How Dangerous is Manila? (STREET LIFE)

How Dangerous is Manila? (STREET LIFE)

Casa de Tyrone and the Aryan country drogon vamos a llegar the other day one of my friends asked me is it safe to visit the Philippines I don't know why but I find that to be such an odd question it's a kind of vague question to ask if the Philippines or any country for that matter is dangerous the best way I can help answer this question is through perspective let's get on bikes right into the thick of Metro Manila and simply document what it's like on the streets up close and personal picking up from last episode we had just concluded an exciting and informative experience with a few strangers performing incredible stunts along the Pasig River it was time for us to move along and continue the spontaneous journey Cimmerian whereabouts tell about that for everything else in Chapter three ESCA me [Applause] take one Anna Coconino pray Chrissy kumbhamela Carranza refrain of Safa so we've been biking for a good half-hour see Daniel Tom Jones messy boy I'm at Papa burger in a mansion we are here at burger machine the thickest burgers in the entire world dude not when I was in Mandela lived off these things are so nice burger machine my angels burger is tall there but it's so nice just a cheap tasty burger a double cheeseburger here is one dollar a double cheeseburger Jemez barbecue mainstream foods maybe do come be fooled by both the heat if you're in the street foods they have that right next to it as you can see here we have boutique ability cup with the key which is a chicken intestines you got Betamax that's pig's blood and block you got chicken head Manila low you have hot dog if you're into that personally I just go with a roasted barbecue right here I know so thumbs up one more out they go it's a ten case of for one barbecue stick which about 20 cents I thank you so right now we're here at a pretty busy intersection without me no check no signs on oh my god things are happening here there's a populated in this area Akana humming thank you so much photo so you're a tweet of you what are friends for it's cheap ugh central over here everyone's aside Eden [Applause] No Bob Mollica Coconino you kappa gonca [Applause] Daniel never what we do hit us go back onion break bottom see DJ : yeah yeah we're counter flowing Oh someone a barangay McCarthy Metro Manila today's people don't got much to Sunday is my favorite acres it's chill day it's the chilla Pedro let's go we are actually riding around the area where Daniel is not gonna see clear Daniel beats us up but I'm going but I'm got your nose or you don't want to tell people might show up to your house honking my Cody so young so you can a guy a break [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and just like that our story would end on a perfect note that couldn't exemplify the spirit of the Filipino people any better joyous hospitality and the ability to smile in any situation blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places or others see nothing whether it appears to be raw sewage or a magnificent water park a dangerous alleyway or fun celebration some people look for a beautiful place and others make a place beautiful at the end of the day it's up to you to decide how you wanted to pick the streets of Manila all I can do was provide insight and this is my

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31 thoughts on “How Dangerous is Manila? (STREET LIFE)

  1. stay low key and you'll be safe just don't be stupid specially in the place that there's a lot off people around better to be safe than sorry.

  2. Hahahaha Edie wow ung tapang jan nila tunaw sa bisaya yan ‘ suntokan tignan natin’ wag ung patalim gamitin tapos tulong2x sila ‘ samin sa bisaya suntokan lng jan malaman kung matapang ka

  3. Never judge us Filipinos we make a great culture and strong country even tho we have hard lives we still have happiness and don't worry when your in Philippines always visit makati and b.g.c because there are one of the most modernized cities in the philip

  4. Very informative and enjoyable vlog. I like your perspective Will on how you see Manila.

  5. You're supposed to show us how dangerous it is, but you just ride your bikes around and stuff your faces. That's ok, plans can change.

  6. I have to be honest, this is one of the best content that you do kuya Wil! I enjoyed it and malapit nako maging updated lol.

  7. Even in PASIG area don’t swim not safe , you gonna be sick WIL , I am concern abt your health , you too Daniel , just explore in METRO MANILA but never swim , be safe GODBLESS 👍🙏😁

  8. They love being there and interacting with the Philipinos as long as they don't have to live like them, as long as they can escape back to their home countries whenever they want, as long as they don't have to survive on a Philipinos wage, and as long as they can still have all their Western conveniences. Then yeah, it's like totally awesome dude!

  9. Danger always lies within at any place and any country. It's just a matter of perspective on how you can sink in with them and understand them at the same time.

  10. 9:20 . It's look like my lola. :'( very simillar to her look. I miss my lola so much 🙁

    Ps. Great video anyway!keep it up bro! God bless

  11. Manila is safer than many places in the US like many parts of New York or LA. A typical Filipino is laid back and it takes A LOT to piss them off. And if you successfully piss off a Filippino in their country, be prepared to die.

  12. Kuya my mother is lerry Alvarez I'm from San Jose in malvar in family picture you are here and your sister your mom names is Chari

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