Homegrown Mushrooms

Homegrown Mushrooms

welcome back guys well I'm here at home and I want to show you how to make your own mushrooms within the comfort of your own home to make some delicious meals like this stay tuned a couple of weeks ago I got these in the mail yellow oyster and lion's mane grow mushrooms in a bag I ordered them online from grow mushrooms Canada CA so I'm really excited looks like a high quality product near the king nicely packaged moist and lots of mycelium growth in there so mycelium or sort of the root structures is aware of the fungus so looks like we've got lots of healthy mycelium in there in cases of both of them we're gonna grow it out of the bag so let's see how you do that so basically what you want to do with it is provide an area for the mushrooms to grow out of the bag so lion's mane is a mushroom you typically would see it growing off of dead hardwood and so this is grown in some some wood chips here and it kind of sticks out from the tree and hangs down and grows these kinda like teeth like projections so what we're gonna do is create a spot for the mushroom to come out so just put a little X X in there kind of put one kind of on each side err on the situation yeah over here they only recommend like two but you know what let's maximize everything let's give this mushroom every possible note all right kind of put one on each side there and what you want to do is you want to spray this area keep it moist you don't want this to dry out member mushrooms love moisture you also want to keep it in an area that has some indirect light you know you don't mushrooms don't grow completely completely in the dark so but we don't want very bright light and we don't want very drying conditions so you should sort of spritz it with some water a few times a day if you really need to up the humidity if you find this is getting dried out you can pop it in a plastic bag all right let's get this ready to grow and what back in when we start to see some action so it's a few weeks later and the kids I bought online for the mushrooms are doing really really well so there's the golden oyster mushroom and over here is the lion's mane mushroom almost look like a comb toothed mushroom basically it's got these little tiny teeth that you can see so this is ready to harvest and look where I've made an X on this side of the packaging you know they're ones come out how cool is that so basically how they're made is a mixture of hard wood chips and Canadian wheat bran no pesticides or anything used in here our fungicides or anything obviously so so it's yummy what I'm gonna do is harvest this now and make a little snack upstairs with some of my homegrown mushrooms so basically to harvest it we're gonna kind of cut it right here the opening the packaging its base you want to cut it off in one big piece there it is so removed it in one big piece we're gonna take it upstairs and slice it up and fry it up apparently this has quite a nice seafood taste like lobster or scallops so let's go check it out same thing for these golden oysters we're just gonna kind of cut them off here at the base and I'll cut them up and put in the front van in the kitchen now and all I'm doing to clean up the mushrooms is basically just taking them and you know using my mushroom forging knife the opinel I'm just kind of brushing off any there's any dirt or residual stuff from the kit itself I will be brushing it off of the the oysters as well as off of the tooth fungus here so there's just like a little bit of dirt so I mean just delicately kind of dusting it off like that it's fine otherwise if you put these in water and really start scrubbing them they do absorb a bunch of water it does affect the flavor and the texture so just a light brush to get off any debris and what we're gonna do now is cut them up and this one it's a little bit bigger slabs where possible and then here we'll just cut it into little slices you need to make them too thin or anything like that something to bite into my it's gonna be really good you know when you're done cooking these you know we can put them on salads you know if you're making a meat dish you can dress the meat dish with them freezes really well so once you pan fry them in a little bit of salt and pepper and garlic they freeze well for future use I find you know this kind of fungus does not dehydrate well there's so much water in here you're just gonna get these fine little fibers of mushroom is gonna take forever and I don't know I just don't I don't think it's best prepared that way so I like to pan fry a lot of my mushrooms and freeze them for later use and I mean this is really interesting it's all those little fine teeth on there so we're just gonna kind of cut it but where you can try to leave it somewhat thick you can kind of see the structure right there don't worry a lot of this water is going to come out an awkward shape it's quite dense there's a little piece of a little piece of the sawdust there you can just certainly trim that off it's kind of like a sponge so right there all done what I'm gonna do now is just put them in the cast iron frying pan and putting a little bit of margarine in there once they've warmed up a bit and some the waters come out you know put some spices in I'll start with these guys first produce a lot of moisture perfect that's quite a lot of mushroom for that one flush there I've left the other small flush attached to the hardwood sawdust there I'm gonna let it grow a bit more you can see I'm just browning them here a little bit searing them in the pan and already the moisture is coming out of them you can see how much steam is coming off to them the mushrooms are mostly water these type of mushroom looks like these two fungus here they're basically little sponges and they will take up a lot of flavor anything put in there it's gonna make them taste fabulous so just throw in a little bit more and then I'll add some margarine and add some garlic salt pepper looking pretty good I'm just going to add in my golden oysters you can see how much the mushroom is originally shrunken from the first time I put in there got more room for more mushrooms add a little bit of butter or margarine I'm gonna turn down the stove a little bit here it's going pretty well and mm-hmm smells great already a bit of garlic next I'm gonna make sure to cook this really well any wild type mushrooms should be cooked very well for ingestion look at it almost looks like pieces of chicken or scallop or something how's that kind of thicker texture you kind of put this on a salad or something gonna be a great way to eat it – never gonna just pan fry them and until they're done okay so I've got all the spices in there that I want salt pepper and I got a little garlic in there now I'm just gonna cover it up for a bit and finish up the cooking let's have a look oh yeah look at that YUM nice and crispy and like I said it looks like you know you're cooking scallops or chicken so what I'm gonna do now I've made a little salad and a puppet on top and we'll give it a try here's my salad got some lettuce cheese cucumbers onions red peppers and all those yummy just pop a little bit of this mushroom on here well yeah good make sure to get some cold moisture in there too a really healthy healthy snack or lunch nice texture to this something excited to give this a whirl is the first time I've tried kind of tooth fungus and the first time I've tried a golden oyster mushroom I usually get the Aspen oysters in my area let's go give this a try how could I forget dressing let's go a little bit of Newman's Own parmesan garlic on there that's gonna be really good kind of fits with the flavors of the garlic and stuff oh look at that wow this looks really good let's give it a try try some mushroom purse hmm nice and juicy and does remind me of the texture of lobster or a scholar very nice flavor mushroom me obviously with a bit of garlic but the key thing here is the texture of that mushroom you're looking for something with a lobster a scallop like texture you know but you maybe you can't have those things this mushroom appears to be a nice alternative at least for the texture Merredin let's try a little piece of the golden oyster mushroom awesome I feel like it has a little bit of a seafood taste maybe that's imparted a bit by the by the lion's mane fungus here oh yeah nice and sweet with the garlic that you put a bit of lemon on there even it'll be really nice part just further extend that kind of seafood feel I love it well guys this is awesome you know if you're nervous about forging in the woods for mushrooms there are kits you can buy online for edible mushrooms and I'll show you in the future I'll do a future video another really cool thing you can do with mushroom spawn to make your own mushrooms off-grid but for now just got those kits and you know put a couple of slits in the packaging and keep adding water keep them nice and humid and boy you won't be disappointed this is amazing being able to grow your own wild mushrooms indoors that's really cool well hope you guys learned something new today and enjoy the video I hope you guys have a great week as always take care you

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20 thoughts on “Homegrown Mushrooms

  1. yum!! and good on you, using newman's own. thanks for mentioning people should thoroughly cook wild mushrooms!

  2. interesting – love mushrooms but always fearful of wild ones – mite you know of any really clear books on wild mushrooms that a fella cud use to get started – much obliged – take care

  3. Wow. I never knew you could grow at home …I’m pumped to try that …great idea …hopefully you left a link to buy them …thanks again. Craig. Pa. Guy

  4. Thank you Jenn🌼These are beautiful mushrooms! The Oyster looks so much like a Calla Lily, the Lion so much like something crystalline you'd find growing on the wall of a cave.. You've really expanded my interest and knowledge on the variety and beauty of wild mushrooms in a fun way! Have a beautiful week🌼☺🍄

  5. Great video. The white mushroom looked like vital to me and the yellow one looks like a flower. I have been wanting to try some other kinds of mushrooms, so will look for them. They look yummy. Thanks for the tip. Have a good weekend. 🐱💞

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