How to Get Your Dog Comfortable with Being Touched: Part 1

How to Get Your Dog Comfortable with Being Touched: Part 1

hi Stephanie and Peter here without door dog today we have a special guest with us named pipi pipi is a chihuahua terrier mix she's a good friend of ours often stays over at our house we even went to the beach with her a couple weeks ago in today's segment we're going to talk about the importance of teaching her and dog to be comfortable with a physical exam why is this important to outdoor dog well I don't know about you but I have had to stop on a trail or when we were boating or something to check my dog over to make sure that they were okay the first time that this had really happened to me and was a problem was with a rescue that I had just adopted named Oliver my last beagle who I had we had been walking on a trail and he yelped and started holding up his paw I hadn't had him that long we hadn't done much work together and I had to examine his paw I had to be so quick about it because he was unhappy with the whole situation that I just reached in and grabbed what was sticking in his paw and it happened to be this little sticky ball with with sharp needles poking out of it and I ended up getting hurt too because when I reached in of course I I cut my hand so this became really important to me to teach my dogs to be comfortable with being exempt examined while we were out and about in nature whether it be on a boat on a walking trail hiking trail didn't matter I want my dogs to always be comfortable especially if they have something in their paw or they're you know they slid a nearby accident or whatever might happen so because Peter and I have been working on this a lot together I decided to show you guys with Pippi so we'll get started so today Pippi is going to demonstrate for us counter conditioning and desensitization basically the training that we're about to do is building an association for the dock between being touched and handled and pairing that with food so we want to build a really positive association between the two things to start I like to have my dog in a comfortable space this could mean on the couch it could be in a bedroom anywhere where they're comfortable Pippy is pretty comfortable out here on the porch and it's a gorgeous day so we decided to do the training out here so all I'm going to do is start by reaching towards Pippy and then giving her a treat and then I removed both hands reach treat retreat reach treat retreat reach treat retreat so we're gonna keep doing this until I'm able to actually touch her my goal in this training session is to work on touching her feet she's I don't believe she's done that before um so I'm actually going to start by working on reaching towards her shoulder good good and she very quickly allowed me to touch her shoulder if she wasn't okay with this and she was moving away from my hand I would have to back up and just go straight to reaching towards her instead of touching her good give a treat to Peter now I'm gonna slowly work down her leg so I touch treat and then both hands are taken away the reason you want your hand to touch first and then treat is because we want to make sure that the dog is getting that when the dog is touched a treat is coming so she's learning that that touch is a really good thing touch treat retreat touch treat retreat and she's doing excellent with this so we're gonna keep moving down her leg treat retreat reach treat retreat good girl so I'm not using a cue for this because we're trying to build an association good girl and as you can see she's already comfortable with me pretty close to her feet good then if she lies down that's fine I'm okay with that she really can be in whatever position that she wants to be in however I find its easiest oh did you see what she did there she reached her foot away so I moved too quickly so we're gonna go back so what I was saying is they can really be in whatever position they want to be in but I find it's easier to do it with them and us sitting it down because they can't move quite as easily good give a couple to Peter you want to reuse really high-value treats when you do this I often use chicken or cheese boiled chicken is great because it doesn't have a whole lot of fat in it today I'm using fish treats that Pippy thinks are pretty cool there she moved away so I went too fast she doesn't like her toes touch disease good good there she allowed me that's such a chose so we're just going in little tiny segments of reaching towards the dog touching the dog and then moving down the leg we want to do this on both sides we want to do it with her ears we want to do it with her tail maybe even all sorts of things that's a rock so we want to do it with all of our body parts until she gets comfortable and I do this a lot at home first Pippy sit you sit so now I'm gonna switch sides reach treat retreat so the reason I'm reaching is because this is a different picture it's a different hand and it's a different side of the dog so I always start at this tiniest step first and then progress from there because in this work I don't want the dog to ever be worried I want her to think that being touched is a really cool thing because it means she gets these delicious fish treats yeah you can get it good so I'm gonna work down the leg now and again she's more comfortable standing which is fine with me just sometimes not as easy to do cuz they might like to move around girl good I often don't talk a whole lot when I'm doing this because I do want to build that association and I'm not using any cue just teaching her that touching is a good thing good good job nice girl I was that alright guys that's it for today's video thank you for watching if you'd like to go ahead and subscribe to this YouTube channel there should be a button below also you can join our Facebook group there's lovely people in there that like to share their outdoor dog adventures feel free to join us there and as always thank you for watching enjoy the outdoors girl you was so good oh is that the spot

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