage and black pepper shampoo join the club with one of their starter kits for just five dollars after that in your restock boxes you have complete control over what gets sent your way I've been using Dollar Shave Club for almost a year now and I could not recommend them highly enough get the exclusive deal at slash melinda thats mal ind a the link is available down below in the description thank you so much for watching this video if you want more translated madness but be sure to subscribe down below and let me know what i should translate next I will see you all soon bye

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42 thoughts on “Google Translate Gives Airplane Safety Instructions

  1. Y'all have been requesting this forEVER so I'm stoked to have finally done it!! Also if you didn't know I have a second music channel 😀 Would mean the world if you gave the little guy some love and subscribed!

  2. Okay, shoutout to google translate for the 'Jacket of life' line, because that was a damn accurate translation, just a bit too poetic!

  3. 1:11 "Before you leave, make sure you are in the right place" Well that's actually really important, congratulations Google!!

  4. Rearrange and connect the translated version, what a good, moving story to tell, about a brave people who would sacrifice everything, rather to compromise for 'a good life' with dictators, oligarchs and extremists…

  5. Nice! Anyways, here's a coconut cupcake recipe ♡


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    1 cup coconut milk

    1 1/2 cups flaked coconut, plain or toasted

    8 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature

    2 3/4 cups powdered sugar
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  6. I had to pause the video in the middle because I was laughing so hard, my cheekbones were hurting. I guess this is my preferred form of comedy.

  7. "I am happy and fascinating and sorry for some reason"
    Even though i haven't been to Canada, i know that's the most Canadian thing i've heard in this video

  8. "Thanks for the plane France, we uhhh… kinda stole this plane"
    Me: Say what now???? I payed for the flight, and I do not want it stopped because of your legal troubles!

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