Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!

healthy chocolate-chip cookies Frank have you lost your mind some of you may remember my ice cream video from last year where we made ice cream with very high quality ingredients more specifically high quality animal foods raw grass-fed cream farm-raised pastured eggs raw honey believe it or not you can eat cookies and ice cream every single day and be perfectly healthy granted you use quality ingredients indigenous diets what our native ancestors ate generally followed two principles sixty percent of calories coming from animal foods and about forty percent from plant foods both of exceptional quality this chocolate chip cookie recipe is reminiscent of those ratios to some degree and it also contains a very high percentage of calories from animal foods and is therefore nutritious what makes it these cookies so healthy is the specific quality of ingredients and with each of these ingredients there are alternatives used in a bunch of different ways the major ingredient in cookies is flour and flour is a ground-up seed it's considered a grain so you have wheat grass which grows we harvest the seeds off the top of the wheat grass we take those we mill them up there are a bunch of varieties of this wheat grass modern hard red winter wheat is the most popular this is what white flour is made from it has 42 chromosomes it is a pretty inflammatory food it has been modified drastically over dozens of years to have a higher yield to have different properties I'm corn wheat which is what we have here is the original form of wheat it has 14 chromosomes it's a more natural alternative to modern wheat flour and this still might cause issues for some people and this is arguably you know the worst and unhealthiest thing in this recipe but many people can tolerate it this is not going to be fermented or have any sort of sourdough element to it if you did that it could possibly reduce the and high nutrient content further but that would be a much more labor-intensive recipe so we have one and a half cups of the einkorn wheat flour that we will be using in this bowl here I have some farm raised hash turd eggs these are lower in omega-6 than conventional eggs so there are less inflammatory and they were grazing on pasture so the nutrient content the vitamin the mineral the element and the fatty acid content of the eggs is substantially higher not only that most chocolate chip cookie recipes use a whole egg and some yolks we're just using egg yolks in this recipe and yolk is where the nutrition is so we're increasing the nutrient content by utilizing yolks and removing the egg white the primary fat component is what makes a huge difference in the taste of the cookie here we have butter I'm using a cup of salted raw butter so we don't have to add any salt to the recipe this stuff is so amazing it's cultured raw butter is delicious and when we make cookies with things like vegetable oils shortening those things are literally what caused heart disease so not only are we removing the inflammatory factor of those vegetable oils we have butter which can be a very high source of nutrients if it is from grass-fed animals raw really high-quality so this is the main nutrient and energy component outside of the honey at least we move on to the chocolate so this is cacao and cacao means raw chocolate raw cocoa this is basically chocolate in its most natural raw state in general chocolate is pretty inflammatory because it's a high anti-nutrient food it has a lot of fight aids a lot of accolades it's very high in histamines it can be mouldy we're using a small amount is it the end of the world no it depends on your individual tolerance to the food just to be mindful if you have any sort of histamine intolerance or at least start with a small amount of chocolate then I'm going to be using in this recipe we're going to use about six ounces here I have half a cup of raw honey normally a chocolate chip cookie recipe uses well over a cup of sugar honey adds a complex flavor to it and sugar is sugar guys and some of you guys might be wondering Frank why are you using raw ingredients if you're going to cook it I know it kind of defeats the purpose but you know the initial ingredient quality does determine the nutrient content so it would be better to start with raw ingredients regardless and one thing I'm really excited to talk about is some ground vanilla powder this is pretty expensive this was like 25 dollars and oh it's just pure vanilla essence I think I'm going to put about half a teaspoon of this or about a whole teaspoon of this ground vanilla in the recipe you could use vanilla extract but vanilla extract is usually infused with alcohol so this is more natural and you kind of need the vanilla flavor and a lot of baking recipes to make it authentic some of you might have noticed that we omitted baking soda or baking powder that is used in cookies so the texture of our cookie is going to be pretty different especially considering the types of ingredients we're putting in here I'm going to get all of these ingredients mixed up in the stand mixer [Applause] [Applause] there's our cookie dough I think we have to try the raw cookie dough before anything else that's really good yeah that's crazy and we did even add that much honey to it you really get the complexity of all the ingredients you taste the butter you taste the flour you taste the egg the chocolate Frankie boy you're gonna get fat all right so it's very good it's not too sweet very balanced flavor I'm gonna actually add a little bit more salt because I don't think there was enough salt in the butter I'm going to grease up these baking trays we're gonna put the oven on 375 and cook these for about 15 minutes here the cookies I forgot to put salt in the batter so I just sprinkled some on top should be fine not really sure how much these are going to spread out so I'm just erring on the side of caution cookies just got out of the oven I think the dough was a little bit wet that's why I had a hard time with this maybe it was also the lack of baking sort of but they sure do smell good so I'll let these cool off for a few minutes and then we'll give one a try so it's been about 10 minutes I have a feeling the cookie dough might taste better than the cookies themselves but we'll find out so here we have really crispy brown on the bottom nice and soft on top these are really good it's not that sweet I would say you could even lean this towards more of a savory dessert you can see the center is like really nice and chewy if you want this to be crispy maybe just lay them out then but I think Chili's the way to go here I can really taste like the butter the flour or the chocolate not so much the honey tiny hints of vanilla so I actually have two things I wanted to try with the cookie the first is a vanilla ice cream that's from a local farm I used to make some myself but I figured this would be the ultimate combination of healthy dessert food this would be like a $35 Ice Cream Sandwich and people would pay for all right so the last thing I'm going to try is just take some of the cookie and put some raw heavy cream on it coz I don't have any milk I would have dipped it in milk but I don't have any raw milk right now the cookies are delicious on their own ice cream is a great addition as the cookies aren't that sweet cream is great as well I would even try some raw milk if you had it guys I don't actually swallow this I spit it out off-camera because I have a lot of food allergies in the future I would love to eat this you know if I wasn't allergic to it if I didn't have all the stomach problems after eating foods like this and the only consequence of eating stuff like this every day is you might get a little chubby so I mean no if you hit the gym if you workout if you eat this food it is hyper palatable you will gain weight although if you stay active it's not the end of the world to eat food like this and this is certainly a great addition to you know your kids diet your family's diet as approachable food now I do have some of these products on my Amazon shop I will put the rest on my Amazon shop in the future on Frankie's free-range meat we might branch off into something where we provide you guys with foods like this you know I'd love to even do like a raffle every month and send people some cookies and some sourdough bread thank you guys for watching I will put the recipe I used down in the description below I mean I did kind of come up with this off the top of my head and it's not really refined but it sure does taste good if you guys could please like the video subscribe hit that Bell icon and share it if you can if you guys would like to support me further just check out some of the other videos on my channel I will link that ice cream video at the end here if you do want to check out Frankie's free-range meat go to Frankie's rearrange meat comm we are providing you guys with the highest quality most nutrient-dense foods at an affordable price again that's Frankie's free-range meat comm you guys want to support the future of us getting new stuff like this especially the eggs the dairy that's using this product definitely placed an order we're shipping stuff out now on a weekly basis outside of that you guys enjoy the rest of the weekend

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49 thoughts on “Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!

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  2. I would love a healthy mayo recipe. Currently using olive oil (yolks vinegar etc). I am thinking avocado or macadamia oil but maybe ghee melted?

  3. I always see carnivores trying to make sweets of some sort. Vegans trying to make fake meats. Both cheat on their diet. They want both, both "sides". Carnivores salivate over raw animal meat. We say "ew" or "look at the cute piggy/cow! etc." Maybe we are omnivores? Lol Maybe we just eat too fuckin much.

  4. yeah not going to work for me as I'm unable to tolerate any ingredient that has oxalates in them like cacao, I also used to eat tiny amounts of einkorn sourdough bread and it also killed me

    I would say that for people who do carnivore for autoimmune reasons should not try this, but that's just my personal experience.

    The ice cream was great though I had no issue with that at all 🙂

  5. Nope, I can't eat those cookies. Einkorn is too similar to wheat which has gluten. Also, I am genetically too carbohydrate-intolerant for that many grams of carbohydrates.

    The body is supposed to have about 83 mg/dl. That's 83 mg of glucose per dl of blood. The average adult human body has about 4.5 to 5.5 liters of blood. (If you are a very short adult, you have even less blood.)

    If you do the calculations, that comes to about 1 tsp or less of glucose in the human cardiovascular system. A tsp of white table sugar is 5 grams and 50% glucose 50% fructose. So if you eat 2 tsps of table sugar, you have doubled or more that doubled the amount of glucose in your blood.

    The body must maintain homeostasis of the blood vessels' contents. Too high or too low will cause the person to get sick. Even higher or lower will cause the person to die. I haven't found the scientifically proven homeostasis range for blood glucose yet.

  6. I use einkorn wheat! Its tricky to bake with but when I mix my ingredients I let it sit to rise cause it bakes better.

  7. Bochasweet is a safe sugar replacement you can bake with made from Japanese squash. It’s keto- friendly and antioxidant rich. Measurements are 1:1 ratio the same as granulated sugar. It looks and tastes the most like sugar of any sugar alternative on the market. Honey is difficult to bake with as it can cause texture issues and a wet batter. Plus heat can destroy its health properties and enzymes. Also, I think a chocolate that can melt like Chocoperfection’s dark chocolate cut into chunks would mimic tollhouse but still be no sugar and all natural made from chicory root “sugar.” Thanks for the recipe!

  8. I'm seriously not fucking bothering separating the egg yolks from the whites, the whole thing is going in. Also I might just use unrefined sugar that has a lower glycemic index as honey's proteins get denatured extremely easily by heating it essentially destroying most of the benefits. As for the wheat, I'd definitely ferment it. Fermented dough just smells and tastes so much better! And it's healthier.

    But that's just how I'd be doing it.

  9. No matter if you dont have 100% of ingredients, it will be better than the cockies you can buy in the store

  10. why not beat egg whites and fold them into the batter for making them rise as if they did have bskign soda?

  11. so if i sprout and sour the grain it could be spelt for example doesnt need to be eninkorn to be nutritious just whole ancient grain that is an ancient grain?

  12. 3:51 I will let you in on a secret: Ceremonial grade cacao will change your relationship with chocolate foreverrrrr 😍

    Ceremonial grade cacao is chocolate in it’s most natural, raw state. Nearly all of those feel-good chemicals and compounds that the ancient cultures were documented to borderline high off of to where they regarded it as a sacred elixir, all of that good stuff gets nearly if not entirely destroyed in the manufacturing process. Yes, even the storebought “cacao” is overprocessed in comparison to the minimalistic ancient preparatory method. What most get are just a trace amount of what it once had. But man, is it more expensive 😅 But it is a piece of history as you can enjoy chocolate just like the Aztecs did, but it MUST say “ceremonial grade” cacao. I recommend getting it in paste form as opposed to the powder: the paste form still contains all it’s rich, yummy cocoa fats. It looks like a bar or in callet form (large flat round chips), but with little swirls of non emulsified cocoa fats marbled throughout. Feel free to look it up.

    It’s too bad about the raw cultured butter, as I would be concerned about altering it’s nutrient content if I browned it. IMHO, there is no other way to make chocolate chip cookies without browning the butter first, it’s really something else 🤤 Just chill to re solidify before using.

    I have normally used “sukrin gold” brand brown sugar substitute, I’m not too sure about the flavor profile of honey going well with the traditional chocolate chip cookie flavor. I works try to incorporate at least a little blackstrap or sorghum molasses for that traditional flavor. And I add about a tablespoon of gelatin powder to the dry ingredients, if you can find grass fed bovine gelatin powder that’d be ideal, for those who like a chewy cookie. I used this trick before ketoconnect published it, so I’d like to think they ripped it off but no 😅 I used to be a pastry chef, this kind of diet leaves me incredibly frustrated as far as wanting to create desserts 😓

    6:34 Aw Frankie, any pro knows you never judge a finished product by the batter/dough 😂 I might try chilling the dough a little bit so the edges don’t spread out so far…

    P.S. Between the thumbnail of this video and watching it, you have now gotten this stuck in my head 🤣 Thanks a lot 😅
    🎵 Look into these eyyyyes, and you will see that they are googly 🎵 🤣

  13. I’m so tired of the labels being thrown around lately. “I’m carnivore I’m plant based I’m meat based I’m omnivore,”. then you got idiots telling people they’re not carnivore because they only eat muscle meat. Wtf. I’m a eat everythingivore. I eat whatever the fuck I want. That seems to work best. Enough of this madness. Christ!

  14. Sv3rige would say “You’re facking mentally ill, what the fuck are you doing. The cookies should be made of blood, brains and monkey semen”.

  15. Couldn't you use whipped egg whites to create fluffiness and fold it in the batter? And could you use stevia and almond meal to lower the carbohydrate content?

  16. Otzi, the 5,000 year old mummy found in the Alps, had Ibex meat, fat and einkorn in his stomach… and he had heart disease. So did ancient Egyptian mummies. Yet grain-free populations don't seem to get heart disease. I don't know what other diet and lifestyle factors may have contributed to their atherosclerosis, but I'm willing to put money on grains (even ancient grains) being one of the main culprits (aka the phytates irritate the blood vessels and cause inflammation). He also had joint pain and tooth decay generally found in carb-consuming indigenous populations. Not so much among carnivores.

  17. I will have to try that flour im gluten intolerant maybe ill be able to eat that flour since its in the most natural form .I will have to give it a try.

  18. A good addiction to a kid's diet would be fruit salad. As a reward after they finished their steak (or fish, or whatever is on the menu that day).

  19. Guys, give this video a like. Seriously. We need Frank to actually put his culinary experience to use on Youtube. Definitely dislike the vegan day of eating where he just makes his channel look unprofessional. Frank, if you're reading this, definitely start going in this direction. You can even put these products up on and it would be a great way for people to learn about healthy recipes and access quality ingredients in a few easy steps. The livestreams are ok, but they take a lot of time. The other videos where you make fun of vegans is just…lame, and I think that you dont like them either. Its the food recipes that really matter, and some of the videos regarding ancestral nutrition, but honestly, unless you have something new and interesting, most people already know this information and have looked it up on Weston prices site. Keep going with the recipes though, perhaps we will see you on the Food Network in a few years!

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