How to get 600 Health! (simple) || Hypixel Skyblock

How to get 600 Health! (simple) || Hypixel Skyblock

hello this is sorry I couldn't make [Applause] hello this is another tutorial and this time I am showing you how to get 600 HP when you first join the pain you have 100 Hertz that is that's that's default and if you look in the the bottom and to the left a little bit above my hearts and armor you'll see I 581 health just five times the normal amount and you can see I have two rows of hearts that's very good and my mother said you got to do that though so what you want to do is you want to get growth it's it's called growth and you could put it on your armor and it gives you health so if you look at my partner my helmet has growth for my chest plate has growth five my parents growth five buy boots growth five and that's what gives me five hundred pebbles and I know I'm going to show you how to get that so what you need to do is you need to go to page and once you're there you need to craft an enchanting table you can look up how to craft a gentle but you craft one of these be but books around just like this and I have a staircase here so I can get in it now it just take it easier so I got some more books the better so if you have three by three so three three three three that to high around your bookcase one block away then you will be able to level 48 inches so if I click here you'll see there's a forty eight on this chimney bone that's what you want so eventually you're gonna be your armor and you and you're gonna keep like doing this moving in putting it back in until you see growth and I'll see you on your fishing rod you'll be your armor that's just demonstration so you'll be armored in here until you if I can growth to click on it and you'll get a thorns and protection or fire protection with it not just growth that's pretty cool you'll get all the sexual stuff that I have with the growth even though it doesn't say that you will but yes that's how you get the growth on your armor now I'm going to show you how it should get um oh yeah so the office you um since I said 48 right here you have to have 48 levels and as you can see I for right now and I'm gonna show you how to get 48 very very simply so what you do is you come to the deep caverns you come to this guy the lift operator and there's you what you want to do is this a certain section of the cave that everyone goes to because there's no zombies no skeletons and you can get instant diamonds so what I do is like over here I go to UM diamond reserve at this and then I I've run past all of the mobs and so what do you do so you go straight from here and you go straight to the right and you don't write as fast you can let's go go go go go ignore anything maybe kill zombie hater in there just go go go go go run to the right run to the right right stay up stay hugging this right wall stay up in that right wall right hug hug you can see that sup I don't know if you heard that but the skeleton died once it shot me because my thoughts but yeah so keep hugging this right wall don't leave it do not leave it and then eventually yep so just hug this right wall until you get it here and keep hugging it and bam you're here this is the section right here so I'd say from right right here I'll CH and up to wherever you feel safe this is this is all you can mine so that's why there's so many people here because there's no monsters and you just mind my mind and so you'd go with this yeah I had four four levels in how high 15 so he's just look like this right just mine diamonds that's all I got just mind my mind you get levels super fast from doing this I advise to get efficiency five pickaxe because my dad is super fast with it and it look I did I did I went from four no I have twenty just like that might have to raise people for diamonds but it's okay pretty much just go like this see a morning like halfway there I read you want to get to forty eight forty eight levels and yet the growth and if you're unsure how to get this lapis armor I have a tutorial on that also so be sure to check that out but yeah you just got a race there's not I mean Newton is like no one here but yeah just raise people for the diamonds just like this it's the Amarnath ones here but pretty much you do that till I get to 48 and then you go back so what's so sweet I have 48 okay see I'm already halfway there it doesn't take that long so say I 48 then I go back to my island with my armor with my oh yeah you're not you can't enchant armor that's already and change it so we need to get a naked piece naked meaning not a change and and then you put it inside so say this is me again I'll put that inside and then I'll keep doing that enjoy I see growth 5 right here growth 5 and it made you have a really long time but you know eventually see growth and if you don't see growth 5 because I didn't see those five helmet but it's probably a thing but I got clothes for but that's fine I could have probably gotten those 5 but you just keep doing this to get growth 5 and then that'll that'll give you plus 100 health see growth 5 grands plus 100 health and then you'll have 200 and then you keep doing that for all eight pieces and bam 600 out so yeah if you've enjoyed these please like my videos umm they are like they get like three likes and peace and no yeah be nice to see some support um this is a long for me if you want me to do a tutorial on this I can I can do that as well leave a comment down below and yeah thanks for watching peace

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  1. Nice video man ty for the tips I’ve been trying to do this but I been busy also my main account got restricted since it was a school account and had 86 subs I’m so dum lol

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