Honest Government Advert | HealthCare

Honest Government Advert | HealthCare

Hej, jeg er fra den amerikanske regering Vi har opdaget at det lykkedes jer at stoppe vores seneste
forsøg på at tage jeres sundhedspleje fra jer Nu kan du endelig slappe af og nedbryde barrikaderne For efter syv lange års arbejde med at nedkæmpe eftermælet af en brutal, muslimsk, kenyansk diktator har vi anerkendt at det endelig er tid til
at beskæftige os med noget andet… Som for eksempel at sabotere Obamacare for at legitimere vores
næste forsøg på at fratage jer jeres sundhedspleje og erstatte det med… RigdomsPleje Lider du af en allerede eksisterende tilstand,
som for eksempel Ikke-Særlig-Rig? Intet problem! Ulig det komplekse Obamacare,
tilbyder RigdomsPleje en simplere løsning: hvis du ikke er ligeså rig som Mitch McConnell,
så læg dig til at dø. Ingen problemer, intet rod Sådan: ved at lade mere end 20 milioner af jer
være uden forsikring, ved at skære i Medicaid, ved at hæve forsikringssummer, og diskriminere mod en stor mængde
allerede eksisterende tilstande Burde RigdomsPleje dræbe mere end 36.000 af jer årligt. Det er ti 9-11s hvert år! Hvilket måske lyder som en masse døde mennesker,
men det er et offer vi er villige til at gøre for at beskytte uskyldige amerikanere fra socialisme. Vi ved at det har været svært at få RigdomsPleje
gennemført i Senatet; men bare rolig vi stopper ikke før vi har ophævet Obamacare og… Hvad signer I? – Vil I bare gerne have sundshedspleje til alle ligesom de fleste andre ‘civiliserede’ lande i verden? Nååårh, musse
det ved du godt at der ikke er penge til! Men her er nogle ting vi sagtens har råd til: Trumps besøg til Mar-a-Lago! Trumps golfspil! En stor båd der skyder med misiler til mange millioner dollars Flere af de her ubrugelige tingester Opretholdelse af det amerikanske emperie Og selvfølgelig: 3,2 milliarder dollars til den
dyreste og dårligste sundhedspleje i verden, selvom universel sundhedspleje kun ville koste halvt så meget. RigdomsPleje! Hvem har virkelig brug for sundhedspleje, når man har Jesus? Autoriseret af Afdelingen for Rigdom og
Inhumane Servicer Translated into DANISH by MaBeLi

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39 thoughts on “Honest Government Advert | HealthCare

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  2. Before you repeal or replace many things must be addressed. First and foremost would be the massive harms and health damaging effects caused through and by this F.D.A.
    Example Profit over health and wellness of the people!!
    Harmful chemicals (round up) and many others are sprayed on the majority of our produce. The rain runs off these crops and into our water supply. The animals and people eat are eating these crops. They are also drinking this contaminated water. (next thought)
    The people are influenced by mass advertising of the most harmful yet profitable foods.
    Is the Food and Drug Administration designed as a Safety measure or a profit machine??
    First feed the people poison causing massive health issues . Then we can keep them ill with Pharmaceuticals! (Motto) Do not cure!! Should it be Cause No Harm??
    The Government actually subsidise most of the harmful products you Ingest !! Soda cost the same as water, mc murder burger same as an apple!! All is motivated by Profit!!
    Now why are the Thousands of healthy herbs, oils, minerals and vegetables not promoted? Hundreds if not thousands of years of trials of these Natural Remedies and yes Cures have been conducted !!
    Healthy population is not profitable!!
    So wake up people the instances of cancer, obesity, diabetes, infertility, dementia, etc. have skyrocketed!! Why??
    It is bad when the people of this Earth pay to ingest harmful poisons. Then Pay for healthcare that is designed to maintain your poor health!!
    I read the other day that eighty percent of Americans are taking at least one drug daily!!
    Go to a doctor with nothing they have a pill for that!!!
    PROFIT over LIFE🤔

  3. You might be good at humour, but not at maths. Medicare for all would cost 900 trillion you fucktards.

  4. Thanks for cover the US. Australia has nothing over the US in terms of corruption. But somehow you still managed to get universal health coverage. Hold on to it tight otherwise they will find a way to take it away.

  5. The "deny health insurance to protect the public from socialism" quip perfectly exposes the quirky, paranoid and convenient rationalization of US lawmakers

  6. I like her videos , but Obama care is the worst thing that ever happened to my health care. Costs a fortune and 2000 a year deductible per person.

  7. Great, but remember, if the US cuts bavk on military, Aussies have to defend themselves. As well as all of our other allies. So go for it. I own multiple guns. Whats that? Other countries aren't allowed to? Sucks to be them.

  8. You do understand that Obamacare is a rebadged Romneycare. It’s not a solution, just another bandaid that keeps the healthcare industry profitable.

  9. The US government is extremely incompetent and corrupt. You know what would be a great idea put them in charge of everyone's healthcare. I mean what is the worst that can happen? And by that I mean the absolute worst is probably going to happen.

  10. ….Don't worry, when dear Russia takes over, we'll be way better off, just compare Trump and Putin in their talks, who's level-headed? Just check out any video of Putin on YT, you'll see so many nice things said about him and very high amount of 'thumbs up' check Trumps, a disaster! Can't wait for Russia to take over, rid that callous A-bombing 2 cites with babies, children,women and old people USA for once and for all, then world peace shall prevail. 🙂

  11. No More War. No More War. No More War.
    Marijuana for Peace No More War

  12. 3rd party payers are the worst thing that ever happened to health care. Believing otherwise means you aren’t part of the health care industry.

  13. High quality liberal propaganda that bashes Obamacare. And the idiot liberals that watch this will think this is brilliant and not even realize that the Australian socialists are smart enough to realize that Obama care was a complete fucking failure and fiasco. Too bad American idiot liberals aren't as smart as the Australian socialist.

  14. It’s a great concept Obamacare except that the insurance companies denied every claim made. Rates tripled and Drs wouldn’t accept it ! The only people who it benefited were the unemployed,welfare recipients and underemployed who made minimum wage and got it for free. The problem Obama forgot to address was that the insurance companies were pocketing the money ,raising rates ,ridiculous copays ,and basically deceptive practices and never fucking ever approving Drs orders for tests or higher priced prescriptions. So while you are bashing Trump for abolishing Obamacare the middle class people who have been forced into bankruptcy because of it are going to re-elect him this next election.

  15. She mentions how socialism is the answer yet these videos regularly criticize Australia, although it's a socialist country.

  16. God I love this channel. How well it holds up a mirror in front of the Australian govt. Wish you guys did this on the hypocrisies of the Indian govt as well.

  17. Yeah nothing says freedom like hey this fat fuck just had a heart attack because he couldn't stop eating McDonalds so lets all chip in and pay for it….
    or hey im going to smoke my whole life but dont worry if my bad decisions give me cancer you will pay for it..

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