How It's Made- Canned Sardines

How It's Made- Canned Sardines

sardines from the Pacific coastal waters off of Costa Rica are freshly packaged in a variety of tasty flavors it starts when sardines are put into a vat of icy water to keep them fresh the fresh sardines then go through a machine that deposits the fish onto sorting lanes each Lane allows a certain sized fish to fall through the gap onto a chute below then workers load a specific size of sardine into a machine that removes the scales removing the scales takes three to eleven minutes depending on the size of the fish workers then place descaled sardines onto trays that take them into a cutting machine they arrange the sardines on the trays in such a way that blades inside the machine will cut off the heads and tails it also cuts open and cleans out the bodies of the sardines and readies them for packaging the packing cans travel by conveyor to a workstation with their bottom side up and open they fill the cans manually to decrease the possibility of introducing foreign matter into them then another worker turns the set over and sends the open bottom cans into an oven that cooks the sardines at about 212 degrees Fahrenheit all the cook sardines gradually funnel into a single file and depending on the product a filling machine treats them to oil or a specific flavor of tomato sauce the filling machine overfill the cans with sauce but a flute hidden inside the machine removes just enough sauce to put the lids on properly the machine pressure seals the lids onto the cans so that when they exit the machine they're airtight pallets of cans then go into a chamber that sterilizes the product to keep it fresh then the cans go into a labeling machine that applies a thin coating of glue and pre-cut paper labels onto each one the finished product comes out of the machine with an attractive full-color label ready to ship to the customer

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48 thoughts on “How It's Made- Canned Sardines

  1. These are the poor man's sardines, not like the individually packed brisling sardines from the icy cold fjords of Norway. If you have to drown these noble fish in picante tomato sauce, they have zero taste by themselves and usually end up at the Dollar Store

  2. the enterprising minds in here should be more curious about the factory, who owns the factory, the Government?, privately funded etc instead of making silly jokes about fish.
    Then you all should aspire to own one, or have shares in this investment, be a part of BoD that owned the factory or at least work at higher management level in such factories.. that's the way to go, young men and women..

  3. I ate some sardines for the first time today. Not as bad as I was expecting; a great, very inexpensive source of protein, calcium, Omega 3, iron, zinc and more! And best of all, they're towards the bottom of the food chain, so very little mercury too!

  4. If the sardines were heated while they were inside the cans, does that not mean that the aluminium of the cans leaks and is being absorbed in the sardines.. I mean is that healthy?

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  6. I love canned Sardines. Not the asian ones. Anyway. Once I had this girl. I couldnt eat Sardines for about 3 years afterwards.

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