HEALTHY School Lunch Ideas In 10 minutes or LESS 🍎 YOU CHOOSE The Lunch

HEALTHY School Lunch Ideas In 10 minutes or LESS 🍎 YOU CHOOSE The Lunch

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100 thoughts on “HEALTHY School Lunch Ideas In 10 minutes or LESS 🍎 YOU CHOOSE The Lunch

  1. Not first comment but please select me
    Main mac and cheese or pizza
    Vegetables you're choice
    Fruit water melon
    Snack pop tart
    Treat lindt
    Drink cold coffee

  2. Instead of smarties you could have used sweet tarts. They are practically the same candy just a different brand. My baby girl, Alexandra, is 4 and she loves your channel. We are starting to amass quite a collection of lunch box items. She’s allergic to pineapple and peaches( pineapple is my favorite ☹️)Here’s her lunch request:

    Chicken nuggets
    Sweet potato fries
    Apple slices
    Princess goldfish crackers
    Apple juice

  3. Hi my name is Taylor I’m from Texas and I’m 13 and you should make Mac and cheese and cut up hot dogs in a thermas and you should have a side of watermelon and put popcorn and for the treat do cupcake flavored gold fish that’s what i think you should make

  4. Also add some strawberries and for the sandwich please make it an ice cream sandwich and lastly please add some lemon chips

  5. Main: Mac and cheese
    Fruit: watermelon, kiwi
    Vegetable: baby carrots and humous
    Sweet treat: reeses peices
    Snack: pretzels
    Drink: milk
    Aoileann(ealan) from Ireland

  6. Can you make a lunch for me with: Nutella sandwich, some strawberries, carrots with ranch, goldfish, cookies, and sprite?

  7. I'm allergic to tomatoes and garlic and possibly peanuts I'm from uk and struggle for. Meals as garlic and tomatoes is added too miss garlic bread ketchup and spaghetti bolognaise I'm lucky I found a lasagne sauce made out of beetroot butternut squash and carrots and peppers I can't be around anyone cooking with my allergies I can't even kiss my baby niece if she ate these love to see some ideas

  8. Smarties are fruit flavored tablets, sort of like Sweet Tarts or Bottle Caps. They ate noy chocolate and are nothing like M&Ms.

  9. how the heck could you not find Smatries? There everywhere, an american classic. When you said "you couldnt find them", you made it sound like they were a candy from another country. Im very dissapointed in you Jennifer. UUGGHH

  10. I'm allergic to cinnamon I cant have my moms desserts on Thanksgiving and Christmas cause they involve cinnamon and I cant have eggnog

  11. I’m a gluten free person so I was wondering if u could find some ideas for gluten free lunches because I find it rlly hard for me to find lunches.

  12. I’m not allergic to any foods, but my sister is allergic to LOTS of foods. She’s allergic to nuts, seafood, used to be allergic to eggs but not anymore. And here’s another thing: my mom and brother own a vegan Mexican food truck and I’m always eating vegan food and my mom won’t let me eat any meat. So when I do she gets really mad. I also make my own lunches to take to school. If it’s not too much to ask, can you make a vegan or vegetarian lunch us kids can make ourselves? PLEASE 🥰☺️❤️😆

  13. My daughter is diabetic type 1 i hope u can make a lunch that we can use for her kindergarten every day you inspired us so much to eat healthier ❤️

  14. I love your videos it helps me pack my own lunch and help with my little brothers to.. I hope u have a nice day or night.

  15. I'm not allergic to anything (only coconut) but I'm Jewish so I don't eat diary with meat and I don't eat bacon or shrimp

  16. My son doesn't eat a ton of meat so he eats turkey, pork and some beef in spaghetti but he loves his fresh fruit and veggies plus mushrooms

  17. I’m from the United Kingdom too I think I might know Charlotte because I had a friend from the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 named Charlotte gold fish aren’t in the UK but since she probably watches you she knows what they are

  18. I am gluten free. I have Celiac Disease which is the autoimmune condition where I can’t have wheat, rye, and barley. I would love to see more gluten free lunches.

  19. Jennifer, how are you going to deal with the Coppa laws with your channel? Will you share with us how this affects you? I love this channel and that you have child viewers and are so kind to them. Praying for you!!

  20. Can you make a lunch for me I want a regular
    lunch if you do I want carrots and grilled cheese sandwich with mac & cheese inside, apple 🍎 cucumber 🥒 snack gold fish and sweet treat skittles

  21. Love your ideas and they look like kid lunch perfection. With all the cute shapes, etc. don’t you have considerable wasted food? Or does mom lunch look like a scrap heap? 😊

  22. My only problem with these lunch boxes is that they are very very small. Not many people could fit half of a lunch in one. Other than that, these are great ideas! Love your channel!

  23. Thumbs up if these videos are unrelatable to your life and the hosts voice is cringey but this is her 15th video you've watched

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