years of solid research shows that there is a connection between the food you eat and the energy levels you can maintain during the day it is well known that the things you eat and drink will affect your moods and your ability to handle the daily stresses encountered at work time for holiday parties extended happy hours with friends and co-workers and more family get-togethers provide plenty of opportunities to be over served at both food and drink for most of the normal population more than three to five alcoholic drinks for a woman and over five to six for a man will usually result in a hangover more than 75 percent of people who drink to act acts ocation will have a hangover the next day as you consume alcohol it draws vitamins and minerals out of your system and increases your body's need to urinate which leads to dehydration this results in thirst lightheadedness and dizziness drinking several glasses of water will help offset these effects alcohol irritates the lining of the stomach which gives you the characteristic queasy stomach and nausea the morning after as alcohol courses through your body it seems to relax you this is because it is causing your blood vessels to expand this is what causes headaches increased oxygen intake via deep breathing or exercise helps the blood vessels in the brain to contract relieving headaches pain killers are our favourite remedy there are some things you should take into consideration aspirin and ibuprofen are hard on your stomach while acetaminophen is hard on your kidneys and liver these body organs are already working overtime processing whatever you drank excessive use of acetaminophen can lead to kidney failure an irreversible liver damage ibuprofen can lead to kidney damage when taken in large doses over prolonged periods coming to work with a hangover sharply increases your risk of being in an accident reaction times are slower your ability to concentrate is severely limited eyesight and hand-eye coordination are adversely affected memory recall is considerably slowed in all your judgment is impaired there is no cure for a hangover despite all the advice to the contrary you cannot defeat the effects of overindulgence except through time the only way to prevent a hangover induce injury is not to get a hangover it's as simple as that thank you for watching and have a safe day

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  1. Thank you for the great information. The people should realize the problems associated with consumption of alcohol. Continuous consumption of alcohol will cause depression and anxiety , which possibly lead to accident at work.

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