Hot Wellness Travel Trends

Hot Wellness Travel Trends

of course vacations are supposed to be relaxing but more and more people are taking that idea to a whole new level and making them about wellness we're talking about getaways built around a theme of living healthier joining us now is travel expert not originally from not as Italy not a good morning it's great to see you get more and angry to see Chris and Colleen well wellness vacations what exactly are they and are they becoming a trend Josh this is a huge multi-billion dollar business in a fast fast growing niche so I'm excited to be talking about vocations this is the the term you hear more and more in the travel industry give us some ideas what what sort of wellness vacations are out there for people you know there is a wide wide range of choices from hiking yoga retreats healthy cooking vacations medical getaways even spas and resorts for your pets well now really okay well talk about some more specifically about some of these vacations you found some nearby absolutely the Blue Heaven Resort and Spa in the Blue Ridge Mountains it's a great getaway it's close by and they have great to day packages you can go as a couple or as a girlfriend getaway and what gift for Mom great gift idea for my why do you like that one so much well they specialize in Ayurvedic treatments they do massages they do again spa treatments yoga sessions meditation and they also offer healthy vegetarian meal so it's really a holistic approach to vacation now typically you know vacation we have to sort of save all year for that big vacation is wellness and wellness vacation like that it needs to be the one big thing you do or can are they affordable that you can do them throughout these it's typically they don't come cheap should say that but a lot of people nowadays they want more from their time off work so they're trying to combine this search for wellness for better health and to educate themselves on how to achieve better quality of life it's becoming more and more popular nowadays for sure and you have everything from weight loss centers there's this amazing one in Hilton Head the Hilton Head health resort and spa and it is the ultimate loser spare tire program very intense that is to lose weight I mean normally when I go on vacation I'm good for about 57 pounds if they pack them on but this is a vacation to lose weight against in Hilton Head correct okay correct and and they have nowadays really wellness is again the the range is is is infinite hiking you can really they even have what they call glamping which is glamorous camping so for people who love the outdoors so again it's really about searching that that personal wellness that well-being glamping can I can I hike in these shoes alright well they must be working and must be really changing people's lives because as you mentioned it sort of the thing absolutely as a matter of fact in the highly acclaimed Hippocrates Institute down in West Palm Beach Florida they have a life transformation program and this is the full deal detoxification counseling they even have assistance for cancer patients and cancer survivors so it's really an all holistic approach to wellness and traveling I like the sound of that I like that very much these types of vacations and getaways can really vary in price absolutely absolutely if you're looking for a true splurge gosh there are so many five-star luxury resorts out there there's this amazing one it's called pedo Mindy stuffed walking out of course it's in Italy and they built this luxury resort around this ancient natural hot spring pool that even the Romans use so can you imagine wonderful so luxurious but you can also get a good deal so if you're looking for that piece of lists and relaxation rejuvenation you can actually go over to the Grove Park Inn they have one of the top spas in the country so you can actually get into the spa have an axis date for $90 and if you get a true man it's actually included so there are certain limitations on the days when you can go and of course there's different different prices for guests who stay there but it's a quick getaway so if you need that Omaha moment a price range that's thank you so much not as italy by the way is working with a local yoga instructor on a yoga artful living journey to italy in 2015 it will focus on healthy cuisine yoga sessions meditation and the Italian Way of life go to not as Italy calm for more information not as Italy calm that sounds fantastic thank thank you so much great to see you

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  1. Love it Signorina; planning one myself, Italia eventually…want to visit the roots of where my Grandparents & Godparents were from: Napoli-Caserta-Castiglione/Pescara/Abruzzo regions….a wellness stay-cation is calling!

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