Grapefruit Diet: Does it Work? | UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

Grapefruit Diet: Does it Work?  | UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

hi there this is dr. Dave Heber and I'm talking to you today about diets that don't work and what I want to talk about today is called the grapefruit diet now the idea behind this diet is there something in the grapefruit that actually burns body fat and that's simply not true now the grapefruit like other fruits is about 70 calories per hundred gram serving it's very healthy it's got vitamin C and a lot of phytonutrients the pink grapefruit even has some of the lycopene that you find in the red tomato so it's a healthy diet if you don't let it overcome everything else in your diet so the solution here is to eat grapefruit as a part of a balanced diet now if you're on a cholesterol-lowering drug called a statin your doctor may warn you to stay away from grapefruit but actually it takes quite a bit of grapefruit to interfere with the metabolism of that particular drug so you can have a single glass of grapefruit juice or one grapefruit as part of a balanced diet but if you have more than about three or four glasses of grapefruit juice it may affect the metabolism of these statin drugs so you'll want to stay away from it if that applies to you however the grapefruit diet in general like other diets fruits and vegetables are good for you but don't rely on the magical properties of the pink grapefruit this is dr. Dave Heber we'll see you next time

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11 thoughts on “Grapefruit Diet: Does it Work? | UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

  1. Guys these doctors will tell you that these diets wont work especially if you are taking the all natural or herbal approach because they are not benefiting from it. This is what they are paid to do. The grapefruit diet does work I have done it myself and was amazed at how much weight I had lost in such a short time span. Grapefruits just like apples and lemons are a big help in flushing out fat cells

  2. These doctors don't want the masses to be healthy, because they don't profit off of healthy citizens. I am seeing so called doctors talking negatively about juicing vegetables and fruit. WTF, they want us to eat McDonald's, taco bell, and pizza hut to keep our bodies needing THEIR DRUGS! I trust the medical profession as much as cocaine dealers…money is their only motivation.

  3. Thanks. I added it in for immune support, blood sugar help, and it sounds like it is good for appetite control if you eat a slice or two before a meal. I don't recommend the juice, much, because it's all loaded with sugar. This citrus, like others, can make you feel a little fuller because of the water in it, I have read. It's just delicious anyway. I eat some slices after cycling or workout to help rehydrate. It's great for that. It's sad that despite the research that's been done and that shows one thing can't cure all things, folks still want to believe in the mythological "one thing fixes all" concept. Thanks for the info.

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