How I got ACCEPTED into dental hygiene school | Why I choose dental hygiene

How I got ACCEPTED into dental hygiene school | Why I choose dental hygiene

and today I'm back with a another video in this video will actually be a storytime about mom so today's storytime will actually be about what I do for a career what I do for a living what I basically do every day and how I chose this path so I am a registered dental hygienist and I am registered or I practice in the state of Georgia what sort of will actually I've been a hygienist now for about I guess write a little over five years like right basically right at five years I graduated May 13 2000 no may 11 2013 2013 I was at May 12th I think it was nothing was actually made 10 2013 any who's in 2013 so basically five years like five years in two weeks now and I have really enjoyed my career as a dental hygienist there's been ups and downs and there's some good and bad but we'll talk about this along the journey of story time being things about dental hygiene what I've found out to light what I found to dislike just everything about it that I've learned and grown to know at this point by five years in the game so how did I start off as to what to even think of becoming a dental hygienist so my junior year of high school I was enrolled in a class at that time it was called health occupation health occupation and science education and it was pretty much for students who wanted to be involved in the healthcare field or the science realm in the real world the medical field just like we had shop class for kids or students who wanted to do like automotive mechanics things like there he had home at for students who was interested in like baking and those type of things so helped occupation where for students who thought at that point time they were interested in being in some form of medicine so during throughout that class she was allowed to do you could choose select different places you know in our city that you would like to shadow so you can do like the hospital your doctor's office – dentist's office Duff I mean anything – daycare centers to school systems anywhere you could choose to shadow on those places I want to say we was on a two to three week rotation period for each clinical site and this class of course was all semester basis and I did this for my junior and seniors and health off one health op – so I want to say my the first few times I chose but I know I did a daycare center I did a primary care physician office and I want to say I actually did the hospital as well – and on my fourth time I chose my childhood Dennis growing up which is my friend's dad dr. Bronson and I always have enjoyed going to the dentist I was all that I could remember I was never scared to go to the dentist um it was just like another thing you had to do so I chose to go to dr. Bredesen office and so working with him it was an artist I actually just fell in love with it and I remember one day he had a patient to come in and the first day the patient came in to see what their mouth was at that time they were unhappy with the appearance of their mouth the appearance of their smile I mean it was really kind of bad like it was really bad and I have really never seen people mouth in that condition up close really a hit point ever in my life so but anywho the fast four on to see the progress and to see the cosmetic changes that dr. Bronson did and to see the before and to compare that after with the finished result it was almost like it was like artwork it was it was just amazing to me to see how dr. Bronson in collaboration with different labs in different things could just totally change this person's really entire facial appearance because it does play a major part in the appearance in your appearance and to see how that change in that person just based on just this little zone right here just this that's it just this boosts their confidence and I remember the person was crying when he gave her the mirror to see the final result she was crying and it almost made me cry so to see the impact that he had and to see the difference that he made and just to see the that artwork just almost like come to life to me that was just amazing so at that point I was like and of course – I also so meanwhile being in the office iron shadow dr. Bronson and dr. Chaplin and I also shadow mainly his dental hygienist Brandi so once I sort of saw what you know went on in the dental office really got to see other than just been a patient coming in for 30 minutes for cleaning I was like man you know this is the area that I want to be and this is what I want to do so at that moment all like my junior year I see when I go to college I'm going to the dental field this is what I want to do so fast for don't graduate from high school enrolled in college and at that point pride actually prior to enrolling in college I start to research you know which schools offer a good on hygiene everything I just want to Google what was there to know about dental hygiene and I the I'm the youngest sister I actually have an older sister um and she was already in college she was like I can say her when I started college she was graduated undergrad and she was like with jazz this is why I think you should do she was like you need to you know make a graphic right off the good and bad and talk to different you know dental hygienist young and old to see the good and bad you know just do your research so I started googling what is a dental hygienist um what all do with dental hygienists do good and bad thing about dental hygiene how much do dental hygienists make just everything there was to know and I really came to find out there really wasn't that much and this was in 2000 like eight around 2008 to on the internet about dental hygiene like it really wasn't that much so then I was like so I really had to like put in like you know you can type in nursing and tons I just like tons of things thousands of things was coming up about nursing but it really wasn't that much stuff that was just out there for dental hygiene so I really started researching and throughout my research it was two schools in Georgia that offered bachelor programs and that was Clayton State University near Atlanta and at that time the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta now is called Georgia Regis University but at that time it was the Medical College of Georgia they were the only two programs that offer bachelor degrees and there were other programs like technical schools or community colleges that offer associate degrees so I pretty much knew that I was going to school and I would at least try to obtain a bachelor's degree I knew that so my focus at that point pretty much zoomed in on Clayton State or the middle Medical College of Georgia which sometimes you'll probably hear me say mcg I Prima zoomed in on those two schools so I put up their prerequisites and so heading into college I pretty much knew okay these are the requirements for these schools this is what they say you have to have in order to apply to their program you have to have you know your basic classes I guess for almost any major your English 1101 English 1102 you have to have a certain level of math you know that's pretty much basic for all majors and I went to a liberal arts school of it's the only public liberal arts school and it might change now but at that time it was the only public liberal arts school in the state of Georgia which is Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville Georgia so at that school because it was a liberal arts school you had to take certain like our electives like the history of art you have to take lots of like psychology and philosophy and sociology classes because it was a liberal arts school at least that's how I understood it but I know they said you have to choose some type of art related classes to if you gonna stay here and graduate so but basically when I insurance in school I had the prereqs for these two schools these are pretty much the same I have to have like anatomy 1 anatomy 2 you have to have like a semester of chemistry another semester of some form of science which I think I took the semester of physics I'll have to have a certain amount of histories a certain amount of electives different things of that nature and actually I'll put the link below in the description box for up-to-date current prerequisites and requirements for mcg and Clayton State University but anywho I went into college knowing okay I'm based on the amount of prereqs that they require recommend it's going to take about you know average two years to do these prereqs also at the same time – I was juggling okay this is what I want to do so I'm going to arrange my classes and my schedule to meet these requirements but also as well – what if I don't get into dental hygiene school you know then what cuz you have to wait to apply the next year so at that point I said okay I'm gonna also declare myself as a biology pre-dental major so I was also kind of simultaneously taking classes – that would still keep me on the pace keep me on schedule to be a biology major and things of that sort as well – so fast for on I completed you know all the requirements for dental hygiene school for Clayton State and mcg and I applied to dental hygiene school – both schools and I actually the interview process came first for Clayton State oh my when it did the interview process I you know took all the tests and stuff they want you to take and I was not accepted into Clayton State University actually did not me so on the deadline I you know throughout that time I went ahead and submitted my paperwork for mcg the Medical College of Georgia and I was actually accepted into em CGS Bachelor of dental hygiene program when I enrolled into the dental hygiene program at mcg it was actually I want to say 24 of us starting out but I want to say maybe tween one of us actually finished and completed the program and it was in to backtrack it was two years core classes your prereqs and it was a two-year program so two plus two equals four years to obtain a Bachelor of Science in dental hygiene so I enter into the hygiene program of 2011 and I finished and complete the program in 2013 in the later videos that will come next part two and three and however many parts it takes to kind of complete my journey or my life as far as a dental hygiene is I kind of talked about you know the ups and downs and the program's the ups and downs you know in the hygiene career period post graduation post school and also our later videos I explain the difference between Dental Assisting dental hygienists in the dentist only what for the most part of general view of what our roles are in the office and what exactly that we do so that's actually part we'll wrap this up but this is sort of part one I guess kind of a introduction into how I became a dental hygienist how what inspired me to become a dental hygienist so there's anything you would like to know anything about that I may be skilled over that I haven't answered which I said it's gonna be several portions you know different parts to come please comment below please write in the description box you know any questions that you have and I'll do my best to try be as honest as I can you know we're answering the questions and just be sure to LIKE this video give it a thumbs up if you think it was you know a good video which is only the intro you have more portions to come but stay tuned I'll be sure to subscribe below and yeah stay tuned for what's to come

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13 thoughts on “How I got ACCEPTED into dental hygiene school | Why I choose dental hygiene

  1. Im actually glad I found your channel I'm on here watching dental hygiene videos. I'm a dental hygiene student at augusta university now ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  2. Where are you from in Georgia…..I looked at moving from NJ to Alpharetta/ Johns creek area or peach tree city…..What is the pay there around here 35.00 hr low end and 48.00 hr on the high end

  3. Does it take a couple of tries normally to get accepted into a DH program….Are there pre reqs for getting accepted? Being a male is that a downside?

  4. Ok I'm like so ignorant and so bad at this but your program was 2 two years correct since you started the program at 21 years old and ended at 23. Also you said you got a bashollars degree, so does that mean you can get a bachelor's degree by doing 2 years community college and 2 years of the main program?

  5. Iโ€™ve been thinking of applying to dental hygiene, im just so paranoid thinking of all the โ€œwhat ifโ€™sโ€ especially after graduating with a marketing degree I donโ€™t even use. Donโ€™t want to go through more debt and loans if itโ€™s not something that will work out for me. I really appreciate your in depth videos, watching as much as I can to try and make a decision. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜

  6. It's so refreshing to see an african American working in dentistry. I feel like im the only on sometimes.

  7. How old are you?? If you don't mind me asking. Was there a lot of older people in the program when you attended??

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