Happy Planner Fitness / Wellness Planner Flip through May | Fitness update in my planner

Happy Planner Fitness / Wellness Planner Flip through May | Fitness update in my planner

hi everyone thanks so much for stopping by so it's Sarah here creating with Sarah in today's video I'm gonna give you guys a little bit of an update in my fitness happy planner I have been doing some things on Instagram so I've been following the planner friend miles challenge so I did that in May and I thought I would do a little update and share with you guys some of that so let's go ahead and jump into this video ok so this is my fitness planner that I started back in November of last year and I have some other videos if you guys want to check those out so I'm just gonna flip through June or actually May May is what we're going to talk about I'm sorry been in my a with some of the plan and shares or playing with me I just feel like I'm trying to catch up as much as I was saying I think maybe on Instagram or I can't remember if I was saying this on YouTube yet but I'm so sorry guys ok so saying that I was gonna use my monthly layouts as far as like workout plan because I felt like it was much easier for me it was a great glance for me to look at things and see where I'm at and that I wasn't going to be tracking food and all that that I was participating in this planner friend 50 miles in May it started in May and so the goal was to either jog run or walk for the month of May and then I personally wanted to count steps and so I do have some of this on my Instagram creating with Sarah all one word if you guys want to check that out but I had a lot of fun and inspiration with this I did use some happy planner stamps the stencils that they have so basically this is all happy planner related sticker stamps they have like this new bullet journaling stencil that's what I use for the arrows and I thought it would just be fun to look at it at a monthly layout it's a lot easier for me and so on here I just able to glance to see how many miles I hit each day and I think if I left it blank yeah if I left it blank I didn't do anything and then at the bottom I put my goals which was 50 but I hit that like the third week of May and I think what helped more is that I'm also a volunteer at a hundred mile Club which is a program after school for kids and so on Tuesdays and Thursdays if you guys watch my previous plan with me I always put that in there because that was consistent and so I was doing a lot more walking now in June we're actually doing you know kind of a free mile thing where it's up to you where you want to start as far as the month where you want to hit so that's it's taking me a little bit longer to hit that because I don't have Tuesdays and Thursdays to do that extra miles in but evening how I did hit 50 on the third week and so my monthly mile for May was 91 and then we also wanted to set rewards for ourselves if we did hit it and so mine we're running shorts and shoes which I currently don't have my shoes yet because I've been doing other shopping and I'm just really bad about shopping for myself to be honest but I did get some running shorts so that was cute and also what I did extra was I took some of this classic filler paper this one actually is the one that says killing it it comes in an assorted pack and I wanted to do some stats on things I love doing things like that and kind of more of like a bullet journaling thing I did use some of the I think it's Manby or me and my big ideas sticks alphabets I forget what they're called but I love the larger number stickers so here on this side I actually took some of those from the healthy hero multi pack the inspiration card I cut that in half and I kept the quote there and then I stuck the other half to right on to tally up my weekly miles so that's what's going on there and then on this front part it's just you know what the challenge on instagrams name was and then some of the things to not forget hydrate stretch rest comfy shoes eat well and enjoy every moment and then some inspiration stickers which are all from healthy hero and then the original fitness sticker book and then I put currently listening there's a song called call on me by star Lee I think that time Sammy but I really like that song okay so in the inside against stats I so with this I know the arrow is kind of don't make sense because some of it I was just trying to mainly key out when I actually hit ten steps 10,000 steps that was like my goal and then so it's more color coordinated than the arrow length it yeah kind of didn't really you know that was kind of messed up but anyways so it's more of color coordinating with steps so blue arrows just meant that I did hit 10,000 steps pink was just the range of in-between and then like max like if I did like a high-intensity steps which is 15 and up for me that's what that is so so I did hit I mean so anything in between and was more of like yeah I went over my 10,000 steps type of thing but I will work on that improve on that because I don't think that's as clear as I'd like it to be okay and so over here I wanted to also track the days that I actually ran in the days that actually walked and then if I did intervals I put run and walk on some of these and then I putting on for the days that I didn't so I thought that was cute something interesting new to do to keep me motivated in my you know wellness or fitness so I definitely wanted to share that with you all if you have any questions love leave it in the comments down below again I'm also an Instagram if you would like to talk to me there but yeah I just wanted to give you guys an update on that so again I am starting in June and in June my goal is 75 so yeah I'm doing 74 but I'm not doing too well this this this June but I just thought I'd share that with you all again it's summertime but I'm trying to get in as much as miles as I can so again I'm loving using the muck lease for my workout plans at a glance it's so much easier so I hope that helps you all thank you so much for being here and supporting me through this youtube life it definitely hit that like and subscribe button if you know I'd love to have you here and I will see you all next time take care and happy planning

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  1. Love this. I'm starting my goal planner in the monthly next month so will incorporate some of this. I especially like the half sheets as I think they will compliment the daily to dos from the monthly. Thanks again, and any more ideas for health and fitness planning please keep them coming. Really appreciate them 🥰

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