HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction – Frist Humanitarian, Employee Recipient

HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction - Frist Humanitarian, Employee Recipient

(bright music) – The joy that I get
from working with people sharing their joys and the exciting things that are going on in their families, it's just to me so fulfilling. – Jan at St. Mark's Hospital
is a registered nurse in various departments. – She's been in the ER, she's
been in the pain clinic, she's been in the senior
clinic for several years. And so everybody knows that she's the one who has the answers. – She wants to work, she
loves to help people. She's been through some really tough stuff and she helps people also
get through tough stuff. – My husband was an amazing man. Once he was diagnosed with cancer, it was time to break away from work. And so we started traveling
every month out of the country between his chemotherapy. My husband passed away, it'll
be eight years in September, and I've kept going and so I've gotten around. – She kept traveling and she still goes and it's over 115 countries. It's not a vacation either, it's let's go make something better for somebody who otherwise wouldn't have a chance. – It's so fulfilling to
get to know these people and as you get to know
them then you find out the needs that they have. I've been able to
distribute shoes to children who've not had shoes before, I've been able to take
computers to schools as well as medical clinics. I have organized medical supplies. The reception I get that is the reward, that's what it's all about. – She has a great family,
beautiful grandkids, beautiful children but
again she gets on that plane and she goes to that third-world country and she helps people
because she knows otherwise somebody might not do it. She's traveling in plywood
boats with no lifejackets to an island off of Honduras. To me that's just amazing to me because it's putting
everything else ahead of her. – She understands other cultures
because she's visited them, she has interacted with the people, she knows exactly what to tell them, she knows how to comfort them, she knows what's going
to make them feel better because she's done this before. – I think the experiences
that she has gone through has allowed her to give
perspective here to patients, to other colleagues, to staff members to say, listen, we're gonna
be okay at the end of the day. – Jan is one of the nicest people I know. She just has a big heart and she will do anything for anybody. – If I send her into a
room or on a phone call she is going to be kind and
loving and compassionate. – I often tell people
there's nobody I've ever met that wants to be in a hospital bed but I guarantee if I ever found
myself in that hospital bed that I want Jan taking care of me. – There's a quote from Dr.
Frist that I just love, it's be happy in your
community, be active. There's so much good to do in this world and so many different ways to do it. There are lots of opportunities to serve. So get out there and do as Dr. Frist said.

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