how do insectivorous plants digest insects USA, venus fly trap in usa

how do insectivorous plants digest insects USA, venus fly trap in usa

Well now this is Venus fly trap a, really wonderful
carnivorous plant.and Actully it’s leaves are mostly red or purple from inside, which
basically attract the insect and it’s each lobe has got two or five trigger hair like
structure which are very very sensitive to touch and if by any means the two trigger
hairs are touched or if one hair is touched twice then the trap will close very very quickly. Believe me within the tenth of a second or
within fifteenth of a second.and the insect will get trapped in it. So what’s next now.. Later the trap becomes so tight and it gets
sealed and releases some digestive enzymes in it which digests the prey.. Actully it is a time consuming process Now
the trap remains closed for next five to twelve days and once the digestion is completed the
trap will reopen to wait for next insect to get in..with the remaining exoskeleton of
the insect in it.. But if by any means we touch the trigger hairs
then this is sure that the trap will get closed but please do not worry now the trap will
get reopened within a day or two Now that was really interesting… But now the question is why do carnivorous
plants eat insect when they can make their own food… Hmmm Chk it out Well we all know that carnivorous plant like
other ones can make their food which is basically glucose by the help of sunlight carbon dioxide
and water.. Now that is true.. But in order to survive every plant needs
some nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium ,iron etc,to synthesize some amino
acids,proteins and to carry out their metabolic activities… But Actully these poor plant lives in nutrients
poor places like swampy and boggy places, or in Sandy soils.. So many of these nutrients are not available
to them… So we can say that these plants eat insect
not for energy because they can get energy from sunlight by the process of photosynthesis.. But to get the essential nutrients from the
insects for their survival….

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