[email protected] for the Safety of Girls' Child : Sardeswari School / 25.06.2019

HCNEWS@Run for the Safety of Girls' Child : Sardeswari School / 25.06.2019

[Applause] we typically people out I say baby but now you say beta 400 kg by our Prytania bond-athon so he a Sakuya runs a member on an European ishi ativ mass and the side flop we initiated mercy we have run for the safety of the girl child reduce a hombro a hombro by mitosis or say he's the cause he's the reason behind this run because he has inspired the children to run for this marathon we started the run right down right down below our school from Hermitage Road and the children they just came up hill true Jah Rasta and the backside of Mall Road Michalka Munna Munna Bharata Yami near Van Hooten coach Joe massara meaning a finishing line review [Applause] Ragini Hamra miss elaina declare gardener bio like two groups mother Nadia rule who'd exactly where our first group Mata a class seven turn Annie plus seven kegs and her ninety-first own Wakasa second group ma plus ten Kanani first on new backhoe sir is it in a Hamid a abu trafficking SATs a pay of a hamburger girl child map and sports coupe and ultra encouragement universal monitor certainly soon say ponder by a company at the mister Anya was all convinced a Prius or gone over that sir the open e exam Miami one I appreciate got some key nominee why they examine social service I don't know that sir just to prepare for hammer school can Annie her like basketball man in Pune Bernardo back but they said in a as a marathon could move up any money examine a Rosario Garrick a few awesome beaucoup korekiyo when they say how many associate with UK you run it will last for to us but our children finished it within 12 minutes so 12 minutes our children have completed the run which we had estimated it might take to us and after this we are taking the we are dispersing the marathon and taking them down to the school that they are aligned Yolanda Kathy Ramirez prop refreshments order the error as a coke addict Ram Hemi see them so the high static funny hammy day intervals basketball camp championship record song just master of all nanny or cool house house Christmas a basketball championship Mooney Vanessa as a copper ethos of batons a Hemi authorized a decade in basketball championship coding semi goodnight sir Namaskar thank you so much this is the solder Surrey school who's done a marathon today on supporting stop human trafficking smoking garbages and the welfare of our darjeeling schools in sports and games we want our darjeeling children to get facility in all sports and games and our mam here sad the Surry school's principal has helped asked give me an opportunity to help them and it is a wonderful thing to have been helped helping the school I hope we can help all the schools like this so thank you to stop human trafficking the channel and I'd like to thank Nirvana hotel for the logistic help and a couple of police who helped us during this race thank you very much and keep Darjeeling fit that is going to be the mantra thank you very much [Applause]

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