How poor posture can affect your overall wellbeing – New Day Northwest

How poor posture can affect your overall wellbeing - New Day Northwest

any health concerns can be traced to the way you sit or stand longer commutes hours spent sitting in front of computers and smart phone use contribute to poor posture here with more about why we should pay attention to our posture plus some simple ways to improve it as dr. Han C Wang from Integrative Health & Wellness and Federal Way good to have you here I noticed your posture is excellent to see that so tell me briefly about your medical background what brought you to the specialty yeah so I am trained in Family Practice and integrative medicine and so that I take a holistic approach to health doing spiritual and emotional and mental as a pope and just and physical as well and I have a background in in working out and exercise and movement and that's very important is me in poor posture isn't just a you know hey your mother told you to sit up straight it's actually something that affects our health tell me why right it is so if we're doing something for a long period of time over and over again through our lives then it can cause muscle imbalances and that can translate to injuries or affect the way that we handle stress in life in terms of lifting and standing for a long period of time and so people who cross their legs you know we often do we often do and I and I as well but if you tend to cross one side over more than the other then think about what's happening to the muscle imbalances here right you know one sides getting lengthened one side is getting shorter and that can't work your back right and maybe your shoulders as well and then in the future if you have back pain or shoulder pain then that could stem from just crossing your legs every day isn't that something now so should we not cross our legs or should we make sure that we sort of go back and forth I would recommend that you don't cross your legs and if you do cost your legs then be aware of which side you're crossing more than the other and maybe try to even that out a little even it out okay so give us the abbreviated form of assessing our posture because I think mine has gotten way worse because of my phone I feel it buddy just gonna grow into a ball around my five inch and that's very common because we're constantly with our heads down our necks down and with computers where you know like we have a second everything yeah so it's very common for the ears to be in front of the shoulders and so and that's one of the things yeah exactly you want to exactly and then the other thing is on with the hips too we sometimes stick our hips out or forward like pregnant women or if you're carrying a lot of weight it will be more forward and so that can put pressure on your back as well so looking at that alignment between the ears and the shoulders the hips and even the ankle joints is important and trying to make eyes made to live in line okay so you have some easy tips and some exercises to help us get better about this because it's kind of hard to know you know you can't see yourself that's right as you're walking around so your your first tip is to stand tall tell me what's right though standing tall is standing tall so usually I use a you know you can stand against the wall and trying to make sure that you're the back of your head as well as your hips are touching the wall so some you know this would be the feedback of getting your your kind of your neck out like that and so tucking your chin that's what I would say like a chin tuck and the other thing that you can do at home or just in the car because we're in the car a lot is using your headrest you know so I tell people that right so just notice ya notice that when you're in the car is your head off of the headrest and yes it's the perfect time to just practice that kind of chin tuck right and using that as feedback very good tip there are snow angels so that one is I'm there a couple ways to do that but it really is just doing kind of snow angels like right and that helps with getting our shoulder blades back so often times we have rounded shoulders from looking at the phone so rounding them back and doing these these snow angels like that's every single day because if I think about it I realize I've got my shoulders right forward all the time even just pulling them back you don't have to do you know the arm thing right you don't have space but just – Lannon better by doing that what are you doing – you're so you're pulling in you're closing in your chest so it's actually even shortening or your breath even so you know think feel the difference between when you're rounding versus when you're pulling up when you're open yeah makes you feel more open you're taking a deeper breath you're calmer you're more relaxed okay so the next what you say to me Heidi cat-cow she wants to talk about cat okay good so cat cow this one a cat and then counselor for the yoga move and you can and this creates movement in the spine here in the back in the spine breathing in and out because we're constantly sitting in hunched over and and our hips are tight right so this movement you can do seated you can also do standing here with your knee with your hands on your knees and then kind of going out and in back that kind of stretched out and opened up moving the lower back and the whole line of your is that the best way to get open doing this the best way to get open in terms of just getting your chest open and getting opening up your chest the snow angels is another good one to try to pull your shoulders back okay what is striking a power pose oh that's a good one so that's that's from a TED talk but so just kind of being open and being confident so that can affect our emotions right so if we're kind of closed and and shy then we're gonna that's gonna reflect in our posture and vice versa as well so being open it gives you more confidence and so you know before coming on you know I trying to strike my power to give me more confidence I'm talking to you so do some breaths what's that Oh some breath is another yoga a bit I'd probably have to I don't know it's a it's a whole asana so in terms of posture in its connection to mental health and our physical health what's the one thing you tell us to do today what's the most important thing to serve realign I would say to to have your head up tall like your whole like something's holding up on the top like a marionette why I've heard on the top of your head right and that can help align your breath and will allow you to take deeper breaths and to kind of feel more centered and more relaxed like I'm gonna try really hard yes I am turning into a little home thank you dr. Wong will teach a workshop about the power of posture this Saturday June 22nd at the King County Public Library in Lake Forest Park we've linked more information as well as the exercises you can do at home to improve your posture on our website so I hope everybody checks that out while you're on the website roll your shoulders back

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