How to Grow Radishes From Seed // Fall Garden Series #4

How to Grow Radishes From Seed // Fall Garden Series #4

hi everyone welcome back to the fall
garden series I’m actually out here in the garden enjoying a cup of coffee so I
guess it’s kind of a combination of a coffee walk or a coffee chat in the fall
garden series well today we’re going to talk about how to grow radishes radishes
are a beautiful cool weather vegetable they really thrive in temperatures under
seventy-five degrees and one of the best things about radishes that I absolutely
love is that is that they go from seed to harvest in about three to four weeks
so if you’re growing your fall garden with your kids radishes are definitely
the way to go because the kids absolutely love to see them sprout
quickly and love to pick and eat them and a lot of times when your kids plant
and grow their own vegetables they’ll eat a lot more too so that’s a lot of
fun now if you’ve been following this series
from the beginning you know on the very first video we talked about eight cool
weather vegetables to plant and we planted some radishes here and this Cali
Kim purple smart pots now at the time I planted them the weather was very very
warm but I went ahead and did it I want to show you guys how to do it and to my
surprise these radishes came up absolutely beautifully these are the
French breakfast radishes from the fall garden seed collection but one little
tip about radishes if you plant them and the weather’s hot what they’re gonna do
is they’re not gonna bulb up and form the beautiful radishes that you can eat
but they’ll be nice and leafy and you can harvest the greens and pop them in
your salad so today we’re gonna harvest all these greens and then plant some
more radish seeds well Mac’s not a big huge vegetable
eater but I keep hoping Mac do you want to try some of the radish greens here
Phil I guess not well I’m just gonna pull up these radish greens out of my
pot here and like I mentioned you’ll notice that
they don’t have bulbs on them so if you’ve ever wondered why your radishes
aren’t building up it’s probably because it’s a little bit too hot for them the
other thing is we planted these radishes really densely and you can definitely
plant your radishes densely but sometimes in that case they don’t bulb
up either but you can see here they are starting to form little teeny tiny
little radish roots now the French breakfast radish are an absolute
beautiful variety they have kind of an elongated root with a white tip at the
bottom an absolutely beautiful pink top so we’ll go ahead and pull these out the
French breakfast radishes are a sweeter type of righty they’re absolutely
delicious so if you’re not a big huge fan of the radish dip try the French
breakfast variety from the fall garden seed collection and you’ll absolutely
love it and one fun thing about radishes too is you can grow them in a container
right outside of your kitchen door I love growing up in the purple Cali Kim
smart pot it’s got about three feet of growing space and it’s a really fun
container for kids to grow into and the color pop in the garden Wow
just can’t be that this is gonna make an absolutely
beautiful nice zippy salad oh here’s a nice little
radish forming actually – look at that so if you notice some of my radish
greens have little holes in them and I found the culprit here this guy’s this
is a cabbage looper and they can do tons of damage to your kale to your greens to
all kinds of stuff in the garden when you see those little white butterflies
kind of flitting around they’re laying eggs and this is what they become so I
would definitely check your garden daily if you see holes starting to appear or
little black spots those are their droppings you can spray with neem oil or
you can just go outside and hand pick them off but they are very very
destructive well I think Mac is enjoying being the star of the show today aren’t
you buddy well I really love growing radishes in a container because radish
roots form very nicely in the loose soil now when you’re setting up your
containers don’t use your garden soil you really need to use a good nutrient
dense potting mix and you guys know how much I love using good dirt soil this is
the good dirt potting mix and one reason why I love it so much it’s because it
doesn’t get compacted and you can plant in it time after time some of my good
dirt mix I’ve grown in for 3 or 4 years just add a couple inches of new soil at
each planting and things grow just beautifully now I’m not going to add new
soil today because I just planted this container with fresh soil about a month
ago and radishes actually don’t need a ton of fertilizer because when you give
them lots of nitrogen fertilizer they tend to grow a lot of leafy greens like
this and the hot weather you hear leafy greens like this too but you want them
to form the nice bulb so you don’t need a lot of fertilizer for your radishes so
we’re pretty good to go with this container already it’s pretty well
prepped we are gonna grow today your plant today
the French breakfast radishes beautiful radish like I described
earlier and also the Easter Egg radishes the French breakfast radishes are in my
fall garden seed collection the Easter Egg are in my really fun kids garden
collection especially designed for growing with kids lots of colorful
vegetables in here and these are a multicolored radish you get some pink
ones some purple ones some white ones so we’re gonna go ahead and plant those
first so you can sprinkle your radish seeds in your container very thickly and
then go back and thin them out later or you can space them apart and allow some
room for the radishes to grow which is what we’re gonna do today so I’m just
gonna take my router seeds and I’m gonna plant them right next to my drip
irrigation hose here and I’m just gonna drop one seed into the soil and space
them about two to three inches apart so now we’re gonna pop in some of the
French breakfast radishes from the fall garden seed collection and you can grab
one of the purple Cali Kim smart pots or any of my seed collections over my
website Cali Kim garden and home comm and get your cool weather veggies
planted there radishes do like full Sun as long as the temperatures are under 75
degrees Fahrenheit if you’re growing in an area where you’re going to get some
hot days you may want to give your radishes some morning Sun and then shade
them in the afternoon they’re a great crop to grow in the winter time in warm
winter climates and even in cold winter climates you can grow them and cover
them to extend the growing season a little bit
and I have a video on a very simple winter cover that you can make for your
garden beds out of plastic which I’ll pop that link in the video description
as well well now that we have our seeds planted we’re just gonna cover them very
lightly with soil see you later back you don’t want to cover them too heavily
because the seeds are pretty tiny and you want them to germinate quickly and
guys if the temperatures are right your radish seeds are going to germinate with
it probably three to five days that’s why it’s such a fun crop to grow with
kids because they love to see the seeds bust through to soil I’m just gonna
water my seeds in one of the questions I’ve been asked a lot is is it too late
to start my fall garden now many of their bright ease here in my fog garden
seed collection will take a light frost as long as they’re established in your
garden before the frost hits however if you’re going to be getting a frost in
the next month or so the crop I would suggest you plant if you don’t find
anything else is radishes because you can harvest them as long as the weather
is nice and cool in about three weeks so you can get a harvest in before the
frost hits and if you live in a warm winter climate like I do here in SoCal
you want to plant some radish seeds every week to two weeks so you have a
continual harvest throughout the winter months we’ll stick with us here in the
fall garden series make sure you subscribe we’re going to be doing
several other videos such as planting some lettuce I just planted new seeds
here in my Kelly Kim 5-gallon smart pots also going to be talking about planting
some peas so that’s gonna be a lot of fun
you missed the series from the beginning though go back and watch it no problem
that way you know exactly how to get your fall garden going and if you need
seeds of course you can grab the fall garden seed collection or the kids
collection this one’s really fun guys to grow with your kids colorful vegetables
these are so much fun and you can also go back and watch the kids card series
make sure that you comment below I’m really excited to hear how your fall
garden is doing if you’re growing radishes what you’re harvesting
we love reading your comments thank you so much for watching we’ll see on the
next video

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    Are you growing radishes in your garden?  Thanks for watching!

  2. Hello Kim! The same happened to me last summer, I was growing Radishes for 3 weeks, and I hoped to see some good veggies, but all there was its leaves (they were so pretty!) Can you please make a video about how to grow Green onions? I started kinda growing them alone and I feel like I can't find a full guide. Thanks! 🙂

  3. My favorite veggie is Radish. Just planted some yesterday. They may grow quick but I eat them so fast that I can't grow enough of them lol

  4. I'm putting in new raised bed in my garden so I may plant so of your radishes that I ordered thanks for the video.

  5. Thanks for the informative video! I grew radishes as a child, and was always so amazed at how quickly they would come up! I still love growing them as an adult and have some planted in my fall garden this year. I'm in Northern Virginia/DC area. Keep up the great videos!!

  6. Just in for a quick mid-day cup of coffee and a warm up Kim! Have most of my peppers pulled and laid out on the floor in here, tomatoes and onions mostly picked, and a few herbs to go. Temps dropping below freezing shortly lasting into the weekend. And of course, snow is on the way. -Bob…

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