HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction – Frist Humanitarian Award Recipients

HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction - Frist Humanitarian Award Recipients

the joy that I get from working with people sharing their joys and the exciting things that are going on in their families it's just to be self fulfilling Jan at st. Mark's Hospital is a registered nurse in various departments she's been in the ER she's been in the pain clinic she's been in the senior clinic for several years and so everybody knows that she's the one who has the answers she wants to work she loves to help people she's been through some really tough stuff and she helps people also get through tough stuff my husband was an amazing man once he was diagnosed with cancer it was time to break away from work and so we started traveling every month out of the country between his chemotherapy my husband passed away it'll be eight years in September and I've kept going so I've gotten around she kept traveling and she still goes and it's over 115 countries it's not a vacation either it's let's go make something better for somebody who otherwise wouldn't have a chance it's so fulfilling to get to know these people and as you get to know them then you find out the needs that they have I've been able to distribute shoes to children who have not had shoes before I've been able to take computers to schools as well as medical clinics I have organized medical supplies the reception I get that is the reward that's what it's all about she has a great family beautiful grandkids beautiful children but again she gets on that plane and she goes to that third-world country and she helps people because she knows otherwise somebody might not do it she's traveling in plywood boats with no lifejackets to an island off of Honduras I mean that's just amazing to me because it's it's putting everything else ahead of her she understands other cultures because she's visited them she has interacted with the people she knows exactly what to tell them she knows how to comfort them she knows what's going to make them feel better because she's done this before I think the experiences that she has gone through has allowed her to give perspective here to patients to other colleagues to staff members to say listen we're gonna be okay at the end of the day Jim is one of the nicest people I know she just has a big heart and she will do anything for anybody if I send her into a room or on a phone call she is going to be kind and loving and compassionate I often tell people there's nobody I've ever met that wants to be in a hospital bed but I guarantee if I ever found myself in that hospital bed that I want Jan taking care of me there's a quote from dr. frisk that I just love it's be happy in your community be active there's so much good to do in this world and so many different ways to do it there are lots of opportunities to serve so get out there and do as dr. Forrest said I really think that we were made for service I think it's where we found our greatest worth I think it is why we live in community is because we are supposed to serve together dr. Scott's been here at Redmond for 16 years very concerned about his patients very attentive to his coworkers very generous person of wonderful family man a great community servant I keep saying enough good things about him dr. Scott served on our credentials committee for seven years he is always going to think through the right thing to do the most ethical thing to do we were able to develop a very strong enhanced surgical recovery program really before it was a focus we've been able to put together an ear ask program facilitating the patient's throughput through a surgical experience and we have accomplished that is by breaking down silos Ryland is very aware of others unfortunately there are far more children in Floyd County in need of foster care than there are parents willing to step up and provide those services so dr. Scott and his wife Jennifer became foster parents and now over the years since they've done that they fostered eight children seeing dr. Scott in the community with his family has been not anything short of inspiring dr. Scott has been involved with restoration a fantastic organization that has really brought together the resources in this community lightin another restoration Rome is really the result of massive collaboration between public private and faith-based partners for foster care ever since I've known Ryland he's had a heart for kids and doing whatever he can in this community I was talking through some of this with my wife she said you know when you hear you talk about your ass you're basically talking about restoration real with your ass what we look to do is shorten the length of stay minimize the pain enhance the recovery get them back again the restoration room hits the same thing we're taking broken damaged Emily's and we bring together a bunch of resources to restore their family and get back over their life I see in dr. Scott exactly what I think probably existed in dr. Persinger that humanitarian instinct that determination to do what he can to improve the lives of others if you value the individuals you interact with on a daily basis then service should just flow from that I don't think of it as giving of myself towards service it is rewarding for me to be able to serve everything you get involved in in life teaches you a lesson on how to lead your life better Sharla's been at Eastside Medical Center almost a decade now and really provided tremendous service and care for our patients as she leads our volunteer services she's a go-getter she's not afraid to try new things she's very creative Charlotte is involved in a lot of different aspects of the hospital from the NICU she was a president of the auxilary she is involved in our volunteen program even outside of the hospital she's involved in domestic violence group therapy sessions she's involved in the state Youth Council and youth camp program she still is a substitute teacher at many of the schools in the area too it's just truly astounding we have a very challenging population when it comes to prenatal care when they just need a little cuddle to feel better her and her volunteers were there for the babies that we cuddle here at Eastside are usually the product of methamphetamine drugs and maybe this is the one chance that a baby feels the warmth of someone holding them we actually have a tab raising that happens every year that the auxilary puts on Sharla is the spearhead of that and behind that we gather thousands and thousands and thousands of tabs to help additionally raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House and help to support those families that have children in the hospital you take our high-achieving students in the surrounding high schools Sharla is the coordinator of that and they are here for eight weeks throughout the summer most of them are aspiring healthcare professionals I know being a mother myself and raising my sons that you still have an influence on that age group but a lot of people don't think it this shows the adults here in the hospital that teenagers are really great kids I wrote youth scholarship we had 21 applicants and the 10 $500 scholarships to students all over the state of Georgia we see her daily and her impact on our volunteers on our patients on our employees on our visitors good people beget good people and for her she lives that mission and that motto every day and she just really represents what we're all about I can think back to years ago when my father was dying from cancer to see how that hospice volunteer was there constantly she was there along with the hospice nurse the moment he died and both of them held me tightly and I thought this is what volunteering is about this is what I want to do for other people to be a volunteer it means giving up your time your talents and your heart I'm just so proud of being a volunteer here at esau Medical Center you

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