Healthy Living Resources Short Clip on Food Safety Tips

Healthy Living Resources  Short Clip on Food Safety Tips

hi and welcome to another healthy living resources quick spot today we're going to be talking about food safety around grilling so stay tuned hi and welcome to another healthy living resources quick spot I'm ami Mian healthy people program specialist and I'm joined today by Pat Brinkman FCS educator in Fayette County and today we're gonna be talking about grilling food safety so it's that time of year again where everybody loves to have cookouts and barbecues and be outside grilling and enjoying the warm weather which is great but there are definitely some food safety considerations that we should keep in mind when we're handling raw food products outside isn't that right that is very true and one thing I want to do is always wash our hands especially we had enough where we handle any we're all need certain any type of that make sure you wash your hands well but another thing that's really important is use different plates so if you take that raw meat out to put it on the grill our weather on one plate then make sure you bring out a different plate or wash that plate really well and make sure it's totally clean and sanitized before you put your cooked meat on it so that you don't have to worry about that being a problem as that can spread we cross contamination and spread foodborne illness those are bacteria so that we might get sick and we don't want that no cross-contamination another thing you nearly need to be careful about when you're grilling is that meats can cause the reaction with that hot heat and flare-ups can cause I'm charring which can be a cancer risk so we want to avoid that and ways we can do that is to cook on medium heat so the heats not so hot cook lean meat some meat cuts of meat but don't tend to flare up so much right you don't have that fat dripping down in the flames marinade your meat they say an hour before you put it on the grill also helps reduce that flap that flaring up and maybe line your grill your grill with foil or use a wet cedar planked or something so because that will help prevent those flare-ups it's good idea to have a spray bottle with some water so that as flare-ups happens you can spritz it and get rid of it quickly and not have that flare-up and then make sure you remove those charred parts of the meat before you eat them and they probably won't taste good anyway so you're not really missing now vegetables and fruits are great on the grill and they don't have any cancer causing problems that are cause any kind of type of reactions that may cause problems so grill those fruits and vegetables out on the grill they taste terrific they get a whole different flavor to them when they're grilled versus cooked any other way that's just so good and so great to take advantage of over the summer with in season produce and trying new things like pineapple watermelon things you wouldn't necessarily think to grill but that just tastes delicious with that little of extra char on them that's true and who can be corn on the cob and asparagus or Brussels sprouts zucchini on the grill you can't beat it so terrific things to consider putting on that grill so make sure that you you know try some of those things because there's no problem at all with putting them on the grill and they taste delicious absolutely and usually those you don't have to worry about cooking to a certain temperature but with your meat you should definitely be concerned about that and we have they want to make sure that you use for me we want to make sure that you use a thermometer and check the temperature because turning colors are getting a brown does not mean it's thoroughly cooked or that it's cooked to the proper temperature so for poultry you want to cook it to 165 degrees any type of poultry chicken turkey whatever for other types of meat ground any type of ground meat 160 degrees anything else 145 degrees are above depending upon your taste preferences absolutely and you can find charts with those minimum internal cooking temperatures all over the place online so if you have any questions about that feel free to check that out I also encourage you to go to live healthy live well or lips mono high OH our blog sites for some tips and tricks for grilling in Ohio line we also have some food safety fact sheets so if you have any questions about how to grill a certain item it's probably there so please go check that out thanks for listening and we'll see you next time

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