Health Sec. Duque faces plunder, graft raps | ANC

Health Sec. Duque faces plunder, graft raps | ANC

Aaron said some of the alleged victims on Friday filed with the office of the boots and plunder and Graf complaint against Philippine health secretary Francisco ok the third the complainant such as Duque of conflict of interest when he allowed his family cooperation educational or medical development court to leash three floors of its building in the group and sitting from the scene on the fill helped to house its regional office for a month event of five hundred thirty thousand pesos for the year 2018 according to the complaint do get benefited from the monthly rental because to me that divest himself of his thirteen thousand three hundred shares of stock in the company that's about one eighth of the company's total shares based on the general information sheet filed with the Securities Exchange Commission for 2018 dukkha only went on leave as officer of the company the lease contract was entered into on May twenty eighteen but was made effective from January to December 2018 y'okay became a secretary on November 2017 as secretary you know he is also the ex officio chairperson of pale health the complainant said Duque violated section three of the anti graphic corrupt practices act as well section seven of the code of conduct and offenders for public officials and employees in addition complainants claimed duque committed for under although it is not clear from the complaint affidavit how big total different section could have exceeded the fifty million pesos threshold but the complaint cited an online article coding Lucas brothers lawyer Gonzalo in a radio interview supposedly admitting that the lease agreement was entered into with still has more than twenty years ago it was under partly the Luxor who first revealed that Duque owns the building which houses the financial office in the group on in response looking at earlier said he was not involved in peace agreement with illness because he had already resigned from the corporation upon his appointed US House secretary if I still have had been renting the space since 2012 you

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  1. Basta nagtrabaho sa goverment agency ingon panila easy monnie unsaun walay kahadlok kanos apa karma ang tawo dili makontento sweldo labina daghan chiken left and right basta mucho denero hayahay gyod kaayo

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