Hamburg students develop mental health app

Hamburg students develop mental health app

switching gears now to Hamburg high-school students are getting national recognition they developed an award-winning mental health app but now they want to take their work a step further 7 Eyewitness News reporter Hannah Bueller has the story all new at 6:00 inspiration at your fingertips there's been a lot of things going around with mental health and that it was an important topic to touch on that's the mission motivating Hamburg high school sophomores Nevada Pullman and Abbie Cain as part of the girls Academy of Finance class they were tasked to create a mobile app the topic they chose mental health we thought it was just a really relevant topic and we wanted to spread awareness and create an app that could help people and make their day a little bit better the app is called encourage you and it's all about motivation and inspiration when you pull up the app you can choose from inspirational quotes inspirational messages so there's two pro pages just to inspire you the girls app encourages you to be your best version of yourself one of the features is a selfie with an inspirational message you got this hopefully it will like ease the stress it will give them some motivation or encouragement for something that's to come and hopefully it will just like make their day better and make their life better Pullman and Cain's app was one of five selected to win a national competition presented by Lenovo now the girls need your help to win the fan favorite vote to vote for the encourage you app head over to wkb the pair will be heading to Detroit this July to present the app to a national audience reporting in Hamburg Hannah Bueller 7 Eyewitness News

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