Health and Safety Quiz (9 Questions)

Health and Safety Quiz (9 Questions)

health and safety quiz 9 questions question 1 how many employees does a company need before risk assessments are recorded a between 510 be between 1020 C 5 or more d just one is needed question one answer C 5 or more – which of these best describes a hazard a something that is potentially harmful be tools lying around on the floor see cables lying around on the floor D unlabeled chemicals question to answer a something that is potentially harmful question three what is the cause of most accidents a poisoning B slips trips and falls C electrocution D suffocation three answer be slips trips and falls question 4 in which year was the health and safety at Work Act enacted a 1947 B 1974 C 1957 D 1975 question 4 answer B 1974 question 5 where would you go if your fire alarm was activated a your managers office be the fire assembly point C go to your car and wait D exit the building and go home question 5 answer B the fire assembly point question six but chemical fire extinguishers are identified by which color a red B black C cream D yellow question six answer D yellow question seven the safest way to lift the load is to a keep you back rounded at all times be keep your back straight at all times see keep your feet as close as possible d keep your feet slightly apart with your back rounded question seven answer B keep your back straight at all times question eight electrical fires are best tackled with a a water fire extinguisher B co2 fire extinguisher C web chemical fire extinguisher D Foam fire extinguisher question eight a sir B co2 fire extinguisher question 9 who should report unsafe working practices at work a your supervisor only be your health and safety rep only see anyone who notices it D your line manager only question 9 answer C anyone who notices it you

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