How To Grow Organic Persimmons

How To Grow Organic Persimmons

Hi I’m Tricia an organic gardener, I grow
organically for are healthy and safe food supply, for a clean and sustainable environment, for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Persimmons are beautiful and adaptable fruit trees and the fruit can be eaten fresh, dried or pickled. The oriental persimmon is native to China and Japan and is a relatively pest free tree
to grow. It has glossy dark green leaves that turn
red, orange and yellow for a fiery fall display. Even after all the leaves drop the
deep red orange fruit hangs on the bare branches for a dramatic fall picture. Once established persimmon trees are drought tolerant but
they’ll bear more fruit with regular watering. Don’t over water your newly planted
persimmon tree. The biggest cause of death for persimmon trees is too much water. You need full sun and good drainage for your persimmon tree, but they will handle heavier soils than most fruit trees. Especially if the tree that your planting is
grafted onto a “D Lotus” rootstock. For more information on how to plant a fruit tree checkout our How to Plant a Tree video. The persimmons sold a are
self pollinating. They’re hardy down to zone seven and have a low chill requirement. They bloom late enough to avoid most
late spring frosts. This persimmon tree has had some harsh
pruning in the past. You want to train your persimmon to a
modified central leader system and you can watch our video on How to
Prune Cherries and Apricots and it’s a similar way but you will prune this
one in the winter. Persimmons are heavy producers and a mature
full-size tree can produce three hundred and thirty to six hundred and sixty pounds of
free each year, so it’s important to thin it. Persimmons bear fruit on these long shoots. Thin out some of these long fruiting shoots
to limit the amount of fruit the tree is able to set. Flower or fruit thinning may be necessary later in
the season too, especially for the Hachiya cultivar. Prune out week twiggy growth and water sprouts. What not to do, don’t head back your scaffolding
branches like this, it just produces way too many shoots. Fnd a lateral at least a third the
size of the branch you’re taking out, then use a thinning cut to take the branch back to that lateral. This will keep the tree smaller and more compact without creating a lot
of messy water sprouts. There are two types of persimmon fruits a non-astringent type like this Fuyu and the astringent type like this Hachiya. The Hachiya’s needs to be fully ripe
and very soft before you eat them. The Fuyus can be eaten right off the
tree like an apple. In order to enjoy an astringent persimmon
like the Hachiya it needs to be fully ripe. Or else it taste like eating straight alum
powder and that means. Pick them when they’re fully colored but
still firm. They can be left on the tree to ripen but
more often than not birds will eat them before you do. To ripen them, put them in boxes and leave them in the
garage or you can ripen them on the kitchen counter. When they’re ripe they will feel like
holding a bag of jello and they’ll be translucent instead of opaque. And don’t worry if there’s a little bit of
sun scald that can actually help the fruit taste
sweeter. Once they’re fully ripe you can freeze
them whole and then take them out and enjoy them whenever you want. It’s a beautiful tree and a delicious fruit, so try it and grow organic for life!

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44 thoughts on “How To Grow Organic Persimmons

  1. Thanks 🙂 Eating an unripe Hachiya is a once and never again experience. We use a Canon 5D Mark II to film.

  2. I ordered 2 Fuyu Persimmon trees from yall last year!!! They have been a wonderful addition to our place!!! Thanks!!!

  3. Somebody really needs to start breeding cultivars that produce crops that are plentiful but not so plentiful they require thinning >_<

  4. How can I grow mine ? What soil what else do I need ? Is there a way I can grow mine in a different area or in a green house ? Because I live in front of a dry field where a guy used to own goats and past that area there's a guy who owns some horses. Where there's farm animals there's always bound to be rats and snakes. I don't want the rats to be climbing on my trees, they've already climbed on my fig trees and the rats at pretty big. Fortunately I haven't seen any snakes in the 11 years I've been living here. So can you help me GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley ?

  5. Great video, thanks for sharing. I just bought a 3 years Fuyu tree online. This place guarantee 3 years so this tree better produce fruits!

  6. ware are you located Im from Jamaica ,I never knew them there but I got some in ga small one that the dears eat …very small,they have to be perfectly ripe on the tree ….but I got some bigger ones at the supermarket and they riped in a few day..I can't believe how good they are almost like a nessberry and starapple …not star apple.(starapple) blend .it's awesome ….so guess it can't grow I. tropical Jamaica… ware you located….I would love to have some of yours.

  7. Hi my tree 3years old last year friit drop but this year some fruits in tree but too small size why please tell me the reason

  8. We "cure" the astringent kind of persimmons because we don't like them mushy. If you want to do it, pick them when they barely have any orange, wash them, put them in a thick trash bag, drizzle cheap vodka on them, put them in an Igloo and seal them tightly. Wait 7 days, then test for ripeness. Then you can eat them crunchy! Enjoy!!! 💕 😬👍

  9. Mine persimmons tree is died, I plant the last year but not see any leaf come of spring. What I can do please help me figure out. Thank you

  10. The trees grow all over northwestern Louisiana. My Mimi would pick me up from school and I would see the trees on the side of the country roads.

  11. 1) How can we get ride of bats, eating persimmons fruits at night in pakistan.
    2) How to control dropping of persimmons leafs earlier.

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  13. A persimmon, even a binder, can be eaten in a few days if you put it in a bag of apples or bananas or just sprinkle some rice grains and in 5-7 days the persimmon is ready. Enjoy your meal.

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  15. I planted a new persimmon tree this early summer and I'm having the worst time with it. I'm probably watering it to much like you said, but it's so so hot where I live in zone 8a it's still in the 100's and the trees just. Wilts in the leaves start dying so I water it thinking it's too hot and it's dried out too much. We call it the baby tree because we have to baby it so much it's a pain. I was thinking maybe the sun is to intense on it so we were going to make a frame around it to shade it, but then you said it needs full sun, I don't think very many things like our full sun its just so intense and hot.
    I don't know what to do. I don't want it to die but it's not looking good. Please if anyone has any more advice I'm open to suggestions. Thank you

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