Hacks from Successful Health and Wellness Blogger Rachel Rhee

Hacks from Successful Health and Wellness Blogger Rachel Rhee

you're watching bass bass TV the place to celebrate diversity challenge stereotypes and provide information to keep all you base beings on top I'm fitness expert and your bass Bay Edwina Chia so today's bass Bay is the founder of popular wellness blog the dimpled life she's partnered with amazing wellness and health companies including propel water Puma the gap and a six she's a cycle instructor as well as holding a full-time job on top of all of that ladies and gentle Rachael Ray thank you for being here today thank you so much for having me I'm super excited that so I want to know about your blog yeah life yeah very popular tell me about how you got started and what the concept is yeah so I really started a couple of years back and I really wanted it to encompass sort of just healthy living and what I mean by healthy is not necessarily only in the sense of like eating nutritious food and making sure that you're moving your body but really healthy in the sense of like what is your mind telling you you know what are your relationships like with others and with yourself you know how do you speak to yourself in the morning throughout the day and at night and I really wanted it to be kind of a hub for positivity and happiness and I wanted to kind of bring that and inspire people to live a happier healthier lifestyle in that regard okay cool so it's definitely health in the complete sense yes a lot of people think health is just you know a six-pack really nice set of arms and or nice legs and or a but you know girls love about that and I just love your concept you know just providing the whole package and describe to me about what is the dimple life like what is that name yeah okay well first of all I have dimples okay so you know they only really come out when I smile or when I'm in a good mood and so that's where that whole concept of like you know being happy and being positive comes in so I wanted the dimple life to kind of be personal to me where the dimple is but also just something that you know encompasses kind of that happier mindset how has the dimple I've helped you personally are they your own experiences yeah so you know growing up I've always been you know a really optimistic and positive person but I would say you know a couple of years back you know through certain life circumstances and just certain experiences really had me kind of down and I sort of quote-unquote you know lost my dimple and you know I was really sad and you know I was thinking to myself one day you know what can I do to kind of bring my positive and happy mindset back and so that's where I was thinking you know what I need to just start smiling more it all starts with a smile and so that's kind of you know where it started and it kind of just screwed from there you seem really really comfortable in the fitness arena has Fitness always been part of your life you know it actually really hasn't I would say Fitness has really been a part of my life more so the past like four to five years but really a focus in the past two years you know I'm not someone that's really you know had a fitness background you know I wasn't on any sports teams I wasn't on track or you know I actually funny enough like what I always try to make excuses to get out of PE because I just like didn't really see the value and like moving and kind of difficult but you know over the years I kind of you know as I was you know kind of developing hobbies for myself and finding out what my interests and passions were you know I found you know what I actually feel really happy and I'll be like really amazing about myself after I sweat you know whether that's through a spin class or a boxing class you know I always just kind of felt really good about that and so that's kind of where my fitness journey started kind of from the feeling within more so than you know the fitness aspect of like how I looked it was more about that feeling no I love that I love that that's where I'm all about like I said from the inside out yeah that's what causes the longevity and fitness totally of the day totally you mentioned that you didn't grow up with Fitness yeah what's your what's your background so I am Korean and you know traditionally you know within Korean very conservative backgrounds academics like they're very important and so you know my extracurriculars growing up we're very much surrounded about around like you know taking extra tutoring classes and you know something to do with school and you know learning in education always in the books but it wasn't until you know I was an adult where I really started to kind of expand my mind and realize you know what there are other things that can make people happy and successful and successful in the sense of you know it's not necessarily about the the financials of that's what success means success meaning like I've learned to you know really live a happy lifestyle doing what I love to do and that to me is what success is do you feel like your fitness lifestyle has inspired your family who are traditionally not you know as you say fitness or wellness minded yes they're so happy so a couple of birthdays ago I actually gifted one year my mom my brother and my dad all fitbit's yeah and I always have a Fitbit on so now we do like family challenges and I can always check up on my dad like hey you only have 4,000 steps today like you obviously didn't go outside exactly exactly so I can always like check up on them make sure that you know they're they're exercising and it's been like a great way to kind of it's a fun way to really bring Fitness into our family yes and it's a way to connect and build rapport and socket healthy at the same time exactly here at page base TV we obviously like to highlight people of diversity doing amazing things which you clearly are in the fitness realm do you feel like your diversity has how do you how has that shaped your decisions in fitness you know I would say that it hasn't necessarily sheets any decisions per se but I am really proud to be you know one of the many ladies that are out there that are of a diverse background you know really leading the way in showing that you know you can be of any background and really have a passion in fitness or in wellness and really make a name for yourself and be a leader within your community in whatever way that means so I'm happy to you know be that person of diversity but even more so I think just being a woman in general yeah I'm in the fitness space I think is something that I'm really proud of and you know especially for me you know I actually tend to lean more towards you know if I'm thinking about fitness and like physical activity and sports that I like you know I actually really love Muay Thai kickboxing and boxing and I actually love that I'm a woman who enjoys those sports because I feel like the the stereotype is that women aren't necessarily as involved in those sports traditionally hmm so I'm happy to kind of bring more light into the boxing realm yes and talk about a woman who's doing it all you're got a full-time job as well yes so how do you manage all of that yeah you've got the blog you're instructing you're working full-time as well yeah how is your work-life balance and how do you maintain the you know keeping everything on top yeah I would say it's definitely hard and I'm by no means an expert at it but you know there are definitely things that I do throughout my day or at the beginning of the week that I really try to hold on to so I am a huge person on lists so really making priority lists for yourself kind of segmenting out okay well what are the must use that I have to do for my work in order to kind of survive and make sure that you know deadlines are met and and whatnot and then kind of making sure that throughout the week a couple of times I schedule sort of check-ins or social engagements and I count and I always make sure to pen those and not pencil down them with them in but pen them in to make sure that they're permanent and make sure that you know I do have check ins with my best friends or you know people that I don't necessarily see all the time so making sure that I you know schedule an hour to talk to them on the phone because I think the the the work aspect can get very overwhelming so if you don't necessarily schedule those check-ins with your friends you know very intentionally those can kind of get pushed to the backburner and say like okay well let's get lunch next week or let's get you know dinner the following week and so you really have to be intentional and really prioritize what is important to you whether that's work or whether that's social or if it's both then you know you really need to you know find that balance she kind of achieved both yes no I love that because I'm definitely guilty of you know just once you get especially in this city yeah and that one-track minds like I'm cheap this isn't missing it and then often now social or our balanced and just hanging out with friends and having a good time and enjoying the fruits of our labor get pushed to the side yeah and actually one thing that I've been doing lately is that I'm actually inviting my friends to come work out with me so it's kind of like almost like killing two birds with one you get your workout in and you can see your friends but it's also it makes a workout a lot more fun you know to like enjoy that and it kind of takes your relationship to the next level with that person yeah it has to be able to share that experience of like you know we just did a million burpees like we can do this together yeah so it's been a great way to you know build relationships that way yeah and kill two birds with one stone you're getting fit and you're hanging out you're an ambassador as well for many amazing companies huge companies like propel water and the gap in Asics yes sir I would say that I've partnered with these brands you know I've been really fortunate to wear brands have contacted me and they found me through my Instagram which is just in Bullitt and you know I think really the I've always questioned this myself to you like you know how how did you find me but I think what it is really is make sure that you stay true to what your voice is I think a lot of times you can see success with other people and what they're doing in their social media and you try to replicate that but when you try to replicate that and try to have someone else's voice it doesn't necessarily come off as authentic and I think right now especially brands and companies they want to and really just kind of the everyday person they want to feel like they can connect with someone yeah and that all starts with authenticity so I've really always tried to you know bring that into my voice when I you know write my posts on social media or when I'm talking on you know Instagram stories or whatever that is I really try to be open and share parts of my life and say you know hey I'm not perfect these are my imperfections but this is also you know a positive or something that you know something positive or this is kind of the take away from that experience and so that's been my voice and it's it's worked it's worked for me thankfully it's working so so well for you like I mentioned before I just love how approachable you are and how real you are I think that perfection and you know just the perfect pictures and all that stuff it's it's so 1999 or wherever it is it's way back there being real is just way more connectable in this in this environment these days yeah definitely yeah so and the last question I had yes what are your lifetime essentials you have to have delicious food and for me that's always my mom's homemade Korean food it's always my comfort my go-to food and so what I'm doing right now is I'm actually filming the both of us together Oh cooking because I really want to make sure that I like know how to make all of her recipes okay so I just always have it and I'm actually in the process of creating like YouTube content where I can feature her but yeah I would definitely say dude a hundred percent you have that what about the other two a good soundtrack so you have to have really good playlists for whatever vibe you know you want and I'm always a fan of like hip-hop and and EDM and also just kind of like 90s music okay I'm that's my area and then I would also say cannot live without connection to my family and I would say family in a sense of yes my my mom died you know relatives but obviously like my close friends to I you know I have a small core circle of friends that you know I share everything with and without them I literally don't know how I would survive in this world so so that's first and foremost a great will just killing the fitness game thank you so much yes and thank you so much for coming here today yes thank you for having me yes I love it thank you so much guys out there for watching beige Bay TV the place to celebrate diversity challenge stereotypes and provide information to keep all you base base on top I'm in Winnie chia your beige bay until next time say hi to your dad for me

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