Health Care Crisis Ignored

Health Care Crisis Ignored

Vermont senator what is your reaction the president statements today well my reaction is that the president did the right thing politically in saying that look I made a promise to you I should have phrased it in a different way but I made that promise that I'm going to keep that promise you can keep your health care plan what he should have said is that many people on the individual market have totally disastrous and inadequate health care plans and as a nation we should not be proud that people have health and quote unquote health insurance think they're covered and then when they end up in the hospital they find that they have at most a few thousand dollars in coverage so what he is saying now is yeah I should have been more nuanced you can keep that but I am demanding that the insurance companies now tell you that in many instances if you go to the exchange you're going to be able to find a more comprehensive better health care program and perhaps at lower cost that's a step forward but the main point and you made this point earlier Chris I get very tired of the harping of our Republican friends while completely forever ignored the health care crisis in this country 48 million people uninsured we as a nation of the only country in the industrialized world not to guarantee health care 45,000 people die each year because they don't get to a doctor on time and at the end of all of that we end up spending almost twice as much as any country for health care which is why by the way I am a strong advocate of a Medicare for All single-payer program but what the president did today I think was politically right but in the long run we have got to get away from these chunk inadequate insurance programs and provide real coverage to the American people how do you think this will be received in your well in the in the caucus in the Democratic caucus you are of course independent you caucus with the Democrats I saw a variety of different statements Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon who had been a surprising co-sponsor of Senator Landrieu's bill from Louisiana to do something very similar was receptive others say no more needs to be done do you think this takes some of the pressure that was building out of the building look again I think from a political point of view our Republican friends who have nothing to say about the health care crisis are able to harp on one single point I run the videotape the president made a statement he hasn't kept his word well today he is going to keep his word you can keep those totally inadequate health insurance programs if you want but we want to do better for this country senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont thank you so much

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22 thoughts on “Health Care Crisis Ignored

  1. Bernie is 73 years old people! Trump is an open book, honest, never shady, structured, and accomplished. Trump has my vote hands down without all this SHADY socialism Bernie is trying to slip in the system under the veil. Trump 2016!

  2. I believe in what you say about the nuclear deal, Health Care, and Voter Suppression, but, Bernie Sanders you are walking trash and too stupid to know it. GET OUT OF AMERICA, and go to a socialist country where you belong. Democracy is capable of aid to it's people, without being called Socialism. It is a voted on decision. If you are a Socialist, GET OUT. If you are calling a Democratic decision to help it's people, which is necessary for GDP, then you are too stupid to be President.

  3. As Sanders runs for President, he will honestly tell us about the most important issues in our lives. But his most important role will be after he loses the Democratic nomination. He will immediate implore his voters to vote for the murderous banker buddy – Hillary. This "progressive" will turn many of America's true progressives into backers of US endless war. Our vote is in the only visible democratic moment of our lives: those few minutes every few years where we have direct impact on policy through the ballot. At that point, all the things Sanders was talking about will go away fast, and Hillary will take over the reins of "biggest purveyor of violence on earth" (MLK 1968).

  4. Have you noticed no Libertarian Republican Tea Party-er wants to debate Senator Sanders? They try to act so tough, saying that Socialism is bad, when in reality, it is Capitalism that is destroying freedom, liberty and justice.

  5. Bernie Sanders is one of the few politicians that is truly honest. A sharp contract to anyone in the republican party and especially to the right wing cons. There is always a CON in CONservative.

  6. Continued great health to you, Sen. Sanders!  It is comforting to know that even if you're not my direct representative, you represent my point of view in the Senate.

  7. but there are people saying they liked the health plans they had, Obama is trying to undo his flat out lie, so it doesnt look as bad for him..

  8. If an individual loses their healthcare coverage they liked in the past, where does Obama or Sanders come off telling them their insurance is junk? The point of liberty is that we all get to choose what we like and pay for. This elitist mindset of the government telling me they know my circumstances and health better than I do is absurd. If you like your plan, the government should leave you alone.  

  9. The point is Obama insisted if people keep their junk policies that the health insurance co's INFORM THEM they are on a junk policy. By the way, I object to these assholes who want worthless policies so that when they get sick MY TAX DOLLARS pay for their care in the emergency room.

  10. Love you Bernie and agree with you 99.9% of the time..but STOP referring to the GOP as your friends, they are NOT!!!!

  11. I'll decide if my health care plan is good enough for me or not.  Not you or Obama.  I am an American Citizen and I have the right to decide for myself.  Who does Sanders and Obama think they are telling me that my Health Care Plan isn't good enough or junk?  Communists love demonizing anything they don't control.

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