GoPro: Karma – Safety Features

GoPro: Karma - Safety Features

we've applied some amazing technology and engineering to be sure the Karma drone and controller performs safely in this video we'll tell you about a few of the many features designed to keep you your karma and your surrounding safe one of the things the controller does is monitor the battery levels so you don't have to if you're busy flying and having fun and one of these batteries becomes low don't worry the controller lets you know with a voice alert and an on-screen message karma also automatically returns to the launch location and lands before the battery is completely drained although we don't advise it you can cancel this automatic flight home and continue flying just know that if the battery reaches a critically low level karma automatically lands in place even if you're over water and you can't cancel that so it's best to pay attention to the low battery warning when you first get it and let karma fly back to you when it thinks it needs to karma and the controller are constantly communicating during flight but if the two components happen to lose connection no need to panic karma hovers in place while the controller tries to re-establish a connection if a connection can't be re-established within 10 seconds karma automatically returns to the launch location and lands regulatory agencies set limits on how high you can fly for example the maximum altitude in the US is 400 feet to help you stay compliant the controller lets you enter limits for altitude and distance based on where you're flying if karma gets close to these limits you'll get sound and on-screen alerts so you can make the right adjustments to stay safe the controller provides voice and on-screen alerts for many other situations such as no-fly zones loss of GPS signal connection strength battery level will keep you up to speed on all of these and more so get out and capture that amazing perspective from the sky we've got you covered

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11 thoughts on “GoPro: Karma – Safety Features

  1. Anybody that needs sensors should not be flying when the GPS are sensors fail u don't know how to manually fly u are gonna crash everytime look up dji fly aways they do the same stuff it's up to the pilot to gain control after failure

  2. These features are garbage.

    I had 4 minutes left. I had brought it in towards my porch and under a tree. And then, the drone tried to land itself. But it was trying to fly up into my tree. The almost crashed it.

    Just give us a low battery warning and let us manually fly it in. This auto land feature is garbage. Especially if you’re near anything. If it had collision detection, yes. But the drone will try and land itself and potentially crash itself.

    Returning mine due to these auto features that made me almost crash.

  3. Karma is a piece of sh1t. This drone has very weak connection. Mine flew away from distance about 200m from me. I've lost it. Before this it always had problems with gps signal and compass. It is simpy blind. You can loose it any time. Don't buy this sh1t.

  4. That's bullshit!!!
    My karma lost gps then went rogue and fly full thrust in one direction, then lost connection, try to hoover and land but no return to take off spot
    I just lost it
    1 week old, thanks gopro

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