Health Care Endorsements

Health Care Endorsements

my name is Jay hopper I'm Jacob Mayhew I'm Doctor John Scott I'm Chris Davis and we're grateful for leaders like governor Greg Abbott who share our commitment to taking care of Texans all across the state we believe that his continued support leadership and initiative to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the workforce is key to the prosperity of Texas and Texas to life his support of physician directed care for our patients helped grow physician education in Texas and prioritize funding for medical advancements Hasmukh appreciates governor Abbott's dedication to protecting Hospital funding and ensuring that we have a strong healthcare safety net governor Abbott recognizes the important role that our members play in improving the lives and health of all Texans and he has been a champion for affordability and greater access to safe and quality health care the Texas society of anesthesia PAC supports governor Greg Abbott si CST supports four more years with Governor Greg out we are proud to endorse governor Greg Abbott for re-election

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  1. God bless texas
    God bless America
    Love from sweden to great people of America!
    Go Republicans!!!
    Go Conservatives!!!

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