How To Get MORE HEALTH! (Hypixel Skyblock Guide)

How To Get MORE HEALTH! (Hypixel Skyblock Guide)

your what's up and what's grown guys it's your boy Michael here back for the video on my channel and today this is something like another guy on hypixel Skyblock basically today I'm going to be telling you guys on how to get more health on hypixel Skyblock on both statistic and armor so if you combine both of them you get more health than you ever expect so without further ado let's get right into it alright so first of all I need to show guys something and tell guys something about it so basically there's something called fairy sauce which you can find everywhere around the map there are a total of 170 fairy Souls and if you collect five of them you can actually get some stats from it from trading it with the fairy the fairy I don't know TR the fairy I know and yeah TR the fairy so you can exchange the fare so with fur and yeah how are you gonna find all the fairies so is you can watch a guy buy time deal because he made a fifty seven minutes video showing all the location of the 170 Souls and if you just follow it it would take you roughly around one to two hours to find all the sauce so I haven't trade my soul with the fairy yet so I'm gonna do that now but I haven't found all the souls you have a few left I'm kind of too lazy cuz they're quite hard to find so when you're fighting so I do recognize to get a lot of pearls because you are gonna need them trust me go and watch time deals video I'll link it in the description for you guys to follow it's a very good guy so I'm gonna exchange try now oh my god do I have to do that one by one let me just spit this up and you guys can observe how many stats I gain from this all right I just trade I'll just finish trading all my cells because I think I have like six more which I'm gonna finish them later after the video cuz I'm going to have to make this video first so basically just like that I got to 737 health let me just take my armor off and I have 416 health without even having my armor on so after having my armor on I'll have 737 health which is quite insane actually I'm very sick now but if I can get some better armor which I'm playing on getting in the future I'm thinking off column armor and then I'm pretty sure I can hit 1k health without any doubt or at least 850 to 900 so maybe in like one or two more videos I'll be able to get column armor at least I will try to grind for it that's basically what I'm gonna talk about if I have any updates maybe I'll make another video about it so so far that's what I know and mostly how everybody gets so many health or you could try to make my armor as well so if you want to get health try to make my armor or the Golem hammer so let me show guys real quick so this is the magma armor right here you get yeah my mom was actually more OPD and golem but that costs more than golem and I haven't locked it yet so it's gonna take me quite some time to actually unlock it so I'll progress to getting the Golem I'm at first you get quite a lot of defense in some health as well okay if I can get grow five on all of them pretty sure I can get to 800 to 900 health without a doubt so that's gonna be my goal for next video or video after because I'm quite close actually I just need high I don't know 20k more I ain't huh so close and this is my private farm not real pirate just yeah yeah kind of private like there or in a cage looks you know scary I got to we dingy and then I don't know other supposed to have that thing on both of them I'm not sure it just it's just there I think Oh oh and here I've and the Perot I mean end their farm yeah and then I've to iron minion working both level five because I need the Golem armor so badly I'm desperate once again so I have my diamond sub working emerald stop working and obsidian so money is not the problem for me now cuz I don't really care that much about money I just want to accomplish something and just you know just enough everyone so I don't want to get left behind so I have to do what is necessary so yeah conclusion of this video try to get other fairy Souls as soon as possible and then trade with the fairy and you get at least 440 something else and combine it with your armor you will be quite stack and basically unkillable not really unkillable just you know more stack than most of the players cuz a lot of people don't even know about this anyway sorry for such a short video if there's anything I missed you should let me know in comment section anyways thing guys so much for watching and I'll see y'all in my next video peace out and have a nice day

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26 thoughts on “How To Get MORE HEALTH! (Hypixel Skyblock Guide)

  1. I promise I'll try to get Golem/Magma armor as soon as possible just gimme some time Im kinda behind due to inactivity >.<

    Anyways are you guys still enjoying the series so far?!

  2. The legend claims that you still haven't answered YaBoiGorilla or now known as Skieo if you think that Thanos is thicc.

  3. I fished for the fist time and my first item was an titanic xp potion did i just get lucky or is it really commen?

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