HEALTH VLOG: what i eat in a day & how i workout!

HEALTH VLOG: what i eat in a day & how i workout!

good morning guys today i am doing a health vlog am i qualified to make this video absolutely not am i going to make this video here we are I am doing a little what I eat in a day while working out kind of video I've been just like eating so bad lately like literally so bad like I literally had cookies mac and cheese and company doll for dinner last night so that's how we're doing I also just got Starbucks it's also 11:50 I just got Starbucks drove back from my dad's I woke up at like 10:00 this is just a normal Sunday for me I'm wearing my dad wrestling t-shirt so he didn't that many makeup wipes I really really need to wash my face and then we're gonna make breakfast which I'm so excited about gonna like get ready for my morning I cleaned my whole room yesterday but it's already like starting to look like a mess so clean that up a little bit so you got a fun day ahead of us so it is Sunday and I mentioned to you guys on my Instagram and I'll be trying to upload every Wednesday and Sunday for the whole summer pretty excited about it I have like already a lot of videos set up but it's almost noon so I really wanted to get this video up so I need to do that really quick but if you guys don't follow me on Instagram definitely do that it's just easy Parker saw right here I'm trying to post a lot more frequently on there I'm like actually the worst at Instagram okay I'm putting my summer trial on public by the time you guys see this this video will already have been long uploaded you haven't already seen my summer trying I'll go check it out oh yeah she's led baby good work today ladies okay I changed into this little Lululemon workout set I'll show you Donna said but they're just both this little sports bra I love this cuz it's like long and the back is super cute and then these are just like my very favorite high waisted leggings I'm literally starving so we're gonna make something literally no idea where my family is like they're normally all home at this time so I'm really confused so I have something really exciting to show you guys this video is sponsored by a bistro and if you guys have never heard of the stro it's basically like meal delivery service delivered right to your door and it's all vegan perfect for anyone trying to eat healthier or who doesn't have a lot of time or is not a good cook like me so it's all plant-based non-gmo fully prepared and it only takes a few minutes to make there's also gluten free soy free and kosher options but I am so excited that they're sponsoring this oh hey she's home hey we're making some food well let's see okay so I picked up a few things I am like literally the most picky eater so I picked like the most like basic things on there I'm vegan hot dogs for breakfast yeah no I got this pesto pizza pesto's and literally my favorite kind of pizza and can we cut it up yeah this will work trust me it only takes 60 minutes okay I guess we're putting it in the toaster okay I guess we just want to make everything we're having a big lunch today no I got this baked mac and cheese you literally just have to throw this in the oven so it's super super easy to make so it gives you this little packet that has all the health benefits I'm so excited to try them out let's do it baby okay we just put this in the toaster oven grandma let's make things in the toaster oven how I would cook this would be because I you know don't really like to cook that much I would throw this in the microwave and then bake it for a few minutes yeah we don't cook around here my mom she's a little bit more excited about this stuff than me but I'm gonna make this meal breakfast pie peel back the film and put it in the microwave for two to three minutes looks like this yeah okay I'm gonna throw this in the microwave we got a lot of things cooking right now here all right gonna have some quiet I know see ya we're very excited I'm really hungry and after this I'm gonna go to the gym and we've got it all so good okay the American cheese is all done almost done and I'm gonna throw in this breakfast pie by two the mac and cheese first super good thumbs up baby I would definitely buy yeah and every time I go to anywhere like a vegan restaurant I always get the macaroni I'm thinking this is done what do you think you can take this baby out okay this is the pesto pizza duper good so good I have a whole wheat crust and that would be bad that's yummy oh yeah Cheers don't you enjoy speed I'm going back in for a second slice yeah are we getting full okay thumbs up everything we never actually have food in the house is a lot for us I've been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for about three months now this is so good I'm like vegan ice cream on top of it yeah we could deserve my favorite so far I think the pizza was my fav too that is all for our little cooking segment thank you so much to be stroud for sponsoring this video all this amazing food we loved it super easy to make super super good and we still have more to try yeah I also got chicken nuggets I want to try those yeah but maybe later for dinner oh look at him angel oh my god there's a creek coming so we just got done eating and cleaning up I'm not gonna go to the gym to like probably 2:30 and it's like 1:00 right now I'm just sitting outside it's a super super nice day I've been obsessed with this book sharp object I'll probably just like sit outside and read for like an hour because I'm like almost done with it and I really want to finish and then it will go to the gym okay guys I've literally been in bed for like two hours I think I was reading outside for like an hour and a half and then I got so hot so I came down here then I accidentally pills actually took just a short little nap so exhausted but I'm gonna go to the gym I went to the gym on Thursday and Friday and today is Sunday I'll be my third time working out this week I wanted to work out three times this week even though I just got home from my trip on I think Wednesday so I'm pretty proud of myself for actually doing that but this book I cannot put it down it is so freaking good like I cannot tell you can't wait to finish it I only have like 40 more pages left a lot of you guys were asking me what I thought about it and I am so in love if you have any more book recommendations I'm on the lookout for my next read I'm trying to read a lot more this summer so comment down below some of your eise's favorite books and I'll definitely check them out and let you guys know what I think of them I have to go the gym is now a 3:45 and I'm gonna go to the gym at 4 but really quick I just wanted to do a quick little journal entry and writing a lot in this and I cannot tell you guys how much having a journal has just like helped me so much and like heaps me like sane I literally write stuff in here that like I didn't even know that I was thinking and it just helps you like process your thoughts so much better and also I like to like manifest a lot of things in here I don't know if you guys are into that I really AM into manifesting so I will literally like manifest my whole day in here like life I have like a really stressful trip coming up like or like a really stressful day or like something I'm stressed about I'll literally write as if like that day already happened alright like how I want it to go but like as if it already happened I cannot tell you how insane like manifesting is and how much it works again I could do another video on this I'm gonna do a quick journal entry and then we will head it to the gym okay we're about to leave mili decided to tag along I just put on my little Adidas shoes Millie's got our cute little workout outfit we're driving I really forgot deodorant it's like what and I'm not even like wearing a shirt so I'm gonna have to go buy some deodorant I like don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and part there's 20 themes and follow me on instagram and parkour anything okay thanks please put this in she forgot to you alright so instead of going to target we're just gonna run into red-hot hole we're right by it does she care no it's the kind of you so we're just gonna get this you got the deal door lazy making me going here we are Lily's first time at crunch baby we out here there's like nobody here so it's good not a lot of people come to the gym on Sunday I'm going to show Millie my little routine I like to start on the Stairmaster looks like it's full though so I guess we'll start on the elliptical I like to be like thirty minutes of cardio oh my god dang I'm gonna party you now I mean you're gonna do a this is where right now my favorite thing to do is card yes that's why we really do so much cardio like once I'm on the machine like I literally never want to stop but I just cut myself off fast for like 30 minutes I've already worked out twice this week and I did a lot of leg so I'm just gonna do cardio and abs today I don't know what Millie's doing are you my little ab routine this is usually when I do every single time I do apps I do three one-minute blank so I usually do a one-minute plank and then I do three sets of 25 like different ab workout and I do another one minute plank and then do that again and then end with the one-minute plank so I only do like the three ab exercises twice that makes sense I don't know that sounds confusing but I'll show you from my face gets literally this rut like a tomato every single time I go to the gym we're all done okay I'm officially exhausted but it's like six o'clock and we just left so we're gonna head home make some food I'm probably gonna shower I'm gonna make these chicken nuggets from Bistro I'm just gonna make some quinoa too because my mom wants some of these she's gonna make them in the toaster oven because she's obsessed with it but it has like sauce I don't know my favorite thing to do is just make like a bunch of quinoa and keep it in keep it in the fridge and then I just like reheat it why are you guys all just like watching me get away okay I'm eating this water I got my garlic salt I drink like a lot of water during the day like I'm literally always drinking water that's like never thing I haven't done I don't know I don't drink any other drinks I got a like soda or anything so I'm just like always drinking water I love to put garlic salt on my quinoa I told you guys this before but I'm just gonna eat this while I wait for the chicken nuggets to be done oh my god they're eating them don't let Harry will you grabbed it off the plate here are the chicken nuggets all vegan of course they literally looks so good I'm gonna up not be vegan and dip them in ranch because I love ranch is my quinoa [Laughter] they're so good how is this vegan no guys look what do we fight it for me I just ate like a total but why is it people I don't know I honestly really like these like I'd buy them again no chicken god Oh bring her normal luggage chicken touch the guy and when killed fab you get to eat them probably one of my favorite things I just like love chicken nuggets Oh like this is great for me but I will have Bistro and all the meals that I got linked down below and thanks for watching our channel and I will have the discount code in the description as well that's all new chickens have to die not even baby mamas but make you feel good about eating it yeah but die okay I just finished up dinner I'm just gonna probably take a shower hang out with Emily and go to bed okay so I'm back for a quick update on the what I ate in a day portion of this video it's like 11:20 right now I'm eating a banana and peanut butter this is literally my absolute favorite snack in the whole world operand ESA's we made a bunch of popcorn but instead of butter we just put like coconut oil and salt in it and it was so freakin good but I just thought I should include what I actually ate today I feel like I actually ate really well and like pretty healthy today I'm like pretty proud of that honestly okay good night really hope that you guys enjoyed this vlog it was so so fun to make and thank you again of these show for sponsoring this video I would recommend it to anyone even if you're vegan are not vegan I thought the food was so so good and I'm so happy that I got to try it all out so thank you so much to be strong I will have them linked in the description box if you want to check out their food thank you all so much I love you guys so so so much and I will see you in my next video bye

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  1. loved this video!! been trying to get on my health and fitness grind this summer and this motivated me a lot💕

  2. Please consider getting a reusable Starbucks cup. You save plastic and you get money off each time you use it! I love watching your videos 😊

  3. Izzy you’re no longer my favorite person in your videos anymore. I love your sister. She’s so adorable and she’s such a great youtuber/ entertainer. If she wasn’t too young, I’d say she should start her own channel 😂 still love you though Izzy 😍

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