How the Urinary System Works

How the Urinary System Works

KidsHealth presents
“How the Body Works,” with Chloe and the Nurb. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [PANTING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [ANGELIC CHOIR] [PANTING] [DING] No! Hello there, Nurb. Chloe? What are you doing up there? Looking for a
learning adventure. OK! Good luck! Hope you find a good one! Oh, I already have. Tell me, Nurb, what do you
know about the urinary system? Way. Too. Much. Ha! No, seriously. What do you know? Uh, there’s some bean-shaped
things and maybe some tubes? Precisely. And also imprecisely. You see, the urinary tract
begins at the kidneys, which are the two bean-shaped things. The kidneys are organs
the size of your fist that sit under your
ribs along your back. Kidneys filter blood
to remove waste. That waste and
extra water combine to make urine, which
is also called pee! Um, Chloe? After the kidneys, it’s
pretty much just plumbing. The urine enters
two small tubes, one coming from each kidney. Chloe– Those are called the ureters. They lead to the bladder. The bladder is a sack
that holds the pee. Chloe! Right now, your
bladder is probably feeling very full,
since you look really stressed out about it. When it’s time to
go to the bathroom, the smooth muscle of
the bladder contracts to push pee into
another tube called the urethra, which carries
the pee out of the body. Chloe, you know
that typically I’d love to learn anything,
anything about the human body. But right now–
right now, I think I’d really prefer to talk about
anything, anything but pee. Oh. I’m sorry, Nurb. I didn’t mean to make
you uncomfortable. [GULPING WATER] [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s just that staying hydrated
is incredibly important to keep the human body running well. Fluids of all kinds
help keep us hydrated, but nothing does it
as well as water. Ah yes, tell me more
about water, Chloe. Our bodies are
actually made of water. 60% of our body
mass is just water. Have another sip, Chloe. Talk to me about hydration. We feel better and
even think better when we drink enough water, plus
it’s delicious and refreshing. Drinking water keeps you from
getting dehydrated– that’s when you don’t
drink enough water and you feel dizzy and sick. How is that water, Chloe? It’s great! I feel very hydrated. [SLURPING] Did you know that you can tell
if you’ve drunk enough water by the color of your pee? If you’re
well-hydrated, your pee will be light yellow
because your body has plenty of extra water to get rid of. If your dehydrated, your
pee may be a darker yellow because your body is
holding on to the water instead of peeing it out. Have you had enough
water, Chloe? [SIPPING] Yeah, I think I have. And now we wait. Aah! I have to pee! Get in line, sister. It’s gonna be a wait. But I can’t wait. I just drank this
whole bottle of water. What could possibly
be going on in there? Just take a deep
breath and think of all those happily-hydrated
cells sloshing around in your body, full of all
that water you just drank. That’s it. I’m busting in there. [DRUMROLL] [MUSIC PLAYING] [SNORING] Grampa Jebediah Nurb? Eh? Who’s that? I’m, I’m trying to nap here. Nap? Nap? I’ve been waiting all this
time and you’ve been napping? It’s the only place to grab some
peace and quiet around here. Excuse me, Grampa Nurb, but do
you think you could let us pee? Yeah, yeah, keep your pants on. You know what they
say– ladies first. Oh no, that’s what humans say. In Nurbish, the
saying goes, uh, “He who shows up first
to urinate is allowed to be the first to urinate.” Ha ha. Oh, come on, you
just made that up. Noooo! [MUSIC PLAYING]

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