Honest Reviews: Juggernaut Nutrition Extreme Nitric Oxide Booster Disturb – Skyttlez

Honest Reviews: Juggernaut Nutrition Extreme Nitric Oxide Booster Disturb - Skyttlez

what's going with you boy from and fitness aka hashtag Birds before I said his pretty make sure you guys subscribe to the channel hit the notification about us stay up to date with all my motherfucking videos follow me on instagram and optimum Fitness follow my band divided Amazon Spotify guys I have juggernaut nutrition extreme nitric oxide boosting disturbed is the name disturb disturb skittles is the flavor you already know I did skittles up with the irate so hopefully as Popeye stays the same I'm assuming it would all right so let's go ahead and break down the label get some breakdown label action and I'm gonna tell you what the fuck I think of the dosage alright so one scoop citrulline malate 5,000 milligrams that's a good dosage nitric oxide boosting helps with vasodilation reduces fatigue preserve strength and power output you know what I'm saying you got a green sulfate coming in and a thousand milligrams fucking solid dosage in inhibits the enzyme that breaks down nitric oxide in your body resulting in higher nitric oxide levels increasing blood flow promotes more efficient nutrients to the muscle and helps oxygen delivery to the muscle damn good dosage damn good ingredient you know I'm saying no gay you got what do you got here you got more Valene nor valine 150 milligrams helps push the ceiling of the nitric oxide your body can produce so that's good shit good dosage good everything there then that was for the nitric oxide blend right now you have a peak pop a peak poop blend which is glyceryl mono mono mono mono low stearate i fucking that up glyceryl monastery I think I got I think I fucking got it it's at 1500 milligrams usually that's at 2 to 3 so it's just a little bit under nothing crazy but it's a little bit under helps prevent dehydration and improves the performance and helps with the pumps and then you have taurine taurine coming in had a thousand milligrams usually that's at 1 to 2 so that's at the lower limit but it's still it's still good dosage pumps hydration and enhances mental focus so you get a little bit of focus action on that and get some pump so basically all that pump action you know I'm saying you should have a damn good workout with no stems this is just a pump formula so he's a little bit of focus and it's four pumps you know I'm saying that caffeine free for basically people trying to probably get off the hole millions of stems and shit like that you know I'm saying yeah some people don't like all that caffeine and shit so mmm hey this is what it is you know what I mean it is what it is me I'm gonna be honest I haven't taken off a pre-workout in probably fucking years years well that's I took vacation or I got sick I was on stems so you know well I've been I was sick probably about probably about a couple months ago right literally didn't want to go to gym didn't want to do anything so I took off for like three or four days from the gym didn't have any stems so but other than that I'm always on stem so this says uh what the fuck was this thing it says one scoop eight ounces you know got some one scoop action get a Louisville scoop action yeah three an artificial colors any of that shit and it says store in a cool place so it doesn't clump up probably the glycerol yeah probably a glycerol so right now it's still fine so good thing that hasn't clumped up yet cuz when shit clumps up your number two pain in the ass you know I mean alright do a taste test I don't even know what the fuck I said for skittles for the other flavor for the ir8 pre-workout holy shit Wow I'm gonna get a little bit more water cuz it seemed really sweet alright you know that foam action yep eight ounces yeah alright I hate to say it but I think the flavor is better I think the fighters think the flavor is better on irate vs disturbed it's just it's kind of its kind of like a bitter like up what is it okay so it's kind of um kind of bitter it's kind of got a little bit of bitter and a little bit of a sour mmm it's more sour and like bitter it's got a bite to it it's not like a smooth taste it's got a little bit of a bite to it I don't know why it's still good but you could tell her that it actually tastes different than the pre-workout I rate skittles probably you know obviously different gradients you got a mask it differently and then you end up you end up having a different taste at the very end I mean you got to cover up all these different blends and different you know ingredients and shit I don't like this flavor as much as I like Irate skittles disturbed skittles good but just not as good I want to stick it with a I'm gonna stick with a 7.5 yeah I'm gonna stick with the 7.5 so what I'm gonna do I'm not I don't normally just do pump products so what I'm gonna do is take this with some other pre-workout that doesn't have any pump ingredients at all so that way I know that the pumps are coming from just disturbed cuz I really can't work out with just a stim or with a with just a pump erotic I mean I might be able to but I just I haven't done snow stems and so long so I don't want to have a shitty workout so I'm gonna use like just caffeine just basic stems no no no type of other products and then I'm gonna do that for a couple days and I'll tell you what the fuck I think and I also did one scoop I might do 2 scoops another day to tell you what the difference was and how I felt but anyways that's pretty much it for now so I'm gonna run this shit for about a week and then I'll be back so y'all stay tuned what's going on guys back here alright so I ran that shit for about two to three days without stems well without free workouts I think I did like a bang one day and something else the other day basically I did a pre-workout that had no pump ingredients at all so that way I knew that juggernut nutrition disturbed was the main reason why the pumps were happening and I shot a video clip of me doing some bicep pumps I was getting some serious pump action so I think for a non a non-stem pre-workout well a non-stem pump workout it's a it's pretty good but I mean most people can usually tolerate stems so if you're if you're one of those people that cannot do stems and you need just something else that's gonna give you something this motherfucker does give you pumps for sure you can definitely see that it gives you pumps it's got the pump you know it's got a nice pump formula it's got a nice pump ingredients and at the end of the day it does what the fuck it says it's gonna do you know I'm saying so me personally me personally I don't fuck with pump products cuz I always like stems you know I'm saying but I know there's women out there that only like you know things that don't have stems in them there's only people that just like pump products because they don't want to get too fucked up on stems on I get that or there's even people that want a stack stem shit with pump shit but a lot of pre workouts also have also have pump ingredients so that's why it's hard to you know to do bulb so that's why you either take one or the other or you can take both so so basically at the end of the day sorry I kind of stopped someone was messaged me that's the other day if you likes non-stem shit this is damn good it's gonna give you that pump action that you're looking for if you like also pump shit with pre-workout shit and stack them together you can also do that shit pretty sure while then this would be fucking badass right right in this so at the end of the day if you got the money to do both do it but me on the other hand I like to just do one I just like to do pre workouts and if they got pump shit on them that that's awesome but that's pretty much it for this video I think it's pretty good the flavor matter-of-factly I'm drinking right now check this out BAM I got it in here right now I think the flavor is pretty much the same as the other one I know I was giving it a hard time maybe I was using too much I wasn't using enough water this is smooth now this is smooth like I don't feel that bitter biting this to it that I was getting before it definitely has a really good skittles flavor there's just a little bit of an element that's kind of like it's got a little bit of bitter bite to it but I kind of lost it here so maybe I put two maybe I put a lot of water in it this time it's a little bit watered down I don't notice it or I don't know what the case may be but flavor was bad asked for what it is you know I'm saying yeah it's not gonna taste some 100 percent flawless you got a lot of shit the mask but it is damn good so I'm sticking with the flavor flavor the pump everything was there I mean I'm gonna give this shit overall for a pump product eight and a half out of ten I feel like it does what it's fuck is supposed to do and the flavor was great so anyways that's pretty much it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it thanks for the support as always also things chugging up nutrition for sending me that shit really appreciate it really appreciate that they they like my opinion and they they liked my review style and they appreciate you know what the fuck I'm doing so appreciate that and thank you joking on nutrition but like I said thanks for the sport is always a lemon which one is he next been like it too fucking bad subscribe share like and comment below scroll be don't roll anyway because a fucking swole don't forget Pharma no social media diamond Fitness Facebook government snapchat run for this Instagram our evidence don't fit like mother may have age divided I mention on Facebook follow my band of a Dementor on Spotify shop love you're something need that I take advantage that county's my affiliate leave which means description box below all that shit will be in the description box below thank you guys

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6 thoughts on “Honest Reviews: Juggernaut Nutrition Extreme Nitric Oxide Booster Disturb – Skyttlez

  1. Sounds like good dosages & taste too !!! Veins poppin' so its working good ! I will look into ths one !!! Jerry thanks for the review !

  2. I would like to try it if I send it my way lol 😂
    I mostly took stims Monday-Sunday and I said to myself I gotta cut down which I did, for me it wasn’t easy but I did cut down

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