Honest Reviews: New! Quest Nutrition – Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut

Honest Reviews: New! Quest Nutrition - Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut

what's going on boy – Barbara infinite 80s a girl before our sides information has subscribe the channel into education about to stay off the date with all my fucking videos follow me on instagram infinitive all my bantu vitamin shots fire – fire you got Joe here helped me out we got the new quest chocolate sprinkled donut in this bitch get a thumb there that looks decent quest now reformulated their bars in the shit it looks like this give me a coated bar so it's not the old quest that we're used to think they're reformulating because people are tired of the old quest bar that's been around for years they're switching it up they're doing some shit you know I'm saying and as far as the price point I think this thing was like two dollars and fifty cents at a vitamin shop as far as the ingredients you got 190 calories 8 grams of fat 4 grams of saturated fat 23 carbs 14 grams of fiber it's gonna help you you know be regular 5 grams of erythritol 20 grams of protein in case you guys happen to give a fuck milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate are the protein sources and soluble corn fiber is the fiber source let's try to bust it open and we'll give you our honest thoughts to this new quest bar yeah yeah I would like to say that this is very similar to the 1 bar there there like almost copying it exactly see how it's got some sprinkled actions coated it's no longer like the same quest bar you're used to so let's go ahead and break it open well get that good it's got like almost like a nougat action looks fake as fuck looks fake yeah that's a nougat hmm I think that countries like talking to him I'm not impressed No we're probably gonna differ just a little bit I taste their doughnut yeah it's just dawn it does have a cake chocolate doughnut case for sure mm-hmm yeah you're not impressed uh-huh and you do like donuts no I think we're gonna differ a little bit mm-hmm obviously I'm gonna have a higher rating and it's pretty good though it's got a nice chocolate doughnut ace it does do a taste there's like a fake doughnut [Laughter] we just knew is that not taste wheel more like a fake I think it's good but I don't think it's anything to write home about it's better than a salt it's better than it's better than just good at me which is uh probably about an eight oh damn you really fucked the scale up you girls gonna go with any two you know this guy's hard to fucking please victory strippers on both sides doesn't matter 6.5 Oh God I'll be giving an eighth spoiler here's gonna give a 6.5 since you take that you know what you get good points you you know that's call it's called mad skills all right not as stupid as I look anyways Eskew pretty much surface video if you guys enjoyed it things on this board as always let me know what you want to see next if you don't like it too fucking mad subscribe share like and comment below scrub it don't roll I donated cuz we're fuckin swallow don't forget that follow me on all my social media tavern unfinished Facebook / fitted snapchat or this Instagram our Venice don't forget to like my fanpage divine dementia and Spotify follow us on Facebook oh it shouldn't be the description box below and shop love your cell my needs at Tiger fitness icon is my failure Inc which will be in the description box below all that will be in the description box and we'll check you guys later yeah you watching Opperman Fitness yeah you make all kinds of games oh god [Laughter]

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14 thoughts on “Honest Reviews: New! Quest Nutrition – Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut

  1. I always watch your reviews and they're always awesome videos! Picked up this quest bar today. I'm at Gnc almost everyday 😂 thank you for always posting videos and staying loyal to the game!!

  2. I want to try this flavor but I’ve never been impressed with the taste of Quest. I’ll try warming them up as suggested by some of the comments. Thanks for the honest review, guys!

  3. It looks sort of similar to the oh yeah one chocolate birthday cake, which one would you say was better? Good review tho man keep it up

  4. I've never been impressed with Quest and for some reason when I have tried them, they stick me up…..3 days to poop the last time. I'll pass

  5. Review the hippie shit Bone Protein.. I bought a one serving pack.. But I’m afraid it’s gonna be nasty…

  6. The flavor reminds me of the entameins chocolate covered donut. Could have done without the sprinkles 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Joe with another harsh score lol. You have to warm them up for 15 seconds in the microwave. It makes a big difference.

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