How Care.Wallet transforms healthcare

How Care.Wallet transforms healthcare

tell a different healthcare story with care cards a soft care storybook sasha has no insurance for herself her daughter Michelle and her son Raymond she bought her plan from best health insurance is hard to understand but this time Sasha feels it will be different this time sasha has a care wallet and knows everything about her insurance plan and benefits the answers to her questions are easy to find she understands who she can see and how much it will cost when Raymond became sick Sasha found a good pediatrician faster than you can blink Sasha requested an appointment through her wallet and the best health team found her a perfect option within minutes she also received a ride card which she uses to take Raymond to the doctor Wow at the doctor's office all she has to do is show her care wallet she doesn't even have to make a payment after the doctor checks Raymond he gives him a prescription Sasha keeps in sync with the pediatrician by reporting Raymond's progress in her care wallet after three days the pediatrician notices that Raymond isn't getting any better and refers him to a specialist Sasha picks the option that works best for her in Raymond and the appointment is confirmed instantly Raymond is better now Sasha is amazed at how well he was taken care of and is very thankful to have best health on her side

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