Hilarious Southwest Flight Attendant

Hilarious Southwest Flight Attendant

I can pretend to have your attention for just a few moments my ex-husband my new boyfriend and their divorce to turn your destroy the safety pieces it's been a long day for me so properly fastened your seat belt slide the flat ends the taco to release lift up on the buckle position your seat belt tied the long across your hips like my grandmother wears her support bra there's a ways to get there different exit doors your wing window exits to range there are signs that we're headed disco lights on the floor lead each exit everybody gets the door for us in the seat back pocket in front of me along with dirty diapers chewing gum removes banana peels and although the gives you later everybody gets their very own thank you and you are such a good looking flight attendant flight once you remove the lavatory that's two thousand dollars if you want to pay that rear airfare you should have closed somebody else if we do make you that nervous the next hour we don't discriminate especially about that section just for you let me just show you buddy tonight we have up in the air and the flag say the starting line that wasn't the end her motto is if you can either you can smoke it with the same learner's throwing any smoke detector or 20ma their laboratories Federal Aviation Regulations power passenger compliance with a lot of questions or information planes and passenger placards basically just do what we say and nobody gets hurt yeah no pressure if we did we certainly wouldn't be at work tonight if named in four semesters off the department ever had stop screaming like ogre neighbor pull them that bless you to Vegas police didn't place the mask every doesn't matter we normally to activate the flow of oxygen simply insert 75 cents for the first minute I love a plastic bag made honestly you are receiving lots of lots of jam and if you're traveling with small children we're sorry if you're traveling with more than one child pick the one that you think might have a much earning potential down the road and if you're traveling with somebody meeting very special assistants like your husband glances are all your life put on your mask first that's it for the news announcer showman talented back in our live sword you can set up we can see the way some romantic laughs already taking seriously if there's anything at all we can do to make your flat mortgage draw long please tell us just as soon as we land in Salt Lake City and if there's anything you can do to make our plot more in chocolate egg immediately what shine in southwest that's what we call very cheaper dream that nobody had to pasture but your servant get a refund

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40 thoughts on “Hilarious Southwest Flight Attendant

  1. Once somebody forgot their jacket on the plane and the flight attendant pretended to auction it off 😂

  2. This is brilliant. Unlike some airlines, this type of delivery makes you want to pay attention, potentially relaxes you and someone who is funny comes across as likeable and personable. I've never flown with them, but I bet they hardly ever get any trouble on their flights. Who ever approved this (and it would need to be approved) is clearly a professional and a people person. Well done 🙂

  3. Wow this is awesome Marty!! I hope to fly southwest one day with you as the ca in crew! Gosh some other airlines could use a lesson from you! Bless their heart 😉

  4. Apparently only flight attendants can make jokes on Southwest airlines which I'll never fly EVER. pressure makes a joke after a delay of several hours when he's handed water and asked if it's vodka and then turn it around and he's taking off the airplane. Well Southwest. You lost a bunch of prisoners. Your flight attendant is a bimbo. And so is the airline for backing her up.

  5. All the flight ppl I’ve seen are depressed 🤣 but the best one I’ve been on is when we landed they put on like some sorta dramatic song OoF

  6. I was once on a spirit flight , it sucked as always spirit sucks but the pilot ooooh he starting saying we were going to die as he meant WE NEEDED AN EMERGENCY LANDING BECAUSE SOMEONE HAD A HEART ATTACK!

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