No now we are now we go to our G Rock baby Lily would be YouTube you don't know what it is it's avoiding in there yeah [Applause] [Applause] and we're good for thank you guys whatever the video so today we're about to be doing that healthy verse junk food challenge you guys have requested for this video so then it's actually been a long time since we did a challenge video like a sit-down town some weeks it's been some weeks while it's been a long time guys and you start we have been lacking but we are back with those bangers but many kids using a spoon either get out the end of May or beginning of June who get out earlier college kids are like I think college kids goes because they cuz colleges have their spring break before our middle schoolers and high schoolers okay we need everybody to comment down below we gotta get out of school we bout to drop the nut the book binders Oh summer men and keep dropping of different talents of video requests we see you guys requesting for all these videos to get done wouldn't go do so many at a time so it's gonna be crazy this summer I'm so excited baby girl will be here very soon she's due May 4th but Bianca's recently the reason why one of the reasons why we haven't been doing a lot of videos lately is because she have been having ones like brats contractions like contractions yes so basically those are just like contractions it's basically like a false alarm kind of contraction it's just like your body preparing it's so free labor so yeah so soon to see if we're dilated hopefully she's not hopefully baby girls not coming early but anyways so we'd like to start with this challenge video how many lives do we need for the next challenge to like you want for me one for you yeah if this video get at least two lights we would drop another challenge for you guys without further ado ready for this I'm ready hey Chris go alright guys so with round 1 of the challenge video are you ready I'm ready see you soon got cheats oh you cut me with watch shuttle knows each other knows probably do you feel like really like diamond II there's not like dying in daylight okay there's a whole bunch of diamonds on every single nail and they're pointy this time yeah you actually cooked me oh it don't wait for me okay you ready to go you gotta go got a cough I see you go okay there we go shoot what's one I'll keep this oh here we go one two three big bananas I love this yeah I look Andy I don't know why wait that's just it's not a candy it is called a fruit snack this is not a fruit snack you decide this is not a good boy that's sugar that's king there's sugar so I love banana but it's not called candy there's a cigar inside your tank well I'll get it I'll get it no no everybody anyway but I play my mom he's my parent or what not a young kid on she was not like any me and my brother what I did was when I was able to turn 18 I got a job I got my own money I went crazy that's I ended up with 13 cavities because my mom she won't let me have Kenny when I was younger so when I got older and I was able to buy my own candy I didn't I was out of control I didn't know how to stop and I end up having 13 you guys let him know down a little bit gushers okay first knacks is not that serious oh yeah after this challenge is gonna end up with 13 more cavities I know it's nasty that's disgust making it come on now that's disgusting alright guys so this is Raul – ready for this close your eyes okay Rock Paper Scissors shoot tap so hand know and I'm sorry oh okay I'm going to fuse no you can't fill it either how about this one 1 2 3 let's go see Damian so I got some cheddar cheese ring of you feel me I have garden veggie chips made with potatoes spinach broccoli and peas show it to chip away it seemed I know I think it's because all that stuff desire know what where's where's the thing is chips candy what know these titties expiring this is fire oh no it's getting smarter ok it's by October yours the bottle your motto smarter 2020 is good it's not bad it's something I eat every day though we'll try it track your trade no line kinda yeah alright guys so here's round 3 let's get it Rock Paper Scissors shoot okay so for this round one of the items is bigger than the other item so whoever wins this has to close their eyes and pick both of us have to close our eyes right now and turn it together because you were the last one to turn so you know which one is right so if you win you'll know which was the fifth I was right no put your hands up in mine close your eyes okay come on close your eyes right okay let go okay you ready okay okay the shoot was one do you want I'm going to think with the letter for you you're gonna let you know I'm with you ourselves your mind could close your eyes I'm not playing with you oh dang it what do I swear too far by doing a my and then you touch yours and said I want the other one you can't do that I knew you were gonna cheat no no no you four is gonna get this one yeah with me I said I said which one do you want you said our chores and then you met yours you want to pull it back okay guys I got some fresh original taste coke you guys magic was the first two rounds I got healthy foods and now he got a healthy food and he you can taste the rainbow [Applause] what is it Damien let everybody know what it is it's a naked dream machine what's in it right here what's in this is packed with vitamins this flavor blend it up five juices were added ingredients and natural flavors do you see what that the bottom say no sugar added so all the future guys it looks like it has apples um pineapple spinach broccoli raw like spinach either but oh you know I have to deal with this so know that right taste is no good tastes like it tastes like you got sugar in it no at first but then the aftertaste it's like baby food okay take longer sit No the charm no I'm done I'm here I did what I had to do all right guys so this is wrong poor you ready for this Rock Paper Scissors shoot dude oh my gosh Rock Paper Scissors shoot oh my gosh I keep losing see which way you move stay still no you gotta just use thank you well actually not thank you but there's nothing in there I get a bowl I have a triple cheese Wendy's Baconator I don't like bacon triple cheese look how big it is show them what you got the room let's not do that so what goes in in bold eyes is this right over here so I got some Greek gas yogurt Greek Calvary right here honey vanilla flavor this is like cold okay I don't like bacon but here we go ready this is steak lettuce another baby this is will smell to see know it says bye April 8 2019 look it hasn't been used yet you have to eat it that was all gonna fall out no it's not look what y'all listen what younger dude is look it is it's Greek yogurt stop look babe there's no happiness that's what Greek yogurt is Greek yogurt healthy yogurt then I'm not sure Mesa comin out oh my god yeah look at this this is so trifling look at that look at his bay I see a loose you can even see it up bottom butter carving Oh I'm gonna turn around look at the bottom at a party I see the bottom of the car you it's crazy right rusty I guess I'll meet the bottom of the carton not meet the solder party [Laughter] babylip I got it [Laughter] [Laughter] alright guys who is wrong fun ready for this hi real rock rock paper scissors no so I didn't do it can you see the zebra let's go what's one you know like this with your hands [Applause] Berta camera are here I heard that you party we both just redid it three times how'd I cheat then I cheat don't worry about it did I cheat don't worry about it what's what's the answer dito cookies please you have a person screwing your cheater you know that hmm taking them out to scramble eggs dear you take a little bobby blue I think you got what you can dip it in there okay so right here if you guys can see I got some egg yolk because this is healthy apparently and that's junk food apparently no you got a little deep out you were done give me a chance No all right guys so this is round six the last and final Wow are you ready for this show I cut you close your eyes not touching one you one two three all right guys so right here as you guys can see we have a nice Oreo ice cream cake I got a salad so I don't like to sell many to lose weight or what the situation is I feel kind of offended we sell cookies and cream in it that's a Oreo cake you gonna go try some come on like what's the inside look buddy it looks like it's white it's not why it's cookies and cream inside I'm happy for you Oh God yes you were doing so good right now pour this on you and I'm gonna beat that cake go go wait no no no I got this please try some more I don't like you but that bro what's the date on there mmm port 1 April is there so good this is a really good cake you'll actually go to Target and give one these cakes do you know you can focus on that smell ooh Sarah no you didn't receive good yeah pretty good a man hmm all right guys so this is gonna conclude our video hope you guys enjoyed it give it a back thumbs up does it benefit of these two likes you drop another challenge for you guys once they begin but I've heard that I do arts the boy David II bianca a.k.a no prince family and we're going to see you guys later on got some food at my mom is intros horrible guys we're going to see guys that are on for the next video we're out peace

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  2. My opinion they nasty my sister's opinion they good AKA gushers are not a candy they are fruit snacks if agree alike

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