HOW TO EAT HEALTHY ON A BUDGET | 13 Tips to Save Money

HOW TO EAT HEALTHY ON A BUDGET | 13 Tips to Save Money

(mellow synthesizer music) – Oh, onions are on sale, oranges. (mellow synthesizer music) Um, yeah, avocado. (laughs) (mellow synthesizer music) Hey, health nuts. We are back grocery
shopping at another store. This is actually one of my favorite local health food stores. In today’s video I’m
gonna share with you guys some of my tips for
eating healthy on a budget because everyone thinks that
healthy eating is expensive, and I’m gonna share with you
guys in today’s video why I think it doesn’t have to
be and some easy tips that you can just incorporate
into your grocery shopping to help make things a little
bit more cost effective. Let’s get shopping. (mellow synthesizer music) Tip number one is to grab the
flyer and look for any deals. A lot of times I’ll just
plan my meals around what’s on sale and just be flexible
with what I’m gonna buy. Oh, onions are on sale, oranges. Ooo, mushrooms. I’m gonna take a look and then see if there’s anything that catches my eye. So I’m gonna pick up some apples because I find organic apples at
like a regular grocery store are way more expensive than if you just buy them in bulk in organic. So I’m gonna pick up these, and
apples last a long time too. You put them in the fridge and then take out the ones that you wanna eat, and I find they last quite a few weeks. So this is a great find. Avocados are three for $6. Even nonorganic avocados
are usually more than $1.99, which is so crazy. To be honest, avocados, because they are not part of the Dirty Dozen
and they have thick skin, I usually don’t buy organic, but when they’re $2 an avocado,
I’m gonna take advantage. So I’m gonna grab a couple of these. Great for guac and avocado toast. Who doesn’t love avocados? Here’s another thing that I
don’t normally buy organic, but they’re on sale right
now, so I’m gonna stock up. I can never have too many bananas. When they get really
ripe I like to peel them, chop them up, and freeze
them for smoothies, for oatmeal, for pancakes. So yeah, buy them on sale
and then just freeze them. Here we have cherry tomatoes, which I find are always relatively the same price as
nonorganic cherry tomatoes. So a lot of times you think that everything organic is more expensive, but that’s not always the case. These right now are two for
$6, so they’re $3 a pint. At a regular grocery store a lot of times the nonorganic is gonna be 2.99, so these are part of the Dirty Dozen list, so you definitely wanna get them organic, and these happen to be the same price. I’m gonna stock up. You can also freeze cherry tomatoes. Add them to sauces, you
can roast them up in the oven as a side like for
brunch, there’s so many uses. I usually like to chop them up in salads, so I’m gonna stock up
while they’re on sale. Another tip is to buy what’s in season, that’s always gonna be not only the freshest and best quality of produce, but also, it’s gonna
be most cost effective. So squashes are gonna be a really nice vegetable to buy in the wintertime. They’re nice and hardy, you can make almost anything
with them, soups, roast them, stews, but they’re also
what’s in season right now. Actually, I love kombocha,
I think I’m saying it right, kombocha squash. This is so good in curries and soups, so I’m gonna grab one of these. If it’s something new
you haven’t tried before, get inspired, look up
a recipe on Pinterest, check the recipe out in my cookbook, and you can just always
find a recipe for something new that you pick up in the grocery store. So here’s another thing that’s a really good price right now. A big bag of organic
carrots is two for $6, so for $3 you’re gonna
get a ton of carrots, and these last so long in your pantry. So I’m gonna grab a couple of these, and you can juice them, as well, it just makes them go
a little bit further. Cashew also really likes carrots, so I’m gonna give her some of those too. Another thing I always
buy organic is onions because they are in the ground
and they’re gonna get a lot of pesticides absorbed if
you’re not buying organic. So they’re part of the Dirty Dozen. I find I just like buy
them in bulk in a bundle like this and they last me quite a bit. I feel like I add onions to everything, stir fries, soups, you name it. It’s always a good base for a good meal. I just love the taste and
quality when I buy organic, and to be honest, it’s on
sale right now, it’s 3.99 and I always just stock up
because this is something you can put in you wine
cellar or your pantry, somewhere cool, and they’re
gonna last a long time. Another thing that’s in
season right now is broccoli. Organic broccoli is gonna be like 5.99, which is crazy expensive. Right now it’s two for six, so $3, and you’re gonna get this like huge, luscious, beautiful broccoli. I honestly love broccoli
in soups and stir fries. I already have one at home, but I’m gonna stock up and grab another one while it’s on sale, and you can freeze it too. So it’s another thing that you can stock up on and then freeze for later. So I’m just in the meat section, and although there’s
none on sale right now, a lot of grocery stores
will have a section where they have marked downs for meat that’s gonna go bad that day, and all I do is I stock
up and then I freeze it. You can also save some money
on buying cheaper cuts of meat and just slow cooking them or adding them to a dish that’s gonna
really make them shine, those are just a couple of
tips if you’re a meat eater. Otherwise, you can buy things like tofu, eggs, other protein sources
are gonna be cheaper, even beans are a really
great protein source. So this is the secret sale shelf that I just recently discovered. A lot of grocery stores
will have a section here where a lot of mark downs are being made because things are about to go bad. You know, sometimes you see
things that you don’t really, you’ve never tried before so
you might try something new, but there’s actually one of
Mr. Matt’s favorite cereals, so this is the Autumn Wheat by Kashi. This one’s 2.99, I feel
like this is usually $6, and it expires, where’s the expiry date, best before February 28th. He’s gonna eat this in
like a day, so we are good. I’m gonna grab one of those, actually, I might even grab two, stock
up while they’re on sale. I know he’s gonna go through them. There’s some really great
finds in the secret sale shelf, that’s the name I’m giving it. So my next tip is to buy in
bulk over packaged items. So I’m really excited about this tip because the savings is crazy. For this package of organic raw walnuts you’re looking at $14 for 225 grams. If you actually look here for
a hundred grams it’s 4.60. So you’re roughly looking at
about $10 for the same amount, yet you’re saving $4 ’cause
you’re buying it in bulk versus you’re not paying for the packaging and the
branding and all of that. I’m really excited ’cause I
actually brought my jars today, which will be part of another video about being eco-friendly when grocery shopping. I’ve already gone ahead and
weighed my jars ahead of time and I’m gonna fill it up with my walnuts. This next item is definitely still cheaper buying it in bulk versus in the package. This little 360 gram bag is 8.50, and here it’s 2.40 for a hundred grams. It’s still not the cheapest
here to buy the quinoa. You’re probably saving about a dollar if I’m doing the math right, but I would recommend, you
know, still buying in bulk, but if you’re gonna buy a lot of it, even go to a store like Costco. They have so much organic
produce there and pantry staples. You can get like a huge bag of organic quinoa for maybe like $12, so that’s gonna be your best bet. Otherwise, bulk is
still the better option. So I’m gonna, I just need a little bit, so I’m gonna grab some today. Otherwise, I like to
pick mine up at Costco. (mellow synthesizer music) Another tip is looking for house brands because they’re gonna be cheaper. So here we’re at Nature’s Emporium, so their chickpeas in a jar is actually made cheaper than this
one from Eden Organic. It’s also even better for you to buy it in glass when you can. You can even reuse these
jars too, which is nice. The next tip is just knowing your prices. So this product here I
love, it’s by Chosen Foods, it’s their avocado oil,
I use it all the time. But this 500 milliliter bottle is, it’s on special right now for 19.99, but normally it’s 21.99, so $22, but if you buy it at Costco you can get double the amount for
I think it’s like $17. A fraction of the price. You’re actually getting double the amount for less than just one of these bottles, so just be savvy with the prices at your different grocery stores. If you just kinda know your favorite staples that you always go to, know where to get them at the cheapest. So I always buy this one at Costco ’cause it’s a better price. Okay, now we are in the nut milk aisle. I just wanna talk about
something because I think it’s easy to get drawn to
these trendy, fun, new items that are, you know, may be delicious, but they’re also gonna
be way more expensive. So things like dairy-free nut milks, like obviously, buying
hazelnut milk, walnut milk, these are just happen to
be more expensive nuts, so they’re gonna be more expensive when they’re in milk form. These here are 8.50 for these tubs. Obviously, that’s gonna be more expensive and it’s not something you’re gonna be drinking everyday with your smoothies. Maybe you have it as
a treat once in awhile if you froth it for your coffee latte, but what I like to go for my go-to, my standard, is oat milk. Not only is it usually cheaper, well, it’s definitely cheaper, but it’s usually on sale and it’s way more sustainable than buying almond milk. So for my go-to milk
I always get oat milk. You can make it at home, but
it’s actually kinda hard. I haven’t tried it yet,
but I like to buy it and it’s just cheaper than
getting caught up in these fancy dairy-free milks that
I’m sure can taste fun, but they’re just not a sustainable thing to be buying every single week, especially if you have like
a family of four to feed. The next thing I wanna
talk about is granola. So this is an area where a
lot of times I just make it at home because it’s gonna
be so much more affordable and you’re gonna actually
be making a healthier item ’cause a lot of store-bought
granolas have a ton of sugar. And then, thinks like here
that are labeled paleo, I mean, it is paleo, but it’s essentially just
nuts and seeds and coconut. This is so easy to make at home. This bag here is $20. So you can go in the bulk
section, buy your nuts and seeds. Granola is one of those
things that seriously takes five minutes to just mix up
and then you just roast it, and if you have a copy of
the Health Nut Cookbook, our salted caramel granola
in under 30 minutes is so good and it’s gonna be a fraction of the price than buying it at the store. So there’s just certain things that I know are better if it make it at home. Other things I will make it, or I’ll buy it at the grocery
store for convenience, like the oat milk. All right, so remember
that sneaky sale shelf that we were at before where
we grabbed this cereal? So I got for $1.99 and
it is 6.99 full price. That’s crazy. I just saved like so
much money by buying it, by finding that little
secret shelf, and you know, they’re not expiring ’til
the end of the month, so that was a really great deal, and Mr. Matt will be very proud of me. He likes saving money. So I’m in the freezer section. This is a great option for
when you’re trying to find things like berries in
the middle of the winter. They’re obviously gonna be more expensive ’cause they’re not in season. A little tip is to buy
those things frozen. Not only are they gonna last longer, I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I buy fresh
berries and they last like three days before
they have mold on them, so freezer is definitely gonna be fresher, especially in the wintertime,
they’re gonna taste fresher. They’re frozen when they’re nice and ripe and at their freshest. Another option too is to be
going to places like Costco. You can get a huge bag of frozen fruit. A lot of times Costco now has
organic fruits and veggies. Another thing is for your leafy greens, before they go bad if you’re
not using them up right away, just pop them into a reusable bag or container and pop them in the freezer. And then, they’re ready to go, you can add them to
soups, stews, smoothies. The only thing you really can’t do with frozen greens is obviously make a salad because the texture’s gonna be different, but don’t let them go to
waste because the freezer is there to save you money and
make your produce last longer. My next tip is just to be mindful of this pre-prepared food aisle here. It seems really convenient and tempting, but you’re obviously,
um, avocado. (laughs) So just be mindful of prepared
food like guacamole is obviously gonna be more
expensive than buying it. This little tub here is 6.99 as opposed to just buying avocados and making them. It’s obviously gonna be cheaper. When you are buying
things already prepared like this you’re paying for convenience, and although there is
a time and place where maybe you’re traveling or you’re just running out of time and you need to grab something healthy and go, you’re gonna spend a little bit more. But for your like weekly
staples and go-to meals, I don’t think that this is
a budget-friendly option, so I just always be mindful of picking up too many things from this area. So I am back at home now about to put all of my groceries away. One thing I just want to point out when it comes to budgeting. I just feel like it depends
on your circumstances. Everyone has a different idea of what is less expensive or overpriced, so it really just depends on
where you are in your life. Are you a college student? Are you a single parent? Do you have two incomes
coming into the household, one income, all of those
things play into whether or not something is
budget-friendly for you or not. The other thing is what
you choose to invest in. For me personally, I really invest in my
health and in my fitness, so I will, I am more likely to spend more money on that than
like other things in life. I don’t really have designer
bags or very fancy clothes. But I know for other people they’ll spend a lot of money on entertainment, on expensive clothes, material
items, but they might think, you know, an organic apple is overpriced. Everyone has a different perception on what is expensive and what isn’t, so just keep that in mind. These are just tips that hopefully you guys can apply to
your grocery shopping, whatever store you’re at. Obviously, like if you
don’t have money to shop at a health food store and you have to go to a more budget-friendly store, then that’s totally fine. These principles will still
apply to those stores. Lastly, I just wanna say
that obviously homemade is gonna be cheaper than store bought. So as you saw with granola, I like to make mine at
home most of the time. When it comes to making
salads or smoothies, that is always cheaper
to make that at home ’cause they can get pretty pricey when you buy them at the store. If you’re looking to stay on a budget, make your meals at home,
you know what’s in them, it’s gonna be cheaper, and the ingredients you buy
for one recipe you can then probably use the leftovers
to make a second recipe. So I hoped you guys enjoyed today’s video. This was actually a
recommendation you guys voted for in my last shop-with-me grocery haul, so I’m gonna have another poll. Cashew’s playing in the
background right now. Story of my life. I’m gonna have a poll in
the top right-hand corner for you guys to vote on
the next shop-with-me grocery haul video that you’d like to see, and let me know, I was
thinking about doing like a zero waste, eco-friendly video, so let me know if that’s
something you wanna see. As always, don’t forget to subscribe. It’s completely free. All you have to do is click
that red Subscribe button down below and you will be
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video, give it a thumbs up, and it really supports my channel. Thank you so much, I’ll see
you guys in my next video, and happy grocery shopping, bye guys. Time to put these all away
slash clean my fridge. (mellow synthesizer music)

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