How to Eat Pho: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

How to Eat Pho: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

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100 thoughts on “How to Eat Pho: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

  1. No I haven't. I've been doing it right all along. I learned it in Ho Chi Minh city. Don't make blanket statements like this. Some people know better.

  2. Hmm if you have problem pronouncing Phở, I hope this would help
    – Say Fur, but not curling your tongue towards the end (sounds kinda like fer I think)
    – then raise your voice like when you are at the end of a question, but try not to sound as if you really are questioning something.
    There you go! I tried to explain it, hope it helps

  3. This is the southern way though, they should have precised that. In north we don't eat with hoisin sauce or dip our meat like that. I use lime too or garlic vinegar, then a spoon of fish sauce with thai chilli since sriracha is too sweet and not spicy. Northern style is more savoury, I guess.

  4. My dad always took me to a Vietnamese restaurant and they served pho i always thought it was ramen when I was 10 We keep going there to this day but he doesn’t eat it anymore since I don’t see him a lot but I hope one day we can eat some again

  5. I'm so sad there's absolutely nowhere to get Pho where I live 🙁 it's on the top of my food bucket list but I don't think I'll ever have it

  6. Thank god I know this … or else every Viet relative of mine would look at me weird …

    sprays Sriracha in my pho anyways

  7. God i love pho, for me the best is not sweet, not greasy, but aromatic and on the salty side. I like that he puts Culantro in his, i love the basil as well.

  8. Vincent Kah is the blackest Vietnamese man that has ever existed. He sounds like he'll cook u a fat stack or ribs, and then blow ur mind when he pulls up with a bowl of noodles in front of you.

  9. That doesn’t really look like Pho to be honest. Maybe Pho in his province is slightly different from Pho in Hanoi (where i live). Or maybe he has changed things so that the taste and appearance are more suitable to foreigners.

  10. When it comes to eating, there's nothing more annoying than someone telling you that you're eating it wrong. If I put it in my mouth, and it goes to my stomach, then I did it right.

  11. For me, I HAVE to put Sriracha in the broth right away. I can still taste if it’s good broth. Then, a BUNCH of lime juice squeezed in there. I like having a very sharp and tangy pho.

  12. Well I’ve been eating it right lol. Probably because I was introduced to the dish by my Vietnamese friends in college. Only thing I do different from the video is add chili oil to the broth, but only if it’s a place I frequent and know that’s how I like it

  13. Definitely not trying to be rude and all due respect to father Vincent Kha but the editors of this video should have put subtitles. I could only pick up half of the things he said. Just constructive criticism, no hate! ❤️

  14. In my opinion anybody that says your eating certain food wrong, are pretentious cunts. I like my food the way I like it. I love my steak rare and I love sriracha in my pho broth.

  15. I used to eat pho a lot during my college days in aussie with friends lol

    I then got a vietnamese bf and he was shook when he saw me eat pho since he said I eat like how vietnamese eat lol and i was confused why he said that
    Now i know why 🤣

  16. I always ask for more limes and sate once they bring the pho. It doesnt matter what pho spot I go to, they always seem super annoyed by the request haha.

  17. I actually don't know why people douse the pho with Hoisin sauce and siracha first thing. It really takes away from the subtle delicate flavor of the pho IMO.

  18. I put in the bean sprouts, thai basil, lime and some fresh restaurant made chili oil (even if it's good pho, I want that extra kick!)…I love pho. I could eat Vietnamese and Thai food for the rest of my life.

  19. It’s not eating the wrong way, just not traditional. I love the basil added in at the end, I love the aroma and freshness.

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